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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #118

7/12 - 7/16/04

K-Mart's flashbacks of what happened

Maybe we're heartless people, but seeing the flashbacks of what Alistair did to K-Mart did not change our opinion of them.  If anything, it made things worse.  We saw why Alistair wound up hitting Katherine in the first place.  She slapped the taste out of his mouth when he tried to kiss her.  What did she expect him to do?  He is a powerful man and he would not take it well that his wife hit him.  Maybe if she didn't hit him, he wouldn't have flipped out on her the way he did.  He would have probably raped her, but he might not have tried to kill Martin.  Speaking of Martin, if he minded his own business and left Alistair alone, Alistair wouldn't have wanted to kill him.  He knew what kind of a man Alistair was back then.  Why would he risk his life by interfering in Alistair's business?  We could understand if they were a couple, but they weren't.  He was happily married to someone else.

Here's something else that disgusts us about the flashbacks.  They all make Alistair look like a monster.  They never show us what KMart have done wrong.  They most likely had an affair, but you would never know that based on the flashbacks.  Alistair just looks as if he was a monster to them for nothing.  Since they were most likely lovers, they are just as guilty as Alistair, but of course the writers make KMart look like victims of Alistair's wrath.

Charity's light switch decisions

We were so sick of Charity changing her mind about staying with Miguel.  She changes her mind every week.  She needs to make up her mind whether or not she wants to be with him.  No wonder Miguel keeps forcing himself down Charity's throat.  She obviously doesn't know what she wants.  This girl is such a wimp.  First she let Kay blame her for every bad thing that's happened in Harmony and she let Tabitha blame her too.  She could have stood up to both of them and said she wanted to be with Miguel. It's amazing how easily she can be manipulated.  It would have been great to see Charity stand up for herself once before the character leaves the show.  Guess that was too much to ask for.

Miguel's attitude with Kay

Miguel seemed as if he was catching an attitude towards Kay at the hospital.  Granted we are not really surprised that he would have an attitude with her after everything she was saying to him, but considering what he did to her, he could have been more sensitive to her.  He doesn't know that Tabitha turned Kay into the dog that attacked Charity so as far as he knows, he's responsible for why Kay can't have anymore children.  He spoke to her as if he was forced to do it.  He wouldn't have to worry about Kay feeling like crap if he didn't desert her the first chance he got.  What else was Kay supposed to feel about him when he left her to chase after Charity.

Sheridan's memories

We are so sick of seeing Sheridan's memories of her "killing" Martin.  We are tired of the way the little girl screams in the flashbacks.  That may be a little nitpicky, but it's true.  By the way, that's why we have the new column about nitpicks so it's okay if we're nitpicky about the way the little girl screams. LOL! Just kidding.  Anyway, Sheridan must have selective memory about what happened that night.  she doesn't have any memory of tripping over Martin's body, but she remembered what happened after she tripped over his body.  If she could remember all of that, why doesn't she remember how she didn't kill him?  That's right.  Sheridan wouldn't be haunted by her dreams if she remembered what happened.

Sheridan blaming herself

We are so sick of Sheridan blaming herself for what's going wrong.  She is an older version of Charity.  All she kept doing this week was blame herself for what happened with her mother, Antonio, and the rest of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  Pilar is sick and could be dying, but the focus shifted to Luis comforting Sheridan.  He couldn't even be by Pilar's side because he had to be there for Sheridan.  We didn't like the way the writers treid to get us to sympathize with Sheridan as if her problem was worse than Pilar's problem.  Here's something that stood out while she was endlessly blaming herself for everything.  She blamed herself for why Pilar's sick.  She thought the stress of her having to choose between Antonio and Luis was the cause of her getting sick.  That was might self-centered of her.  Pilar could actually be worried about someone other than Sheridan.  Luis shouldn't have had to remind Sheridan that other people exist in Pilar's life besides Sheridan.  No wonder Luis sounded as if he was getting annoyed with her.  We would too if we had to tell Sheridan a million times that everything is not her fault.

Eve was worried about herself

Leave it to Eve to be worried about herself when Pilar could have been dying.  No wonder Pilar could have took a turn for the worst.  Maybe if Eve had her head in her work, Pilar could have gotten better. Eve even said how she was worried about Liz exposing her when Pilar could be dying.  What kind of friend is Eve?  Also, what kind of doctor is she?

Sheridan is such a sucker

She is so gullible.  No wonder Alistair thought she wasn't a challenge.  She let him talk her into believing that she was the course of everything that has gone on in Luis's life.  At first we were going to put Sheridan standing up to Alistair as a rave, but of course she let him dominate her.  It didn't do her any good to stand up to him if she was going to let him convince her that she was a curse.  Wasn't it something how she was able to tell Alistair that she didn't kill Katherine and Antonio, but Luis had to tell her time and time again that Sheridan didn't think of the simple solution not to listen to Alistair.  All she had to do was walk away from him.  She didn't have to keep listening to Alistair blaming her.

What kind of friend is Whitney

If a friend tells you how they are in love with you and compliment you about your voice and your looks, would you constantly slap the taste out of their mouth?  We wouldn't do that either.  We really don't understand Whitney.  We thought that Whitney liked Fox.  If she does, why does she constantly hit him?  We know she was taken aback by his news, but she didn't have to keep hitting him.  She certainly didn't have to yell at him the way she did.  Goodness, she makes us wonder what Fox sees in her.  We also don't know why we would want Fox to be with Whitney at times.  She's really making us question that.  Don't worry.  We're still holding out hope that she will realize that Fox isn't the person she thinks he is.  Fox must love her unconditionally to keep putting up with the abuse.

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