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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #130

10/18 - 10/22/04

What kind of friend is Whitney

We should all have a friend like her. She didn't want to stay at the hospital when Theresa was having complications with the twins.  She thought it was more important to go with Fox while he sucked up to Ivy.  She needs to get her priorities straight. Her friend needed her more than Fox.  Fox could have went to Ivy by himself.

Fox and Ivy

How come Fox was able to go to Ivy when he wanted something?  He had all of the time in the world to get close to her, yet when Julian kicked him to the curb, he went running to her.  Ivy was no better.  If she wanted a relationship with Fox she could have been had one.

Whitney blaming herself

Raise your hands if you're sick of Whitney blaming herself for what happened to Fox.  Wow, there's so many hands that we can't count them. LOL! We are tired of her blaming herself.  She's only doing that so Fox can tell her that it wasn't her fault.  If she didn't have to be with Fox when she was, Fox wouldn't have gotten caught.  We just wish that Fox would have blamed her.  We would love to see how she would react if he did blame her.  She would probably say it wasn't her fault.  She would probably blame Eve again.  On second thought, maybe it's better that he doesn't call her on it. LOL!

Theresa's reasons for not saving the baby

Just when we thought that Theresa couldn't get any worse, she does the unthinkable.  She actually does get worse.  When Eve gave her a way to save one of the babies, she refused at first.  Gwen even begged her to save one of the babies and that's when the despicableness (is that even a word?) happened.  She lied and said something about God not wanting her to sacrifice one of the babies to save the other.  She also told Ethan and Gwen that she's Catholic so she couldn't kill one of the babies.  Of course she used the God's will speech again for why she was keeping the babies.  Here's our problem. When Gwen was in labor and had to sacrifice a life, Theresa wanted Ethan to let Gwen die to save the baby.  She brought up the church's teachings for why Ethan should let Gwen die. Now that she's the one in labor, she couldn't sacrifice a life.  We see, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.  Isn't it something how Theresa only thinks of the church and God when it works in her favor?  Why didn't she think of the church when she raped Ethan?  We doubt that God would approve of what she did despite her reason for doing it.

Gwen's selfishness

Now we are so two-sided about Gwen's position in the E/T/G storyline now.  We don't think that Theresa is right, but Gwen did appear selfish when she wanted Theresa to save one of the babies.  Here's why we thought it was selfish.  Gwen acted as if it would have been easy to decide whether or not one baby should live over the other.  That is a terrible decision to make but she kept pressuring Theresa to do it.  She even tried to use guilt to get her to save one of the babies.  Then on the flipside, this is Gwen's only chance to have kids so Theresa could have been a little sensitive about Gwen's situation.

We also think she's being selfish towards Ethan.  She acts as if she's the only one who lost Sarah.  He lost her too.  She also didn't even let him decide whether he wanted one baby to live over the other.  She just made the decision herself without consulting Ethan.  Just because he wasn't the one who physically lost the baby doesn't meant that he doesn't care about the baby.

The so-called families/friends

Before we start this rant, we wanted to let you all know that this is pretty much a general opinion that we have about the families and friends in Harmony. Watching how long it took for Luis to see Theresa in the hospital made us realize how they aren't always around for each other all of the time. Okay, with that in mind, let's begin this rant.

You would never know that these families/friends are supposed to be close. Take the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Theresa may by losing the babies and Luis and Sheridan took so long to check on her.  They were too busy trying to help Katherine.  They were right at the hospital and they didn't go check on Theresa right away. Some big brother Luis is.  We know that Pilar and Paloma didn't tell him about Theresa, but somebody should have said something.  That brings up another problem.  Why didn't Pilar call Luis and tell him about Theresa?  He's supposed to be her brother. Doesn't he have a right to know.  While we're talking about families, why didn't anyone tell Sam, Ivy, and Rebecca about the twins?  They would be the grandparents and they weren't told.  Sam and Ivy were at the hospital and they didn't check on Theresa.  Some family they all are.

Now that the family issue is out of the way, let's talk about the so-called friends.  Whitney decided to leave the hospital when her friend was in grave danger.  Sheridan is supposed to be Gwen's best friend, but she hasn't been by Gwen's side.  Gwen is going through a lot now, but Sheridan would never know.

The writers must be giving us an impression of how their family/friends are.  These people are never there for each other, but we're supposed to believe that they are so close.  The "Theresa losing the babies" incident was just an example of how close they all are.  There are plenty of other issues that we won't get into.  If we did, it would make this section longer than it needed to be. LOL! To make a long story short, we're glad we don't have people like that in our lives.  These people are quick to call Alistair a monster.  They should take a look in the mirror.  The would be surprised at the monster reflection that would be staring back at them.

Sheridan's obsession with Mrs. Wheeler

Luis needs to wonder about Sheridan.  All she does is obsess over Katherine.  She was so obsessed over her that she had to leave the hospital when Gwen would have needed her.  When she finally found out about Theresa/Gwen, she was ready to leave.  She barely comforted Gwen.  She didn't even tell Theresa what she should do about the twins.  She had to be there for Mrs. Wheeler.  She doesn't even know Mrs. Wheeler, but she had to be there for her.

Theresa telling Ethan to come back to her

We so wanted to slap Theresa when she kept telling Ethan to take her back.  She also went overboard trying to tell him that he still loved her.  She's so desperate.  We also didn't like the way she tried to make it seem as if Ethan knew what he was doing when she raped him.  We didn't forget how he called out Gwen's name in bed.  Now all of a sudden it's love.  Get out of here.  We are so sick of the way they are writing this relationship.

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