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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #122

8/9 - 8/13/04

K-Mart blamed Alistair

Alistair is a monster.  Let's get that out of the way.  He may be responsible for many bad things, but it's not his fault that K-Mart's family has been destroyed.  Nobody told the two of them to desert their families the way he did.  They are just as responsible for destroying their families' lives as Alistair is.  We are always yelling at the screen blaming K-Mart whenever they blame Alistair for what happened to their children.  It's too bad they can't hear us.  Maybe they would stop blaming Alistair for everything if they could hear us.

Liz throwing herself at TC

Liz is so pathetic.  She couldn't wait to throw herself at TC.  He flat out told her that he didn't want to be with her, but she threw herself at him anyway.  That woman has no pride.  It would have been great if he turned her down and meant it, but of course he didn't.  We cracked up when TC told Liz that he used her to get back at Eve.  She should have felt so stupid.

While we're on the subject, wasn't Liz getting her revenge on Eve because she was raped by her father? If that's the case, why was she acting like a slut?  You would think that she wouldn't want to be with another man who would take advantage of her.

Nobody figured it out sooner

We know the people in Harmony aren't known for their brains, but even they should have figured out who Evian's son is.  Do you  remember when Eve and company were on the pier when her secret almost came out?  This was when TC found out Eve had a baby.  Anyway, Fox, Chad, and Whitney thought that Chad could have been Whitney's brother.  Now that they know that it was all a lie, they didn't even suspect that Chad could be Evian's son. Hello, Chad was looking for his parents and he's bi-racial.  It doesn't take much to figure out a possible connection.

Eve didn't have to let Liz win

If Eve wanted to be with TC, she could have tried to fight for him.  She didn't have to let Liz get TC.  When she walked in her bedroom and caught TC and Liz bumping and grinding, she didn't have to walk away.  She could have busted him dead to right.  No, she chose to close the door behind her and cry and whine about losing him.  No wonder Liz was able to get her way.  Look at the people that she's dealing with to carry out her plans.

TC's rule of thinking

This man is such a hypocrite.  It was okay for him to be sleeping with Liz, but Eve is a slut for doing the same thing with Julian.  He acted as if his affair wasn't a big deal.  He didn't even seem surprised that Eve caught him with Liz.  He was just concerned with Eve betraying him.

The writers destroying TC and Eve

We wonder why the writers decided to destroy TC and Eve's marriage.  It's unbelievable how they would have affairs the way they did.  This is the same night when TC was romancing Eve.  Now they have both had affairs.  Since they hopped in bed with other people so easily, they must not have loved each other the way they said they did.  TC only seemed guilty about cheating on Eve for a few minutes and that was it.  Eve didn't feel any guilt when she finished cheating on TC.  We know that they are upset, but that was no excuse to cheat on each other.  If they were going to sleep with Liz and Julian, they could have waited until they were divorced.  We know, we know.  That would have made too much sense.

How many slaps will it take

How many times will Eve let Whitney slap her before she slaps her back?  No matter how mad Whitney gets, she doesn't have the right to slap her.  When Whitney called her a b*tch, Eve should have smacked her.  Whitney obviously doesn't have a problem smacking Eve so Eve shouldn't have a problem smacking her back.

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