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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #128

10/4 - 10/8/04

Whitney could have stopped Chad

If she told Chad how she loves Fox, Chad would most likely stop fighting him. He would know that Fox isn't taking advantage of her. She would rather have Chad fly off at the handle every time he sees Fox.  This is just Whitney's way of looking innocent.

Pilar not recognizing Martin

You would think that she would recognize her own husband.  He doesn't look that different.  She even said how he reminded her of her husband.  Why can't she get the connection?  If she thinks he looks and sounds like her husband, why can't she get the connection?  If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's not a cat.

Fox should know about Whitney

You would think that Fox would know that Whitney is up to something.  She is not making any attempt to stand up for her love of him so he should know what's up.  If she loved him, she would tell Chad that she loves him.  Hello, there's a reason why she's not saying anything.

Whitney should feel like dirt

She knows how Fox feels about her, but she wants to use him.  He didn't want their first time to be out in the open because he wanted it to be special, but that didn't stop her.  She wanted to go ahead with her crazy plan.  She shouldn't be playing with his emotions like that. She's supposed to be one of the "good" people in Harmony.  What is she doing scheming like this?  She was no one to criticize what her mother has done.  At least she didn't try to pass off her kid as someone else's.

The writers manipulation

The writers are obviously trying to manipulate us into thinking that Whitney has no other choice but to use Fox.  That would explain why we had to keep hearing her tell herself that she was wrong when Foxney were getting ready to have sex.  If she knows she's wrong, why do it?  She could have an abortion and then her problem is solved.  The writers did the same thing with Theresa when she raped Ethan. She kept telling herself that she knew she was wrong, yet it didn't stop her either. Doesn't it seem as if everyone rant about Whitney goes back to Theresa? Well, not every one, but some of them do.

Here's another way we were manipulated to think that Whitney has no other choice, but to scheme against Fox.  Tabitha said that she was desperate when Kay called Whitney a slut. What else would you call Whitney?

Sheridan can't get the connection

It is completely mind boggling how Sheridan can't get the connection with Katherine.  How many times did Sheridan say Katherine reminded her of her mother?  We know.  Too many to count. LOL! It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who she is.  Since she never saw Katherine's body when she died, why would she believe Alistair?  We hope she doesn't think Alistair wouldn't lie to her. If she does, then we have a bridge to sell her.

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