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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #121

8/2 - 8/6/04

Theresa upsetting Pilar

Did you believe Theresa's nerve?  She yelled at Gwen for upsetting her mother.  Did she have a brain fart or something?  She was the one who was upsetting her mother, not Gwen.  Maybe Pilar is sick of hearing the endless drama of the Theresa show.  No wonder she keeps relapsing.  Now if you are a die-hard Theresa fan, you probably thought that Gwen did upset Pilar.  Maybe she did, but let's not forget who started the mess in the first place.  If Theresa didn't go on and on about her revenge on Gwen, Gwen wouldn't have heard it and Pilar wouldn't have gotten upset.

Speaking of Pilar getting upset, if Theresa doesn't want anything to happen to Pilar, why does she insist on bringing up her problems?  The only thing it does is upset her.  Pilar continues to tell her to do the right thing, yet Theresa does what she wants to do.  We don't see why she wants Pilar around.  She never listens to her.  Perhaps Theresa is a sadist.  The more she goes overboard telling Pilar what she's going to do to Gwen, the more Pilar's on the verge of dying. Hmmm...Theresa may be subconsciously trying to kill Pilar.  Hey, you never know.

Ethan defending Theresa again

Was anyone else ready to slap Ethan when he defended Theresa again?  When he clearly heard Theresa say she was going to keep the baby, Ethan jumped to her defense.  He just assumed that she had an explanation for it.  There's no explanation for what she said.  Her pathetic excuse for why she said it didn't wash, but of course Ethan bought it hook, line, and sinker.  In case you forgot, she said she was only keeping the baby if Ethan and Gwen didn't give her little Ethan.  Theresa had no way of knowing that they were coming so she could have finished what she was saying.  No wonder Theresa can lie to Ethan.  He will buy anything she says as long as she has an innocent little look on her face.

Why did Theresa have to go to the mansion?

Ethan's idea of Theresa moving into the mansion was crazy. Why did she have to move in?  Ethan and Gwen could have hired a nurse for her at the Russell house.  Also, Eve's a doctor and Theresa was living in her house.  Eve could have given her the best care.  Ethan just wanted her to move in so he could get closer to her.  Of course he wasn't going to say that because that would have been un-Ethanlike.  He always has to have good intentions when it concerns Theresa.

Why would Paloma believe the henchman

Why would Paloma believe Alistair's henchman?  She didn't even know him.  Why would he tell her the truth about Luis?  We know she doesn't know Luis either, but she should have believed Luis over the henchman.  Luis is her brother so she should have given Luis the benefit of the doubt.

The Russells treatment of Eve

As must as Eve deserved to get yelled at for not telling the truth, TC and the girls were going overboard when they were yelling at her.  We know they are mad, but how many times did they expect her to apologize?  Everything she did was in the past so why did they act as if she just slept with Julian?  Now those self-righteous Russells should see why Eve had to keep her past a secret.  Every time TC and Whitney yelled at her, we want Eve to stand up for herself, but of course she didn't.  That brings us to the next rant.

Eve should have defended herself

We don't understand why Eve was being such a punk to TC and Whitney.  She didn't have to stand there and let them call her all of those names. That would have been the time to go buck wild on them.  What did she have to lose?  She should have yelled at them the way she yelled at Liz.  We know one thing.  If TC and especially Whitney spoke to us that way, we would have let them have it.  We wouldn't stand there with our heads buried and take their yelling.  She could have told TC that everything was in the past and that he had no nerve to judge her.  After all, he did lip lock with Liz once upon a time.  If he couldn't accept what she did in the past, he would have been the one leaving.  It's a safe bet that she paid for the house so TC would have been hitting the bricks.  If Whitney didn't like it, she would have been hitting the bricks too.  Speaking of Whitney, Eve should have knocked her out when she kept cursing at her.  We asked our mother what would she do if we ever spoke to her or hit her the way Whitney did to Eve.  She told us that we weren't that stupid and she would kick Whitney's a**.  We took that to mean that we would be dead meat. LOL!

Katherine manipulated Sheridan

We know that's not hard to do, but Katherine manipulated Sheridan.  She used her situation with Alistair as a hypothetical situation to see how Sheridan would react if she found her mother.  Sheridan made it very easy for Katherine to tell the truth, but she didn't.  She's such a coward. And speaking of cowards...

Martin didn't want to tell the truth

We figured out why Martin didn't want to tell the truth about who he is.  He doesn't want Luis to hate him.  He's so selfish.  He would rather lie to Luis than let him know the truth about who he is.  Now if Luis said that he would forgive his father for walking out on him, he would have rushed to tell the truth.  Since Luis made it perfectly clear that he and Katherine shouldn't tell the truth.  So much for Martin being such a noble guy.  Alistair's more noble and he's a monster.

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