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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #116

6/28 - 6/30/04

Julian's loose lips

Why would Julian tell Alistair that Sheridan is alive?  He could have let him stay in the dark about that.  That way Luis and Sheridan could have gotten revenge on him and he would be none the wiser.  Nooo, Julian had to say something.  Most likely Alistair would have figured it out anyway, but Shuis might have taken him down before he figured out the truth.  Way to go Julian and we don't meant that in a good way.

Chad criticizing Fox

What was with Chad?  When he flipped out on Fox, he said that he was Julian Crane's son and he's used to going after women that don't belong to them.  Why did he have to bring Julian down?  Didn't he just have a heart-to-heart talk with Julian not too long ago?  Since he did, you would think that he would have just been mad at Fox and not Julian.  Here's something we noticed about Chadney:  whenever they are mad at Fox they always mention how he's a Crane.  When they aren't mad at him, they say he's not like the others, but when they are, they throw his last name in his face.

KMart switching places

Is anyone else tired of KMart switching places with it comes to who's to blame for them leaving Harmony?  One week Katherine blames herself and the next week Martin blames himself.  They are both to blame for why they deserted their families.  We're also sick of them saying how they had to leave their families because of Alistair, but that's another rant.

Liz could expose Eve herself

As far as Liz bringing Aunt Irma to Eve's house goes, she could expose Eve herself.  She could have told TC that she found Irma, but the nursing home needed Eve's permission to get her out.  She also could have left a copy of the checks that Eve sends to the nursing home lying around so TC could have seen them.  That way Eve would have to explain what's going on.  We know, we know.  That would have made too much sense.

Irma keeps saying the same things

We are so sick of Irma calling Eve a slut and a wh*re.  We think we got the message that she thinks that Eve is a terrible person.  We don't need to be reminded every time she's shown.

KMart re-write

Alistair said that KMart have been gone for 20 years.  If that's right, how is it that Paloma was born?  We were under the impression that Paloma was still in high school.  If Martin was gone for 20 years, is it possible that Martin's not Paloma's father?  We wouldn't be surprised if he isn't her father since everything else about this story is changing.

Theresa's got a lawsuit on her hands

Theresa could sue the Seacliff Inn. If they had a warning sign by the path, no one would have went by it.  Then Theresa might not have fallen off of the cliff.

Theresa's fantasy

Her fantasy of telling Chad and Whitney how Fox is in love with Whitney was such a waste.  Who didn't know that Chad and Fox weren't really fighting that easily.  Also, there's no way that Theresa would have told the truth that fast.  We all know how she would have built up that news.  Look how long it took her to finally tell Whitney the truth.  (See Raves for more)

KMart excuse wasn't good enough

We know how badly the writers want us to feel sorry for Katherine and Martin, but we don't.  They even tried to give us the heartbreaking (sarcastic) excuse for why they had to desert their families.  Let's start with the "oh so wonderful" Katherine.  Alistair was such a monster to her that he either raped her or tried to rape her.  We're not sure which one happened.  We even had to hear Martin tell her how cruel Alistair was to her.  We get it.  Alistair was such a bad person to Katherine and perhaps she should have left him. Our problem with her leaving was the fact that she felt she had to leave Sheridan behind in order to rescue herself.  Then she had the nerve to mention how cruel Alistair was to her.  If she took Sheridan with her, she wouldn't have had to be raised by Alistair.  It's a little too late for her to feel bad.

Now let's get to the "honorable" Martin.  He felt that he did the right thing by leaving with Katherine because her life was in danger.  Umm hello, what about your own family?  According to the flashback, Martin was happy with Pilar.  He didn't need to lose all of that for Katherine.  He thought that Katherine needed protection, but what about Pilar and the kids?  Since Alistair threatened to kill Martin, what was to stop him from getting revenge on Pilar and the kids?  He could have easily killed them.  Oh that's right, Martin was happy with Katherine and that's the only thing that mattered.

Luis could have called for help

What took Luis so long to get help for Pilar?  First he tells her about Antonio which he knew would have upset her. Then when she has convulsions or whatever it was she had, he stood there looking at her and screaming.  He could have used her call button sooner and then she might have gotten help.  He was practically useless in that scene.

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