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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #113

6/7 - 6/11/04

Eve lied to TC again

This woman must enjoy lying to TC.  She's getting so good at it.  If you read the Raves section, then you know that TC actually figured out one of Ivy's schemes.  We missed almost half an hour of Monday's episode so we don't know why Eve did what she did.  Here it is: When TC was confronting Ivy about getting David to pose as Grace's husband, and the Eve does it.  She lies to TC and says how there was a marriage certificate and a blood test done on John.  She didn't have to do that.  She could have stayed out of it, but she didn't.  She chose to help Ivy and the first chance Ivy got, she mentioned what Eve did in the past.  We just wish that TC heard what Ivy was saying to herself.  We also wish that Eve heard it too.  That way Eve would have realized that she made a mistake lying for her again.

Theresa justified her actions again

We weren't really surprised by this.  We were surprised when she seemed to regret what she did to Fox, but that didn't last long.  As soon as she said that she felt guilty, she immediately started to defend herself.  We are getting sick of that.  We're tired of hearing her say how she's doing what she has to do to get her son back.  We know that already.  She says it so many times.  As we mentioned, we weren't surprised by the fact that she felt this need to defend herself.  Anytime she is told by one of her family members or friends that what she's done is wrong, she will always try to justify her actions.  When will this girl ever learn?

We felt cheated

We were actually looking forward to seeing when Theresa was supposed to confess to what she did to Fox.  So you can imagine how disappointed we were that the scene turned out the way it did.  For those of you who didn't see it, here's what happened: She told Fox that she betrayed him. She didn't tell him what she did to betray him.  That was such a complete waste.  We wanted to see what would have happened if Theresa had told Fox everything.  Now that she broke up with Fox the way that she did, she thinks she's off the hook.  She still cheated on him while they were together.

It's your fault Sheridan

She knew that Antonio would want to kill Luis when he found him so what does Sheridan do: She calls out to Antonio to come get her.  Now we all know that she did it to help Luis because he's hurt.  That's all well and good, but once Antonio saw Luis, he wanted to kill him or have him arrested.  We don't understand why she couldn't lie to Antonio.  She had no problem with it any other time.

Everyone forgot about Pilar

The woman was knocking on death's door just a day ago (Harmony time).  Her family was so worried about her when she was about to die.  Now fast forward a day and they act as if they don't care at all.  Miguel was at the hospital first and he didn't even care to ask how she was doing.  Even when she went to him and asked him about Kay, he didn't ask her if she was okay.  Theresa didn't even mention her while she was at Whitney's house.  She was only talking about herself.  Antonio was too busy worrying about Sheridan to think of Pilar.  At least Luis asked her why she was out of her room, but that was about it.  It's hard to believe that these were the same people who were crying at her bedside when they thought she was going to die.

It's time for Luis to move on

Now that Sheridan has decided to press charges against Luis for kidnapping her, maybe this will be the wakeup call he needs to get over Sheridan.  As we've mention in our column, we are Shuis fans.  We would love to see them get together.  We are just getting sick of all of the obstacles that they must endure before they reunite.  It's really getting frustrating.

What kind of hitman did Alistair hire?

Why did Alistair hire that man to kill Martin and Katherine?  He obviously didn't know what he was doing or they would have been shot.  All the hitman did was watch them and point the gun at them.  He had several opportunities to kill them, but he didn't do it.  Alistair needs to get money back from him.

Is Sheridan a Stepford wife?

For those of you who don't know what one is, a Stepford wife is someone who goes out of their way to please their husband.  We've heard of the movie, but we've never seen it.  Based on that alone, Sheridan would make the perfect Stepford wife.  All she ever does is cater to her husband's demands.  She never stands up to him for very long.  She always caves in and does whatever he says.

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