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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #115

6/21 - 6/25/04

Antonio is hypocrite

Antonio was making such a big deal about Luis kidnapping Sheridan, but he has done the same thing.  He thought it was okay for him to kidnap her just because Luis did it.  We didn't approve of it then, and we don't approve of it now.

Whitney needs to let people talk

Have you all noticed how Whitney doesn't let people talk when she's upset with them?  Well if you've never noticed it, her actions this week proved our point.  She read Fox's email and got the wrong idea.  (It's bad enough that she looked it in the first place.) Then she got mad because she read something that didn't look right to her.  Instead of letting Fox explain what she read, she jumped to crazy conclusions.  She wouldn't even let him speak when he tried to tell her what she read.  This is her problem.  She has such self-righteous standards that whenever someone makes a mistake, she won't allow any explanations without constantly interrupting.

We're all experiencing deja vu

We feel as if we were experiencing deja vu.  It was just a couple of weeks ago that Luis kidnapped Sheridan to force her to admit that she loves him and now Antonio is doing the same thing.  Antonio and Sheridan are even having similar dialogue.  Are the writers this lazy that they had to write the exact scene that happened only two weeks ago?  Right, we should know the answer to that question.  We have been watching the show for five years.  The only difference is that now that Antonio has kidnapped Sheridan, he is the bad guy, but Luis wasn't when he did it.

Julian is a hypocrite

He told Fox again to stay away from Whitney.  Now that is rich considering he  keeps trying to get Eve to leave TC for him.  He may have changed since the show started, but he still wanted to break up a marriage.  Fox and Julian's love for Whitney and Eve could have been a way for them to bond.  Why doesn't he want Fox to be happy?  He is doing to Fox exactly what Alistair did to him.

Why Whitney, why?

We want to start off by saying that we want to see Foxney together.  Having said that, we don't understand why Whitney acts the way she does.  She flies off the handle so easily and over the smallest things.  Now she's under the impression that Fox is like all the other Cranes.  We know she apologized but you would think that she would think differently about Fox since he's supposed to be her friend.  All she is doing is sabotaging any chance of Foxney being together.

Luis rant

Did you all notice how Luis only seemed to care that Sheridan was possibly on the plane when it blew up.  Once he found out that she was safe, he practically forgot all about Antonio being on the plane.  We know they had their problems, but he was still his brother.  Luis didn't spend more than two minutes worrying about him.  Now he will never be able to makeup for what happened between them, but what does he care.  He gets to be with Sheridan.  It may not seem like it, but we're so glad that they are back together.  We just don't like how Luis didn't really care that Antonio blew up in the plane.

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