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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #114

6/14 - 6/18/04

Charity, please get a clue

This girl really needs a clue and fast because she has really been acting dumb lately.  It's bad enough that she didn't catch on to Tabitha knowing about her talk with her "mother", but she listened to everything that Tabitha told her.  Even Charity should have known that Kay wouldn't have risked her life for her.  Kay has made it clear to her that she hates her, but she would believe that Kay would do that for her.  Charity's also listening to Tabitha blaming her love for Miguel for what happened to Kay.  Tabitha was really mean about it, but Charity didn't question it at all.  Charity even told Miguel again about staying away from her.  That is not going to change what happened to Kay.  She needs to figure that out soon.

Kay blaming Miguel and Charity

We put Kay's reaction to Miguel as a rave, but we have a problem with it too.  She acted as if she was completely blameless for how Maria was conceived.  She knew how he felt about Charity when she took advantage of him.  Miguel isn't perfect, but neither is she.  We find it hard to believe that she wanted to give Maria brothers and sisters unless it was with Miguel and they weren't together so how was that going to happen?  If she wasn't scheming to get Miguel away from Charity, then she wouldn't be in that situation at all.  She has herself, as well as Tabitha, to blame for her accident.

Hank's up to something

We have thought this for a long time.  Why wouldn't he tell Woody how he knew why Sheridan pressed charges against Luis.  If Hank had his way, Luis would have been in prison for the rest of his life.  What kind of friend is Hank to Luis if he felt that he couldn't get in the middle of his mess?  That particular incident has convinced us that he is trying to pay Luis back for being with Sheridan.  There was a reason why the writers chose to bring up how Luis stole Sheridan from him.  We're just waiting for the day when he confirms how he has been seeking revenge against Luis.

Why were K-Mart so worried now?

This week Martin called Katherine by her first name and Katherine got scared.  Why are they suddenly so concerned about people finding out who they are?  They have been calling each other by their real names ever since their identities have been revealed to the audience.  Now all of a sudden Katherine is so scared to be called by her real name.  Give us a break!

Why doesn't Irma remember Liz?

This is so confusing to us.  Why doesn't Irma know about Liz?  If she knows about Eve's past, shouldn't she know Liz?  When did Eve put Irma away?  It must have been before Liz was born.  That would be the only way that Irma could forget Liz.  That's not likely that she would do that because she was a kid when Liz was born.  That was obviously the writers way of making sure that Liz could pump Irma for information about Eve while keeping her hands clean.

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