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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #123

8/30 - 9/3/04

Whitney's hypocrisy

Well, well, well...Whitney's kept something from Chad.  She didn't tell him how she was pregnant.  Now this can't be the same woman who doesn't like when she's lied to.  This also can't be the same woman who thinks lies of omission are the same as lies.  Actually, it is the same person.  We remember when she hauled off and slapped Fox for not telling her he was in love with her.  Well, we wonder what Chad should do to her since she kept the truth from him.  We can only imagine what her excuse will be for lying about the baby.  It's funny how she has no problem lying, but she always expects the truth.

Theresa's selfishness

We hope we didn't shock you with this one. Theresa showed her selfish side again this week. First with Gwen and then with Whitney.  When Gwen was being nice to her about the babies, Theresa was only worried about herself.  She complained to Pilar and Whitney about Gwen taking her son.  Hello, girl. Did you forget how Gwen wants to give her her son back?  All she cared about was revenge.  She should have felt like a heel when Gwen was happy about the babies. 

The other time when Theresa was selfish was when Whitney wanted to talk to her about her problem.  Theresa knew something was wrong with her, but she had to tell Whitney her news about the twins.  She could care less about Whitney's problems.  She didn't even ask Whitney what her problem was.  They wound up talking about Theresa as usual.

Martin didn't care about Luis

Martin acted as if he could care less about Luis dying.  He kept going out of his way to stop Sheridan from saving Luis.  You would think that he would have been willing to move the bricks to get to Luis.  His only concern was Paloma.  Maybe Martin wanted Luis to die.  That way it saved him the trouble of having to tell Luis the truth.

Theresa and Fox recasts

We could be the only ones who feel this way, but we do not like the recasts for Theresa and Fox.  This is not to offend the actors.  We thought they did better jobs on Sunset Beach.  We just don't think they are right for these parts. For once they look too old for the roles.  Well, Fox isn't that bad, but Theresa looks older than Gwen. She also looks too old to be friends with Whitney.  Another problem we have with the new Theresa is she brings a hardness to the role.  Lindsay's Theresa hid her true feelings for Gwen better than Priscilla.  You can clearly see how much the new Theresa hates Gwen.  She also practically barked at Pilar and Whitney when they told her that she was wrong. Lindsay didn't do that. Then there's Fox. The new Fox seems to be wet behind the ears when it comes to acting. We know Theresa and Fox have big shoes to fill so we will be willing to give them another chance.  This rant is pretty much our first impression of them.  If after next week they don't improve, we'll be complaining about it again.  We know you can't wait. LOL!

Liz's determination to bring Eve down

As if was annoying enough, when she had to expose Eve's other secret, she went beyond annoying.  We know she wanted Eve to lose TC for good, but she didn't have to go out of her way to make matters worse.  We know this is the type of person Liz is supposed to be, but she was so infuriating.  She was so smug when TC yelled at Eve about the accident.  IT was too bad Eve had to press her luck and find out about the accident.  IT would have served Liz right if TC believed Eve and not her.  That brings us to the next rant.

Eve could have lied

We really don't understand Eve.  If she wanted her marriage to stay in tact, why did she have to find out if she was the one who hit TC?  She could have lived with the fact that Julian hit TC. Noo, she couldn't live with it.  She could live with the fact that she lied to him for over 20 years, but she couldn't live with that knowledge.  At least Liz wouldn't have gotten what she wanted. Obviously, Eve didn't want her marriage to work.

The Mexico story

Were we the only ones that didn't enjoy this story?  We wish that the writers would hurry up and finish this story.  Of course it is another story where Sheridan's life is in danger.  Luis couldn't even be in danger without Sheridan having to be in danger too.  You could read more about this in the Winners/Losers section.

TC is a chump

TC is such a chump as the title of this rant says.  He couldn't wait to bump and grind with Liz again.  We thought for a second that he was going to do the right thing and let Liz leave. That would have been so great if he meant what he said.  Liz would have been so sick if he did.  Since the writers love having her get away with everything, we knew that she was going to get away with this scheme too.  Here's a real shocker for you:  TC didn't hear Liz say how she wanted to get revenge on Eve. Of course his hearing didn't work then, but when Eve said how she was driving Julian's car, he was able to hear her.

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