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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #131

10/25 - 10/29/04

Theresa trying to get Ethan back

It was bad enough Theresa had to keep mentioning how Gwen couldn't have a family. That was terrible enough. Then she had the nerve to say that God wants her and Ethan to be together.  She also said that was why the twins would live.  God wants her to have a family with him.  If you heard the noise, that was us banging our heads on the wall.  Is there no length that this won't stoop?  Ethan wasn't any better.  He didn't have to listen to the garbage that Theresa said.  He could have left her room when she was talking.

Sheridan bugging Katherine

Watching Sheridan grill Katherine about who she is was frustrating.  She kept pressing her even when she attempted to tell Sheridan about her mother.  We are so tired of seeing Sheridan obsess over a mother that she didn't care about until she was casted.  Sheridan sounds like she needs to be locked up in the loony bin again.

Gwen was a light switch

Even though we loved watching Gwen yell at Ethan, we didn't like the way she caved when she got what she wanted.  As soon as Theresa decided to go through with the procedure, Gwen was willing to change her opinion of him.  She was willing to believe that Ethan doesn't put Theresa before her and she was willing to believe that he loves her. Now if Theresa didn't go through with the procedure, Gwen would have been prepared to leave Ethan.  She should have stuck to her guns and left him.

Jessica, the waste

This girl is such a waste on this show.  She's only shown when it's time to promote Mark. This week was no exception.  She ran into Whitney and the first thing she did was brag about Mark.  She barely took the time to talk about Whitney's problems.  She even went the extra mile by giving Whitney one of her products.  What would she do if she ever lost Mark?  Guess that would be the end of Jessica.

WTF moment

Chad told Paloma that she's been in Harmony for a few weeks.  Did we miss something?  The last time we checked, she came to Harmony the night he told her that she was there a few weeks.  There's an indication of how long that night has lasted.  The writers managed to forget what day it was.

KMart blaming Alistair again

We are so sick of them.  Every time they try to justify their despicable actions, they always blame Alistair.  Martin kept making a big production about the things Alistair would have done to them and their families.  He even had the gall to say that Alistair could twist things around and make himself look like a victim if the truth came out.  We would feel sorry for Alistair before we feel sorry for them.

Theresa's latest scheme

Pilar said it best when she told Theresa that she was as bad as Alistair.  We totally agree with that.  Well actually we don't exactly agree.  We think she's worse than Alistair.  At least Alistair doesn't try to make excuses for the things he does.  That's Theresa favorite thing to do.  Whenever she's told that the things she does are despicable.  She's quick to blame Gwen and/or Rebecca for why she does it.  Take this latest scheme for example.  She wants to kill Gwen's baby because of what Gwen and Rebecca did to her and her family.  Girl, please.  That in no way justifies killing a baby.  She may be mad at Gwen, but what did the baby do?  Why does Gwen's baby deserve to die?  Oh that's right, so she could get Ethan. We know that's all she cares about.  She doesn't care about getting little Ethan back.  If she did, why did she barely mention little Ethan?  She only wanted to go through with the procedure because she wanted Ethan.  She only mentioned little Ethan once.  If she really cared about getting her son back, she would let Gwen's child live.  Before the Theresa fans say how it's wrong to kill your own baby to save somebody else's. We have a reason why she should let Gwen's baby live. Don't worry.  we won't keep you in suspense.  We'll tell you everything. LOL! It would be better to let Gwen's baby live because she wouldn't have to give up her own child for little Ethan.  At least it would be Gwen's baby that she would be going away. Besides, she has said repeatedly that she can have other children.  Why deprive Gwen the chance to have a baby?  We could see Theresa going through with this plan if Gwen wasn't going to give her little Ethan back. The plan would still be disgusting but we could understand it.  Since Gwen is giving her her son back, it doesn't make any sense.  No amount of Theresa justifying what she's doing is going to make that okay.  She's still wrong. Her own mother had to tell her that she was a monster.  What does that say about her?

Gwen changing her opinion about Theresa

What is with this woman?  One minute she was on to Theresa and the next she was defending her.  What was the point of her yelling at Ethan about Theresa when she was going to defend her?  What was ironic is she yelled at Ethan for always having Theresa side yet when he defended Theresa to Rebecca, she was all for it.  Also, when Rebecca told Gwen about her suspicions, Gwen took Theresa's side.  This girl doesn't know what she wants.  Now here are some questions: would she care about Theresa condemning her soul if Theresa decided against against saving one of the babies?  Would Gwen be so willing to overlook all of her wrong doing?  Would Gwen defend her to Rebecca?  Hmmm....

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