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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #110

5/17 - 5/21/04

Does Eve regret giving Pilar the drug?

It could be just us but it seemed as if Eve was having second thoughts about helping Pilar.  Did you all notice how much she kept mentioning her son?  We all know that she wanted to know who he was and if she had lied to Luis, she would have found her son.  Last week, she considered whether she should lie, but she ended up helping her.  This week she kept going on about how she could have found him.  We're confused.  She is happy that she helped Pilar, right?  Maybe we're reading too much into her reaction, but we just aren't too sure that Eve is happy to have helped her friend.

Forced foreshadowing

Speaking of Eve, the writers are obviously foreshadowing the paternity of Eve and Julian's son again.  As you all remember, Julian was shot by Alistair.  Anyway, he needed some blood so he was supposed to get some of the blood that he donates to the hospital just in case he needed it.  Isn't that convenient how he knew to do that?  The nurse messed up and Julian wasn't given his own blood.  She told him that the blood was safe and that it was a match.  That was also very convenient.  Doesn't it seem as if the nurses at Harmony Hospital make it a habit of messing up?  They have been doing that a lot lately.  Anyway, if you're a Passions viewer, then you know what we're about to write.  You guessed it.  Chad is a blood donor.  We get it.  Chad is most likely Eve and Julian's son, but there's a problem with that.  If Chad's blood is what the nurse gave to Julian, then the writers have messed up.  A few years ago, Chad needed blood and Eve was a match for Chad.  Now, Chad's blood type is the same as Julian's blood.  Talk about a rewrite.

Luis was with Sheridan and not Pilar

Luis really needs to get his priorities straight.  Everyone knows how much he loves her.  He says it everyday.  He was in the chapel with her when he knew that his mother was possibly dying.  He did finally go to Pilar, but not before he wasted time talking to Sheridan about her love for him.  It was a waste of time because all she did was hurt him again because she wanted to stay with Antonio.  What if Pilar had died?  He wouldn't have even been by her side.  He would have been with Sheridan.

Are the writers trying to rewrite Ivy's character?

Are we supposed to believe that Ivy is suddenly a good character?  Guess we're supposed to just buy that she really wanted Sam to talk to Grace.  Oh please!  She is the reason that he isn't with Grace.  Ivy wanted Sam for herself and she didn't care how she got him.  Now all of a sudden, she is feeling guilty.  Give us a break.  If the writers want Ivy to change, it's possible that she could, but not like this.  Please don't expect us to just forget all of the things that she's done.  She already knew that Grace loved Sam, but that didn't matter to her.  We are not buying that it matters now.

Fox is the only Crane heir?

Did he forget that he is not the only Crane heir?  In case he has, here's a reminder: You have a little brother.  Until we are all told otherwise, little Ethan is Julian's son as well.  That means that Fox is not the only heir.

Gwen's decision

Why did Gwen go to all of the trouble of going to the airport if she wasn't going to take the job?  We had a feeling that she wasn't going to take it, but why even bother going?  What was the point?  It's so obvious the writers had to come up with a way to get Gwen out of the mansion so that Theresa could carry out her plan.  Why couldn't they come up with something else?

Ethan defended Theresa again

Once again Ethan tried to defend Theresa's actions.  Gwen went on and on about Theresa stealing her eggs again, and Ethan defended Theresa.  He told Gwen how she was carrying their child.  Of course she wasn't going to care about that at the time.  We wonder if Ethan would want to keep defending her if he knew what she did to him?

Ethan had so much energy

Isn't it funny how Ethan suddenly had so much energy to be with Gwen now?  It's still the same night that he told her that he was too tired to be with her.  Now he suddenly has so much energy.  What's going on here?

Pilar's lecture was a little too late

Pilar reprimanded Theresa for going through with her plan to trick Ethan into sleeping with her.  Did she forget that she gave her the keys and the code for the mansion?  Theresa wouldn't have been able to accomplish her plan without Pilar's help.  She is just as guilty as Theresa.  Theresa needed to hear those things, but she should have told her that before she helped her with the plan.

The writers love to punish Gwen

It's so obvious how the writers never want Gwen to be happy for long.  It all started when Ethan inexplicably chose Theresa over her.  He was with Gwen for years, but he chose someone he just met over her.  Fast forward a couple of years later, and she finally gets him back.  That doesn't last too long and he wants to go back to Theresa until he finds out that Gwen got pregnant.  Ethan had to ask her if the baby was his.  When Theresa was pregnant, he assumed he was the father.  Now, she can't have children.  She found out that she can't carry a child after she lost Sarah after fighting with Theresa.  Another way that the writers are punishing Gwen is by having Ethan sleep with Theresa.  To add insult to injury, Theresa had to be listening when Ethan told Gwen that they had the best sex ever when he thought he was with Gwen. Ethan would have never done that to Theresa.  Of course Theresa had to be listening when Eve told Gwen that her eggs were no good.  You all know the rest of the story.  We know that Gwen is not innocent by any means, but even she deserves to have some type of happiness for a change.  Maybe if she did, she would finally get over going after Theresa.

Too little too late

Why didn't Antonio defend Theresa sooner.  Gwen was talking about her right in front of him, but he didn't defend her right away.  Even when he finally defended her, he didn't even say much in her defense.  He said that he understood why she felt that way.  We don't approve of Theresa's schemes, but he is supposed to be her brother so he could have defended her more than he did.

Sheridan was being selfish

She knows that Gwen has lost two children and what does she do?  She tells Gwen how she can't wait until she has another baby.  That was really selfish of her.  What a terrible thing to tell someone who can't have any children of her own.  Most likely she didn't realize what she was saying, but it was still cruel and selfish.

So much for honesty

Fox asked Theresa the right questions: Why was she at the mansion and how come she was able to get pregnant when Gwen's eggs were no good.  Well, she lied to him so easily.  She wanted an honest relationship with Fox, but that is not the way to do it.  She claimed that she was there for little Ethan and that God wants her to have to baby for Ethan and Gwen.  Don't you just love it when people tell the truth. (Dripping with sarcasm)

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