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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #126

9/20 - 9/24/04

The new Fox

Well, we gave him time to get better, but we still don't like the new Fox.  He's not that bad of an actor, but he's still not right for the role.  He made us miss Justin more and more.  When he had pivotal scenes with Julian, Julian ran circles around him.  Even Chad ran circles around him so you know what's up. LOL! All of the scenes Fox had would have been so much better if Justin was playing the role.

Chad sold out

If you read the raves first, then you know that we gave Chad accepting Julian's offer a rave. Well, we were two-sided about it so it landed in the rants section.  It was amazing how quickly Chad would have been willing to get along with Julian once money came into play.  He was too willing to write Julian off, but once he saw what being a Crane meant, he was willing to accept being a Crane. Maybe if Julian offered him money in the first place, he would have accepted Julian.

Luis/little Martin rewrite

What's with the re-write of Luis caring about Martin  He hasn't mentioned him in a long time, but we're supposed to believe that he loves him so much.  Could have fooled us.  If he cared about Martin, why didn't he mention him for why he didn't want to stay in Mexico for good.  Of course Sheridan doesn't care because she thinks he's not her son, but what about Luis?

Theresa's manipulations

Leave it to the writers to find a way for Theresa to get away with her schemes.  They even went so far as to make Ethan look like he was the one wrong. In case you don't remember, Gwen told Theresa about the time when her sorority sisters tricked Ethan into thinking they were Gwen.  Her sorority sisters used her perfume and blindfolded Ethan.  To make a long story short, they couldn't fool Ethan.  He knew they weren't Gwen. Theresa even asked Gwen if Ethan would have known who Gwen's sisters were if they wore a wig, but lucky for Theresa, Gwen said Ethan would know it wasn't her.  Well wasn't that convenient for miss-I-get-away-with-everything-Theresa.  She had the perfect way to make Ethan the one wrong for getting raped.

We don't understand the writers.  Ethan was the one raped, but they tried to make Theresa the innocent one.  Now Ethan has to look as if he knew what he was doing when he slept with her.  We all know that he thought she was Gwen. He called her Gwen repeatedly, yet now we're supposed to think that he knew it was Theresa. What a way to make a rapist come out smelling like a rose.  We would bet almost anything (we wouldn't really) that if Ethan drugged and raped her, he would look like a monster.  If Gwen did the same thing as Theresa, the writers would have made her look like she was worse than Alistair.

Ethan lied again

Oh here's a surprise: Ethan lied Gwen again.  He could have told her the truth about what Theresa did, but once again he looked out for himself.  Gwen flat out asked him if Theresa did something wrong, but he lied and said she didn't.  He could have told her everything that happened, including that he was drugged.  She might have believed him.  Oh that's right, the writers are trying to manipulate us into thinking that Theresa is innocent.

Ethan could have said something

This just dawned on us.  When Gwen was making a big production over him knowing who she was even if someone disguised themselves as her, he could have said why he might not have known who she was.  When Gwen's sorority girls tricked him, he most likely wasn't drunk/drugged at the time. Gwen doesn't know him better than he knows himself so he could have mentioned that he wouldn't know who she was if he was drunk.  He just stood there and let her do all the talking for him.  Ethan is such a wimp.

Paloma is gullible

She was so gullible. She made it very easy for Alistair to lie to her about her family.  How many times does she have to be told by her family that she was wanted before she believes them?  To make matters worse, it didn't take long for Alistair to convince her that her family didn't want her.

Chad's behavior

Chad was acting very weird.  He acted as if he and Whitney could have a relationship with each other. Did he forget that they are brother and sister?  They can't be together, but he's acting as if they can be together.

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