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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #129

10/11 - 10/15/04

Butchering Gwen

We were not the least bit surprised that the writers decided to butcher Gwen in the Theresa/Ethan/Gwen never-ending saga.  There was no way Gwen wasn't going to look bad in this story.  The writers probably knew how bad Theresa looked with her plan to keep the twins so it was time to make Gwen look bad.  We personally don't think Gwen's plan is that bad.  Why shouldn't she make sure that she keeps her twins? She should have done that.  We just didn't like the way the writers went about making Theresa sign the contract.  We can practically hear the die-hard Theresa fans crying foul because of what Gwen did.  It's bad enough they can't get past the tabloid thing. Now they will be quick to bring that up. Despite that, it doesn't change what Theresa has done.  Here's something we noticed about this story: The writers make Theresa and Gwen look bad but they never make Ethan look bad. We wonder why that is. Well we know why that is. Ethan always has to come out smelling like a rose.

Paloma's "dancing"

What's with Paloma? Why does she feel like she has to strip in order to get attention?  She would have been sick if one of those guys tried to rape her. She was sending out the wrong message.

Whitney making excuses

We are so sick of Whitney making excuses for why she's using Fox. She feels she has no choice. We didn't realize that she couldn't get an abortion. She was all set to get an abortion before so she could actually go through with it.  We are tired of her saying she has no choice but to sleep with Fox.  She does have a choice.  She doesn't have to go through with it.  We are Foxney fans, but she's making hard to root for them.  We'll continue to root for them because we have have no choice. We want to see them together. LOL!

Whitney blamed Eve

When will this girl ever take responsibility for her own actions?  It looks like never. She had the nerve to blame Eve for why she had to sleep with Fox to pass her baby off as his. Honey, it's not Eve's fault that you got pregnant by your brother. It's your own fault.  When will it ever be her fault that she's pregnant? Next think it will be fox's fault.

Luis is a terrible father

We know we didn't surprise you with this rant.  He is one of the worst fathers on the show. He had to lie to Sheridan about seeing him.  Martin is his son. He shouldn't have to lie about seeing him. He also made it seem as if Sheridan was more important than his son.  That's not even the worst of it.  He was willing to put off seeing Martin because it would upset Sheridan. Who cares if Sheridan was upset?  Martin is still his son.  We can see the similarities between Luis and his father.

Sheridan obsessed over little Martin

We know that little Martin is her son, but she doesn't know that.  If little Martin were Beth's son, that would be even worse.  Sheridan wouldn't like it if someone did that to her. We can only imagine how bad Beth would have looked if she obsessed over her kid this way. Oh that's right, she is doing that. That's not the point.  If Sheridan had her son and Beth obsessed over him the same way, Beth would look like a monster so why doesn't Sheridan look like a monster?  It's not okay just because Sheridan does it.

Eve had a nerve

Who was Eve to criticize Whitney for sleeping with Fox so soon after breaking up with Chad? She did the same thing to TC. In fact, she slept with Julian the night her secret came out. She's a married woman and she slept with another man. She was in no position to judge Whitney no matter how wrong Whitney was.

Whitney is to blame

Whitney should feel like dirt that Fox lost his heritage. If she didn't have to rush her crazy plan, none of that would have happened.  She could have waited to go after Fox.  At least he would have had time to tell Chad how he felt about Whitney.  Nooo, she had to practically jump his bones and make him think that she wanted a relationship with him. She should have felt a million times worse when he lost everything trying to defend his love for her.  We hope he remembers that one day and gets revenge on her.  We know that would ruin any chance of Foxney having a future, but it would be worth it.

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