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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #117

7/5 - 7/9/04

The idiot detective

Why would Alistair hire such an idiot for a detective?  There's no other way to describe him.  Let's explain why he's such an idiot. He had his chance to tell Julian the name of his son.  Nooo, he couldn't do that.  He had to keep stalling when Julian wanted to know the name.  Here's something we didn't understand.  The detective knows how ruthless the Cranes are.  Why would he take the risk of calling Julian's bluff of killing him?  Oh right.  We said it already with the topic of this rant.  Anyway, Julian kept demanding to know the name of his son.  The idiot detective had two chances to say something, but he didn't.  The first time he tried to tell Julian the truth, he had to give Julian a speech about why Julian wanted to know who his son is.  He even took the time to imply that he would blackmail Julian.  Then the second time he tried to tell Julian the name, he got hit by Alistair.  Of course that would have been when he was about to say the name.  If he said something sooner, Julian would have known the truth and he may not have gotten hit.

Luis didn't call Theresa and Miguel

What's with the Lopez-Fitzgerald family?  The never like to confront their family about what's going on.  Pilar practically took a turn for the worst, yet Luis didn't tell Theresa or Miguel.  Didn't they have a right to know about their mother?  If Luis had had his way, they would have never found out about Pilar or Antonio at all.

Theresa's advice for Whitney

We may be wrong about this, but we think that Theresa only told Whitney to forget about Fox being in love with her so she could go after him herself.  It's just convenient how Theresa wants Whitney to concentrate on Chad.  She practically forced her to stay with Chad.  That's what made us suspicious of her motives for telling Whitney to forget about Fox and be friends with him.  Also, why did Theresa tell Whitney the truth if she didn't want Whitney to do anything?  She could have kept the truth to herself.  As we said earlier, we are not sure about this. We are just suspicious of her.

Sam didn't check on Kay

Why didn't Sam go to the hospital to check on Kay?  It is the same night when she went to the hospital, Sam was out with Ivy instead of being there for Kay.  He didn't even mention Kay.  When she first went to the hospital, he was so worried abut losing her.  Now all of a sudden, he's so happy with Ivy.  Hmmm... You can read more about Savy in the Raves section.

Chad was so clueless

His stupidity knew no limits.  He had warning signs about Fox and Whitney, but he didn't even notice.  Foxney were pretty much acting uncomfortable around each other and he didn't see it.  When Chad was making a big production about Fox and Theresa making a good couple, Whitney looked less than thrilled at the idea.  Of course Chad didn't see it.  When Chad wanted Fox to dance with Whitney, Fox practically jumped at the chance to do it.  Foxney also kept exchanging glances at each other and the clueless one didn't notice it.  We aren't really all that surprised that he didn't notice it since it was staring him in the face.  It was obvious that Theresa noticed it, but we guess she would have noticed it since she knows the truth.  If she didn't, she would probably be just as clueless as Chad.

Ethan's excuse for Theresa's actions

Correct us if we're wrong, but isn't Ethan supposed to be a great guy?  In fact, isn't he supposed to be perfect?  Well that's what the writers expect us to think.  That must be why we have to be reminded of how great Ethan is whenever Gwen and Theresa talk about him.  Well if he is that great, why does he keep leading his wife on?  If he loves Theresa so much why is he with Gwen?  That's not exactly a good thing to do.  Anyway, let's get to the point of this rant which is his excuse for what Theresa did.  Theresa single handedly kidnapped the surrogate that Ethan and Gwen was going to use to have their baby and stole Gwen's eggs.  That is despicable by itself.  What was even worse was Ethan telling Sam that understand why she did it.  She was trying to get her son back.  Goodness, what kind of a man would think this way if he loved his wife?  Theresa could have cost them a chance to have a baby of their own and he understands why she did what she did.  We can only imagine how he would react if he knew that she raped him.  He would probably think that Theresa did the right thing because they have her son.  Now let's play a living in la-la land game. If Gwen did all of the things that Theresa has and Theresa was the one married to Ethan, do you think that he would be so open to seeing things from Gwen's point of view?  We didn't think so either.

Gwen's approval of Ivy's schemes

Well, well, well now we have discovered something about Gwen.  It's okay to scheme to get who you want unless it's done to her.  She knows that Ivy schemed to get Sam, but she told Ivy that it was okay.  Gwen even told her that she would always have her side.  That's weird how Gwen would approve of Ivy's schemes considering she was in a similar position as Grace.  Theresa befriended her and schemed to get Ethan the same way Ivy did with Grace, yet it's okay for Ivy to do it.  Gwen even blamed Grace for why Ivy's scheme worked.  She wasn't this cavalier when she lost Ethan.  It was just odd to us how she was just complaining about Theresa trying everything to get Ethan, but she practically celebrated with Ivy over what she did to get Sam.

Ethan cared only about Theresa

Mr. Wonderful a.k.a. Ethan only care about Theresa's feelings when he found out that Antonio died.  He couldn't wait to mention Theresa when Sam found out about Antonio.  Pilar's son died and all he cared about was Theresa.  Pilar was like a second mother to him, but his first thought was Theresa.  We know that he eventually mentioned Pilar, but it was after the fact.  We get what the writers are doing.  Now that Theresa is conveniently still in love with Ethan, he suddenly keeps thinking about her.  His second mother's son died and he thought of Theresa.

Eve flipping out on Julian

Here's a surprise:  Eve's world is about to crumble and she took it out on Julian.  All he did was say that he would be there for her and the woman went off on him.  We don't understand why Julian keeps putting up with that.  He must really love her.

Kay and Charity's scenes at the hospital

Kay was being so unbearable during those scenes.  To make matters worse, she had us rooting for Charity.  Well maybe she wasn't that bad, but it was close enough.  We were sick of her blaming Charity for why she was in the hospital.  Honey, it was your own fault as well as Tabitha's fault.  It's time to face responsibility for her own actions.  We had another complaint.  Why did she want Charity to kill her as if she didn't have Maria to live for?  She was complaining about not having anymore children yet she wanted to leave the one she had.  There's a mother of the year.  She must get that from her own mother.

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