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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #120

7/26 - 7/30/04

Eve playing the pity me card

When she told TC the truth, she chose to cry like a baby.  We don't see what she should have been crying for.  She wasn't the one that was hurt or lied to.  TC was the one that was deceived all of these years.  She tried to play on his sympathy by crying.  It's too late now.

Eve made TC look like a fool

Eve pretty much made TC look like a fool when she lied again about her past.  She should have said something when TC flat out asked her if there were anymore secrets that she was keeping from him.  That's when she should have told him about Julian.  Who knows, he might have understood why she kept it from him.  Nooo, she chose to lie to him.

Eve should have felt like dirt when he was still defending her after knowing what she did.  She let TC yell at Irma as if Irma wasn't telling the truth about her.  He didn't have to look so foolish defending her if she told the truth.  What did she care?  She had TC's forgiveness.  She didn't care how bad she looked.

Eve had a solution

If Eve didn't want her past exposed, she didn't have to confess to what Irma said.  TC didn't believe Irma when she paid that eve was with Julian.  Irma didn't have any proof that she was Julian so she could have lied.  We hope she didn't think that she couldn't lie to him.  She has been lying to him all this time.  She could have done it again.

The self-righteous Russells

The Russells can be so self-righteous.  When someone does something, they always judge you.  TC and Whitney definitely does that.  TC let his feelings be perfectly clear that he judges people who have a past.  Whitney also judges people too.  We've seen the way she judges Fox.  She also judges people who are in love with two people at the same time.  You would never know that they make mistakes too.

Theresa pushing for Foxney to be together

This may be weird since we are Foxney fans, but we were suspicious of Theresa pushing for Foxney to get together.  We remember once upon a time when she used to push for Chadney to be together.  Whenever Whitney wanted to break up with Chad, Theresa was the one who told Whitney that she was meant to be with Chad.  Theresa all but said that Chadney would be together forever.  Now that she knows that Fox is in love with Whitney, she thinks that Foxney should be together.  She even seemed disgusted with the idea of Whitney marrying Chad.  Do you want to know what's ironic?  This is the same night when she told Chad how much Whitney loves him.  Of course this was before she found out about Fox's feelings for Whitney.  Now she keeps going on and on about how much Whitney loves Chad.  It's amazing how fast her mind changed.

TC's anger

We know that TC has a right to be angry at Eve, but we wonder what TC is really angry at.  Is he angry that Eve lied to him or is he angry that he was embarrassed?  He seemed to care more about his reputation being ruined than he did about Eve's lie.  What's weird is he was willing to forgive Eve when he found out that she used drugs and her body, but the minute he found out about Eve's past with Julian, he went ballistic.  He started calling Eve a tramp the way Irma was.  That was something considering he got upset with Irma for calling Eve a tramp.  It must be wrong for Irma to call Eve those names, but it's okay for him to do it.

Luis doesn't spend time with his son

Did we miss something?  Luis implied to Martin that he spends time with his son.  When does that happen?  He's pretty much shown every week and we haven't seen him spending time with little Martin.  In fact, he hasn't mentioned him in months real time.  He also told Martin that he named his son after his father for Pilar.  The last time we checked, Beth named his son.  Speaking of Beth, Luis was very good not to mention how Beth is little Martin's "mother".  There was something else we noticed.  We noticed how angry Sheridan got at the idea that Luis was talking about his son.  She practically snatched Luis's wallet out of Martin's hand when Luis showed him a picture of his son.

Whitney was smug to Simone

Say what you want about Simone, but she was being civil to Whitney when she found out about her engagement to Chad.  She even tried to reach out to Whitney when Whitney implied that something was up with Eve.  You would think that Whitney would have been glad that she didn't treat her the way she used to treat her.  When Whitney had Simone talking to her, she had to practically rub Simone's face into the fact that she's marrying Chad.  Whitney should have known that Simone wouldn't have taken the news well.  Oh well.  If Whitney doesn't care, why should we?  LOL! Just kidding.

Theresa's new plan

Well color us surprised people.  Theresa isn't going to give Ethan and Gwen their baby (sarcasm).  Who didn't know she was going to keep them from getting the baby.  It's so obvious that the writers didn't want Theresa to look bad for giving up her baby so now all of a sudden, she's going to keep her baby.  No matter how they have her scheme to keep her baby, she was still willing to give up the baby to get little Ethan.  The writers must have been reading message boards about this story.  A lot of people (including us) didn't like the idea that Theresa was willing to give up her own child for the other. The writers must not have liked that so they decided to have her keep the baby.  What makes matters worse, she tried to justify what she did by saying how Gwen and Rebecca started with her. We're sorry, but that's no excuse to rape a man just to get pregnant.  Then she has the nerve not to give them the baby.  She does expect to get little Ethan back though.  Doesn't she have a lot of nerve?

Whitney slapping Eve

We don't care how mad Whitney was at Eve, she didn't have the right to hit Eve.  We can see if Eve did something to her personally, but she didn't.  What was even worse was Eve not doing anything about it.  All she did was cry.  Eve should have knocked her out.

Liz's secret revealed

Liz's secret being revealed was the worst thing that happened this week as well as a waste.  We were so happy when Eve finally said how Liz was her sister.  We thought that Liz was going to get what she deserved.  She was so smug about Eve's past coming out that it would have been a great moment to see her world coming crashing down.  Of course that wasn't going to happen.  Liz did what Eve should have done.  She lied her butt off.  She had TC and the girls practically defending her when she was the one who was lying.  Since TC and the girls barely reacted to knowing about Eve, that secret didn't need to come out.

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