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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #119

7/19 - 7/23/04

Sam didn't call for help

Did Sam forget how to use his phone?  When he saw Sheridan and Luis on the ground after her car exploded, he just talked to them.  You would think that he would have called for help.  At least he could have called for someone to put out the fire.  All they did was walk away from the car.  We want to thank our good friend/sis Jessica for the first half of this rant.

Luis forgot about his family

When Luis realized that Alistair wanted to finish the job of killing him and Sheridan, he said that he would take Sheridan where it was safe.  Guess Luis forgot about his son.  Oh, you didn't know he had a son?  Well then you are in the same boat as Luis because he doesn't know he has a son either. LOL! Anyway, he didn't even think that Alistair could have done something to baby Martin.  he also didn't care that Alistair could have done something to the rest of his family.  He already killed Antonio.  Who's to say that Alistair wouldn't try to kill the rest of his family?

Also, Luis knows that Pilar and Theresa are in the hospital, yet he didn't want to check on them.  He wanted to make sure his precious Sheridan was okay. 

Theresa needed to see her son

How convenient was it that Theresa wanted to see her son?  Aside from when she was hanging off of the cliff, she hasn't even mentioned little Ethan.  Now that she could possibly lose her bargaining chip, she suddenly wanted to see her son.

What is it with the writers and the way they write Theresa?  Why is it that she only wants something when she's about to lose it?  Little Ethan and Fox are perfect examples of that.  She only cared about little Ethan when she was about to lose custody of him.  That's when the writers wanted us to believe that Theresa is such a good mother. That's when little Ethan was suddenly the most important thing in her life.  Before she lost custody of little Ethan, she barely acknowledged him.  Now is not really any different.  She only acknowledges little Ethan when she tries to justify everything she has done.  It also gives her the excuse to keep throwing up in Whitney's face that a mother would do anything for her child.  Guess you can pull criminal acts and be exonerated for them as long as you can use the excuse that a mother would do anything for her child.

Theresa also wanted Fox when she knew that she lost Ethan.  Everyone, well almost everyone knows she wasn't over Ethan when she dated Fox.  She was only willing to give Fox a chance when she knew that she lost Ethan for good.

Whitney yelling at Theresa

You would never know that Whitney was so worried about Theresa when she got to the hospital.  The first chance she got, she yelled at Theresa about her scheme.  She knew going into the hospital that Theresa raped Ethan to get pregnant, yet she criticized Theresa about it as if she just found out what happened.  Now let's not get confused.  We thought that Whitney said the right things, but her timing was wrong.  What made Whitney think that Theresa would tell Gwen the truth about the baby?  As Theresa told her, what could she tell Gwen even if she did tell her the truth?  Whitney has known Theresa for a long time.  She should have known that Theresa wouldn't have told the truth.  Let's get back to the timing of Whitney's advice.  Whitney know that Theresa couldn't be stressed out, yet she had to bring up the despicable scheme that Theresa did.  Perhaps Whitney is trying to push all of her friends away.

Katherine wanted to go home

That Katherine is a piece of work.  She practically begged Martin not to go back to Harmony because she didn't want him to get killed.  Then when she couldn't convince him to stay, she told him she would go with him.  Everything that her children have gone through didn't make her want to go home, but Martin dying made her want to leave.  This just further proves how despicable she is.  She knew that her children were in danger or trouble, but she never wanted to go home for them.

Martin's statement

If you thought Katherine was despicable, Martin's statement took the cake.  He told Katherine that he would "do it all over again" to protect her.  Meaning that he would leave his wife and children again if he had to in order to protect Katherine.  You mean to tell us that saving Katherine's life by deserting his family was more important than being there for his family?  See, we told you he was more despicable.  It doesn't make any sense that he would bask in the glow of his love for Katherine when he knows that he deserted his family.

The manipulation of the writers

We get what the writers are doing.  They want us to think that Alistair is a monster so it would justify what KMart did.  They even went to the trouble of making him be abusive to Katherine again.  We get it.  Poor sweet Katherine has a monster for a husband.  Obvious solution: desert your children (especially your young daughter) just to get away from Alistair.  Now we would probably feel sorry for her if she thought to take Sheridan with her.  Since she didn't, it's hard to feel sympathy for her considering what Julian and Sheridan had to go through because of her.  Don't even get us started on the things Martin has done.  We don't feel any sympathy for him.  There was no excuse for him to desert his family.

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