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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #112

5/31 - 6/4/04

Eve knows how to drag something out

She can be the queen of stalling.  She could have told TC in less than five minutes that she hit TC with Julian's car. Simple right?  Well, Eve couldn't do that.  She just continued to cry and tell TC how she was sorry that she hurt him.  She did that throughout Monday's episode.  That was so frustrating beyond belief.

Charity's scenes

It has been really hard to watch Charity's scene lately.  She seems to be distracted while she's acting.  We are not trying to bash Molly Stanton by the way.  She just hasn't been playing the role the same lately.  We hope that nothing is wrong with her.

Waste of airtime

The writers really wasted time this week by showing Shuis meeting in a past life.  The scenes offered nothing new so they were a waste of time.  The writers included these scenes in the previews as if they were really important.  All they did was take time away from other scenes that could have been shown.

TC needs a new brain quickly

The man proves everyday just how clueless he can be. He couldn't tell why Eve was acting the way she was about his car accident.  Anyone outside of Harmony would have realized why she cried and apologized for hurting him, but TC didn't figure it out.  Liz was even pushing Eve to confess to him about what she did, but it was completely useless.  He didn't understand what Liz was doing.  He also provided a way for Eve to lie to him about the accident.  He told her how she comforted him and how she wasn't in the car.  Have you all notice how TC always  makes it so easy for Eve to lie to him?  We thought that the reveal that Eve hit TC would lead to some good drama, but so far we were wrong.

Kay needs new dialogue

We were getting really sick of Kay saying how Charity would listen to her mother if she told her to stay away from Miguel.  She didn't even know what Charity's relationship with Faith so how would she know if Charity would do as she said?  The writers keep giving her the same thing to say over and over again.  They do that for everyone else too, but that line of dialogue was getting repeated almost as much as "Dr. Ackland had Sheridan brainwashed." LOL!

Kay can't have it both ways

Kay wants Charity to stay away from Miguel.  She's wanted that for years.  This woman would have done just about anything to keep her away from Miguel.  Anyone remember how she was willing to put Charity on ice to keep her away from him?  She could have died if Timmy didn't help her.  Now fast forward a few years and she still wants to keep Miguel from Charity.  This time, however, she doesn't want Charity to die.  We find this very hard to believe.  She doesn't care about Charity at all, but now we're supposed to believe that she doesn't want her to die.

Eve rants

We are really getting annoyed with Eve lately.  Was anyone else disturbed by her relief at knowing that she didn't hit TC with Julian's car?  It would be okay that TC's life was ruined as long as she wasn't driving the car.  Another thing that is bothering us is how she keeps lying to TC.  If she doesn't want to hurt TC, then she is doing a bad job.  She will hurt him more once he finds out the truth.  Ending her near-fling with Julian now won't change what she did to TC.

Sheridan rant

Goodness this woman is really getting on our nerves.  She knows that she wanted to stay with Luis or she would have tried to get away.  Feel free to read last week's Rants if you aren't sure what we mean by that.  Now that Antonio's on the island, Sheridan wants to go back with him.  Our problem is that she needs to stop leading Luis on like that.  He will eventually give up on her soon.

Who did Eve think she was?

She got mad at TC this week because he told Liz what was in his shed before he told her.  Now we could understand why she would be upset about that, but she doesn't have a right to be mad.  She is keeping worse secrets from him, but she forgot about that.  AT least she knows his secret.  He still doesn't know hers yet.  She could have told him that she was in the other car the night of his accident.  She obviously doesn't trust him either.  We can't wait to see what her excuses will be if she is ever caught.  Hopefully TC will remind her that she didn't trust him with her secrets.  She is really acting like a hypocrite.

TC and Antonio

This rant may not go over well with some of you, but we have to mention it.  We are so sick of the way the writers are writing for TC and Antonio.  They may not be perfect husbands, but they do love their wives.  We are Shuis fans and we wouldn't mind seeing Evian together, but we don't like the way the writers are going about it.

Let's start with TC. TC has his flaws.  He could definitely benefit from anger management courses, but he also has a caring side to him.  He has shown this side to Eve a lot lately.  He tells her all of the time how much he loves her.  He has even stopped complaining about how much she works.  Now because the writers obviously want to give Evian a try, TC is suddenly a bad person.  The writers even went to the trouble of making Julian turn into a good guy.  Eve isn't even saying how she loves TC anymore.  She says how she's married and doesn't want to hurt anyone else by seeing Julian.  By the way, if Julian is such a good guy now, how come he is so willing to destroy Eve's marriage by constantly seeing her?  That doesn't sound like a good man to us.

Now let's get to Antonio.  The writers make him look bad too.  Since most of the audience hates him anyway, it's supposed to be okay that he is treated like that.  Why is Antonio wrong for wanting to be with his wife?  We want Shuis together as we already said, but not like this.  It's not right for Sheridan and Luis to carry on behind his back as if he has no feelings at all.  Luis even kidnapped her to get her to fall out of love with Antonio?  That is not right.  Luis acts as if Antonio's feelings don't even matter.  We can only imagine what would have happened if Antonio did that to Sheridan. 

TC and Antonio really get the short ends of the stick in their storylines.  It's a safe assumption that the writers think that this is what the audience wants, but why not just put Shuis and Evian together without destroying TC and Antonio.

What kind of cop is Hank?

Antonio has been walking around with a gun in his hand for over a week, and he's been threatening to kill Luis too.  Hank has been with Antonio all of this time and heard Antonio's threats, but he hasn't arrested him.  The man should lose his badge for that.

Goodness wants someone to die?

We find it hard to believe that goodness would allow Faith to try and kill Ivy.  That seems like something the dark side would do and not goodness.  Maybe Faith isn't a good spirit after all.

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