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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #132

11/8 - 11/12/04

Sam is unprofessional

We know we didn't surprise you with this title, but it's true.  It's bad enough that he let TC get away with beating up Julian.  We know that Sam thought of Julian as a devil in an expensive suit so it was okay for TC to beat the tar out of Julian, but what about Martin. Sam doesn't know anything about Martin, but he let Luis beat the mess out of him.  Even Martin's doctor wanted to know if he was pressing charges against Luis.  Sam didn't even ask Martin if he wanted to press charges.  Maybe the doctor should take Sam's job.

Sheridan defending Martin

What is with Sheridan?  Why did she go overboard trying to see the good on Martin?  She knows how Luis feels about Martin and what he did to his family, yet she thought that he was a good man.  We can't wait to see her reaction when she finds out about her precious Mrs. Wheeler.  She'll probably put Katherine in the hospital too.

Whitney thinking the worst

What kind of a friend is Whitney?  She couldn't wait to assume that Theresa was trying to scam Ethan and Gwen.  Despite how right she was about Theresa, it seemed like she could have kept that opinion to herself.  Don't get us wrong.  We know that Theresa is a schemer, we just figured that Whitney wouldn't make a big production about it.  She has no problem enabling Theresa any other time.  Why didn't she do it when she was talking to Ethan. 

Luis the hypocrite

Luis made a big hubbub about Martin leaving Pilar for another woman and starting a relationship with another woman while he was married.  Who the heck did he think he was?  Didn't he do the same thing with Sheridan?  He started a relationship with a married woman.  The last time we checked, Sheridan was married when he bumped and grind with her.  He barely waited until Antonio died before he was ready to marry Sheridan.  Who was he to criticize Martin?  At least he didn't steal his brother's wife.

Why would Ethan care

There was something missing from Ethan's neck.  We were checking for it, but we didn't see it.  In case you don't know what we're talking about, we're talking about Ethan's flea collar.  He's such a dog so he should have a flea collar.  Here's why we think he is a dog this week.  He had the nerve to grieve the son Theresa lost.  You may be wondering why we think this is wrong.  Well, we'll tell you.  When Gwen lost Sarah, he barely grieved for Sarah.  Even when he sacrificed Sarah to save Gwen, he barely grieved.  Oh he cried at first, but that was about it.  Now that he knows that Theresa lost a child, he looked upset.  It wouldn't be so bad if both babies were Gwen's.  Since he knows for a fact that one could be Theresa's, it's time to be upset.  Why would he care so much about a child he had with Theresa when he knows how it was conceived?  Oh right, it's because he loves Theresa so much.  Pardon us while we puke. LOL!  We can bet almost anything that Ethan is going to mention how he doesn't know whose child is gone.  You would think that he would be more concerned with losing Gwen's child.  Then again he is a dog and dogs will act like that.

Theresa scheming again

Just when it looked as if Theresa was showing signs of redemption, she had to prove otherwise.  She had the absolute nerve to tell Whitney that she's going to keep the baby regardless of whose baby it is.  She knows that Gwen can't have anymore kids, but she's still going to do this to her.  She can call it fate all she wants to but we think it's cruel.  Plus, we don't think she cares that Rebecca took little Ethan away from her.  Little Ethan, as far as we know isn't Ethan's so she doesn't really care.  We think she's just getting revenge on Gwen because Ethan chose Gwen over her.  Think about it.  She told Whitney that she was going to keep the baby and be a family with Ethan.  She mentioned little Ethan once or twice, but she was more focused on Ethan.  Here's another reason why we think she doesn't really care about little Ethan.  When she was under the anesthesia, she had a fantasy of Ethan holding their baby and telling her he loved her.  Where was little Ethan?  Why wouldn't he be in her dream?

Why didn't Eve expect to be divorced

We're confused about Eve's situation.  We thought that Eve was happy with Julian.  She appeared to be.  Now she wants to be back with TC.  Did she expect to carry on her affair with Julian and still be married to TC?  If she wanted to be with TC why did she lead Julian on?  She knows how much Julian loves her, but she would rather be with a man who treated her like garbage when her past came out.

Whitney judging Theresa

Whitney criticized Theresa for all of the schemes she has done in the past.  She was right on the money when she told Theresa about the things she's done wrong.  The only problem was she was waving that morality flag as if she isn't scheming herself.  Why does she seem to forget that she's scheming to get Fox to be the father of her baby?

Katherine wanted to confess

Doesn't she have the perfect timing?  She wanted Sheridan to know the truth when she thought that Martin could be rescued.  Why didn't she tell the truth because Sheridan had a right to know?  She would deserve it if Sheridan beat the crap out of her the way Luis did with Martin.

Sheridan defending Katherine

Was anyone else ready to slap Sheridan when she kept defending Katherine? Judging by all of the hands in the air, we see we're not alone. LOL!  We were sick of her trying to make Katherine seem like a helpless victim of circumstance.  Just because she thinks that Mrs. Wheeler is a good person, doesn't mean she is a good person.  We thought that Pilar was like a mother to her.  If so, why would she defend Martin's slut of a wife?  Maybe Pilar should have smacked her too.

Liz getting her way

We didn't want to see Liz get her way with TC.  She is always getting what she wants.  That gets on our nerves.  We want to smack her and her smug look off of her face when she heard TC ripping into Eve.

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