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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #127

9/27 - 10/1/04

The manipulation of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds

We just wanted you all to know that we are on the fence about Paloma's anger. One minute we think she shouldn't be angry at her family, and the next we think it's justified. This time we think it's justified. On the surface, it looks as if Luis only brought Paloma home because of Pilar's illness.  Before Pilar got sick, no one cared whether Paloma came home.  They barely mentioned Paloma. Once Pilar got sick, they were quick to bring her home because it would have made Pilar happy.  The writers are just trying to get the audience to think that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds had honorable intentions when they brought Paloma back, but we know they didn't.

If Luis cared about Paloma being back, why did he have to go away with Sheridan? He could have waited to go away with Sheridan.  He hasn't seen Paloma since she was a baby and the first chance he got, he wanted to leave. That looked as if he wanted Paloma to babysit Pilar.

Whitney depriving Chad

She is doing the same thing to her child as Alistair did to Chad.  We don't understand why Whitney won't tell Chad about the baby.  He is the baby's father. He has a right to know about the baby.  She keeps pushing Chad away as if he isn't suffering too.  It's not right, but in Whitney's eyes, she's the only one going through problems.

Julian seeing Katherine

That was such a waste.  We were not surprised when Julian didn't recognize Katherine. To make matters worse, he thought he recognized her from behind, yet he didn't recognize her face.  She looks the same. The only difference is her hair color.

It was also convenient that he only thought Katherine sounded like herself.  We doubt that a stranger would sound that much like his mother.  She also wouldn't feel like his mother.

Whitney's plan

Well she is not Theresa's friend for nothing. Now Whitney wants to use Fox so he could be the father of her baby.  If she loved Fox, why would she do that to him? What if her plan backfires?  What if the baby has medical problems? How would she explain that? What if the baby needs a blood test? Here's a thought she couldn't have an abortion, but she could deprive the baby of knowing who his/her father would be. That sounds like a great mother.  This is the same woman who criticized Theresa for raping Ethan so she could get pregnant. Well she's no better than Theresa.  No wonder Theresa's her best friend.

Katherine is such a wimp

She sold so many wolf tickets about killing Alistair, but when it came time to kill him, she chickened out.  She gave in to going back to Alistair.  We don't feel sorry for her since she had her chance to kill Alistair, but she didn't.  Whenever he takes at swing at her, she's going to deserve it.

Product placement

You would think that the actress who plays Jessica would complain about the story she has.  All she does is promote Mark products. By the way, we are so sick of the obvious product placement.  It's not making us want to get Mark.

Paloma needs to say something

If Paloma is mad at her family, how come she won't confront them about why she's angry?  They are not mind readers.  All she does is talk to herself about what they do.  She had her excuse not to say anything to Pilar since she was sick, but what about Theresa? She could have said something to her since Theresa rubbed her nose in the fact that they have everything at the mansion.  That's when Paloma should have went off on her.

Theresa's a good mother?

If Theresa's a good mother, how come she can't bathe her own child?  She also can never get him ready.  The nanny always has to do everything for him.  We thought that she went to the mansion so she could be near little Ethan, yet the nanny is with him more than she is.

Julian chose Chad

Julian is already siding with Chad over Fox.  Julian didn't care that Fox could have been hurt when Chad was fighting him.  All he cared about was Chad.  Chad makes it painfully obvious that he wants nothing to do with Julian, but Julian will side with him over Fox.  Julian will deserve it if or when Fox turns on him.

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