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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #111

5/24 - 5/28/04

Sheridan, please open up your eyes

She continues to prove day in and day out that she is clearly the dumbest woman in Harmony.  For some reason, she thought that Alistair wouldn't have brainwashed her.  We really can't understand that.  She knows that her father hates her so why would she have trouble believing that he would want to hurt her?  That is just too unbelievable.  She also seems to think that Luis is just lying to her because he wants her back.  She is so full of herself.  She could believe something like that, but she can't believe that her father would hurt her.  Sometimes we really wonder why we even root for her to be back with Luis.

Katherine and Martin are getting on our nerves

We are so sick of seeing them all of the time.  They have been on so much lately.  There are people who have been on the show since the beginning who aren't getting shown as much as they are.  We were also so sick of them talking about Harmony.  If they loved it there so much, they shouldn't have left.  We are not going to feel any sympathy for people who walked out on their families for whatever reason.  It doesn't matter what reasons the writers give us for them leaving.  It's not changing what they did to their families.  Also, why was Katherine shoving the idea of Paloma going home to see Pilar considering she had no problem stealing her mother's husband.

Did Katherine and Martin want to be caught?

Speaking of these two, why did they call each other by their real names?  They know that Alistair knows everything so why would they take such a stupid risk?  Especially since they went to all of the trouble to change their appearances.  That is stupid to refer to each other by their real names.  Maybe they changed them and only call each other Katherine and Martin when they are alone, but we don't know that.

Theresa's excuse for raping Ethan

We have a feeling that we'll be talking about this for a while.  She claimed that she wanted to get her son back.  She also had the gall to say that she seduced Ethan.  Give us a break.  Whitney called it right when she said that she raped Ethan, but Theresa calls it seduction. 

We all found out this week that Eve was doing research on the date rape drug.  Well, Theresa used that drug to rape Ethan.  Since she used a date rape drug on Ethan, what else would you call what she did to him?  If a man had done this, then it would be considered rape.  Why is it considered seduction now that Theresa has done it?  Right, we just answered our own question.  We're always supposed to overlook every bad thing that Theresa does.

What was the point?

What was the point of Ethan/Chad/Fox standing around without wearing their shirts?  They were playing basketball and they weren't wearing shirts.  Actually, they weren't even really playing, they were just standing around talking.  We're not that unhappy that they were shirtless, but there was no point in that.  They could have had that same conversation inside.

Sheridan wasn't really resisting

In Monday's episode, Sheridan was sitting in the back seat of Luis's car when he kidnapped her.  Then in Tuesday's episode, she was in the front seat next to him.  Now does that sound like someone who doesn't want to be kidnapped?  Why would she do that if she didn't want to go with Luis?  Also, if she took the time to get in the front seat of the car, she could have got out of it.  We can safely assume that Luis stopped the car so she could get in the front seat.

If she wanted to get away from Luis, she could have done the following:

1. She could have called someone and told them that Luis kidnapped her.  She must have had her phone somewhere because Antonio tried to call her, but her phone didn't ring at the cottage.

2. She could have ran away when Luis was talking to the man who rents boats.

3. When Luis took her to the beach, or wherever they were, she could have ran away.

Either of these way could have worked to get away from Luis if she wanted to do that.  She obviously wanted to go with him.

Luis has gone crazy

Luis has decided that he was going to make Sheridan fall back in love with him.  Now, we love the idea of Shuis getting back together, but not like this. Luis shouldn't have to resort to kidnapping Sheridan.  Now he looks like a madman trying to make her love him.  If it were someone other than Luis kidnapping Sheridan, he would have been considered crazy.  He even mentioned that himself.  He knows that this plan of his is crazy, but he still went through with it.  He also said that he was going to keep her away until she remembered her love for him.  Why are the writers doing this to Shuis?  See raves about this.  Yes we're two-sided about this.

"I don't consider it cheating"

This is a direct quote from Theresa.  Whitney told her how she cheated on Fox and Theresa tried to justify what she did.  She said that she didn't cheat on Fox because she had to get her son back.  Excuse us, but having sex with another man is cheating regardless of her reason for doing it.  Just because she says it wasn't cheating doesn't mean that she didn't cheat on Fox.  The next thing you know, she will say that she didn't have sex with Ethan and the writers will make sure that happens.  They don't want her looking bad for any length of time.  

Why now?

It's so convenient how everyone is suddenly mentioning Paloma, Martin, and Katherine so much.  No one was talking about them for a long time, but now they are talking about them.  Theresa conveniently mentioned Paloma this week.  This girl hasn't uttered her name in the longest time but now that Paloma is on the show, Theresa wanted to call her.  She was also so jealous because Paloma was able to live in a nice place.  Yeah, right she was jealous of Paloma.  Also, how did Theresa get a current pic of Paloma?  She hasn't seen her since she was a baby, but she has a current picture of her.

Pilar also had a dream about Martin.  Even though she has been lighting candles for him since the show started, she wasn't taking or dreaming about him until now.

Alistair has also started mentioning Katherine a lot lately.  He didn't even know where she was, but now he has been talking about her a lot.  This man wanted to kill his daughter because she was the reason Katherine was dead, but now he wants Katherine dead too.  That wouldn't be so bad if he was talking about killing her sooner, but he wasn't doing that at all.  This is our problem with what they are all doing.  No one was talking about any of these characters before they were on the show, but now that they are, they are doing it all the time.

It's your own fault Charity

We are so sick of hearing Charity complain about why she isn't with Miguel anymore.  She is the reason why she doesn't have Miguel.  She keeps forgetting how she chose to break up with Miguel.  He wanted to make their relationship work, but she listened to Death and broke up with him.  Charity is acting as if Miguel broke up with her.  Charity, the next time you look into a mirror, you will see who really is to blame for why she's so unhappy.

So much for Charity's powers

Charity must be losing her powers now because she couldn't tell that Faith was evil.  She should have been able to sense that she was evil since she has powers.  Guess she lost them when she was bad for a brief period of time.  Then again, she can't tell that Tabitha's evil so maybe she doesn't have powers after all.

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