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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #124

9/6 - 9/10/04

Ethan defended Theresa again

Just when it looked as if Ethan was going to grow a set, they were snatched away.  He actually asked Theresa the right questions about the night of the Founder's Day Dance and Theresa barely denied it.  Well, she denied it, but she wasn't that convincing about it.  Anyway, he was under the impression that Theresa took advantage of him.  That was wonderful.  He actually had a light bulb turn on.  Then he did the predictable.  He defended Theresa when Gwen thought that Theresa slept with him to get pregnant.  What makes matters worse is he accused Theresa of the same thing, yet when Gwen did it, she was wrong.  The last thing Gwen would have wanted was Ethan to defend Theresa. We really wish that Gwen would see the light about the kind of man Ethan is. We know that's asking for too much.

Why wasn't Chad a consideration

Why were Julian and Fox only concerned with Eve and Whitney's feelings when the truth about Chad came out?  We know they are in love with Eve and Whitney, but Chad's feelings should have been a consideration.  Didn't he have a right to know too?  Whitney's not the only one sleeping with her sibling.  Chad's doing it too.  Julian and Fox acted as if the news only affects Eve and Whitney.

Sheridan is so helpless

We are so embarrassed for Sheridan.  We were ashamed to call her a woman.  When she was in the snake pit she was completely useless.  She couldn't take the venom out of Katherine's leg and she couldn't fight off the snakes.  That's not even the worst of it.  When the snake was around her neck and shoulders, she screamed for Martin to get it off of her.  Girlfriend was holding on to the snake, but she needed Martin to take it off of her.  She could have just dropped the snake.  We know she was scared of the snakes and we are too.  We just don't think that we would have acted the way she did.

Martin blamed Alistair

Leave it to Martin to blame Alistair for why he deserted his family. Alistair didn't make him leave Pilar and the kids.  He chose to do the "noble" thing by helping Katherine.  Also, he tried to justify when he fell in love with Katherine.  That's supposed to make matters better that he didn't have an affair with Katherine until after they were on the run.  Well there's no way Pilar shouldn't forgive that.

Ethan could have told the truth

Ethan is a real piece of work.  He made a promise never to lie to Gwen again yet he still lies hand over fist.  He could have told Gwen about his suspicions of Theresa.  He could have told her everything that he told Theresa.  Gwen might have believed it because it was Theresa.  Theresa would have told Ethan anything to save her neck.  Of course she was going to tell Ethan not to say anything to Gwen.  She probably knew that Gwen would have believed Ethan and she couldn't take the risk of her plan being exposed.  Obviously it doesn't take much to get Ethan to lie to Gwen.

Chad's reaction to the news

Goodness Chad obviously cannot do drama.  No offense to the actor, but his reaction to finding out about his parents was laughable.  He was a little too over the top.  This would have been a chance for Chad to show off his acting chops, but it was ruined.  Maybe it was the material he was given, but the scenes didn't work.  We didn't feel sorry for him and we're pretty sure that we're supposed to feel sorry for him.

What happened to Gwen

What has happened to Gwen?  We can't believe she would believe Theresa's lies about the babies.  She should have been a little more willing to see what Theresa is up to. Why would she put it past Theresa to be up to something?  It wouldn't surprise us in the least when she turns on Rebecca just to cater to Theresa.  Oh right, she already did that.  Please come back, Gwen.  We don't want to see Theresa get the last laugh on you again.

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