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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #125

9/13 - 9/17/04

Mother Goose

It was hard to believe that the best babysitter Tabitha could come up with was Mother Goose.  What happened to the babysitter Tabitha had before?  When Kay was still in the hospital, Tabitha had a babysitter for the babies.  She could have called her. At least when we wouldn't have had to endure Mother Goose.  Thumbs down to you, writers for coming up with this story.

Sheridan could care less

We are Shuis fans, but even we thought that Sheridan was cold-blooded when she rushed to want to marry Luis.  As much as we want them together, she could have given Antonio a thought.  She did just lose her husband a couple of days ago Harmony time.  Even Luis thought about Antonio and we know he doesn't care about him.  Well if she doesn't care, why should we?  LOL! j/k

Theresa's rule of thinking

Theresa said something that was very disturbing.  She said that Whitney sleeping with her brother was no big deal.  Excuse us?  Sleeping with your brother is a very big deal.  We couldn't believe that she said that.  She probably thought it wasn't a big deal because it had nothing to do with her.  She even had the gall to tell Whitney that Chad was only her half-brother as if that was supposed to lessen the blow of Whitney sleeping with her brother.  No wonder Whitney ran out of the room.

Whitney was only thinking of herself

We know that Whitney is going through turmoil, but she acts as if she's the only one.  What about Eve, Julian, and Chad?  Hey, even Simone's life has changed.  All she cares about is what this is doing to her.  You would never know that Chad slept with his sister. Guess we're not supposed to care about what Chad's going through.

Evian blaming Alistair

What is it with everyone?  They always blame Alistair for everything.  Evian were no different.  They blamed Alistair for why they didn't know about Chad.  Julian even went the extra mile and told Chad that Alistair made him leave Eve and took Chad away.  Well, as Chad told him, he could have stood up to Alistair.  He didn't have to give up so easily.  He has no problem standing up to Alistair now.  He could have done it then.  Then there's Ms. Eve.  We guess it was Alistair's fault that she didn't tell her family that she had a long lost son.  Alistair didn't put a gun to her head and force her not to say anything.  She chose to keep her family in the dark.  It's really easy for Evian to blame Alistair.  He's always the one guilty of everything according to the people of Harmony.  When are these people going to learn that they are just as guilty as Alistair?  KMart, this mean you too.

Eve needs to stand up for herself

Eve is such a punk. First she let Whitney slap the mess out of her.  All she did was stand there holding her face.  We all need to form a line and slap Eve too.  Why not?  She's not going to do anything to stop it.  All she's going to do is hold her face.  The writers must be trying to tell us something when they have Whitney slap Eve.  Perhaps they hit their mothers like that and they don't hit them back.

The other reason why she's a punk is because she never stands up to TC.  She didn't have to let TC bark at her and call her a wh*re.  She should have went off on him.  Julian shouldn't have had to stand up for her.  How does this woman stand up straight when she doesn't have a backbone?

Sheridan disappeared

We're about to shock you. Sheridan disappeared again.  What else is new?  Every time you turn around something happens to Sheridan.  It's a wonder she can walk down the street by herself. The writers must love to make Shuis fans suffer.  They couldn't be happy for a day without something happening to Sheridan.  If something really does happen to Sheridan, it's going to be anticlimatic because something is always happening to her.

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