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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #109

5/10 - 5/14/04

Little Ethan turning into a liar

It seems as if Theresa did teach little Ethan something.  She taught him how to lie.  He knew full well that he didn't mean to call Gwen "mommy", but he didn't correct her.  We didn't think that he would have lied the way he did.  He's not the good little boy that everyone thinks he is.  Hmmm... That sounds familiar.  Is it a like mother like son sort of thing? LOL!

The way Theresa is written

We do not approve of the way Theresa is written.  The writers go out of their way to make her look innocent.  They always try to justify everything she does.  Take what she's doing to Ethan.  They are trying to make her justified for raping Ethan.  That would explain why she keeps mentioning getting her son back. Now if they just wrote her up as the bad guy, she would be more rootable to us. We remember when Julian was called almost every name in the book when he "raped" Theresa in Bermuda.  The writers didn't try to justify what he did and he was drunk.  Kay also got called every name in the book when she raped Miguel.  She didn't justify what she did when she took advantage of Miguel.  That's what Theresa needs to do.  She needs to own up to what she's doing and maybe we wouldn't be so repulsed by her.

Gwen enabled Theresa's plan

Gwen made it very easy for Theresa to carry out her plan.  She kept getting Ethan to drink the champagne.  Of course she didn't know that Theresa drugged it, but she was obsessed with Ethan getting drunk.  If we didn't know any better, we would have thought that they were working together.  Wouldn't that explain how Gwen helped her plan?

Theresa raped Ethan

It was irritating the way the writers tried to write up how Theresa raped Ethan as seduction.  We even saw it on the cover of a magazine how Theresa seduced Ethan.  Why didn't it say how Theresa raped Ethan or how she took advantage of Ethan. Oh that's right.  It's Theresa so she didn't rape him.

Big surprise the writers were going to have her justify what she did to Fox.  She had the gall to say that she loves Fox and not Ethan.  Well honey, that was a funny way of showing it.  It's everyday that a woman can claim that she loves one man while sleeping with another man.  We don't have to tell you what that makes her.  We think you have an idea.  The word starts with a t and ends with a p.  It's also a five letter word.

Since we all know how much the writers love Theresa, of course Gwen had to be held up in order for Theresa's plan to work.  It was no surprise when the cab driver couldn't get Gwen home any sooner.  If she did, Gwen would have walked in on Ethan and Theresa.  Then there's when Gwen tried to call home.  Theresa was able to stop Ethan from answering the phone.  If she didn't, Ethan would have known that Theresa wasn't Gwen.  See, everything always works out perfectly for Theresa.

Eve was so self-centered

Just when we thought that Eve was bad enough, she proved us wrong.  She had the nerve to think that it was just as important to find out who her son is as it was to save Pilar's life.  What kind of a doctor is she?  She had a chance to save Pilar's life (the experiment) yet she wanted to lie about it so she could find out who her son is.  Pilar is supposed to be her friend, but finding out about her son was more important.  She has gone all of this time without knowing who her son is so she shouldn't have hesitated to save Pilar.

Luis telling Antonio about Pilar

What took Luis so long to tell Antonio about Pilar?  Antonio had a right to know about his mother.  Luis probably thought that Antonio wouldn't have cared, but that wasn't his place to decide that.  Did you notice how he was only willing to tell it when he thought that it would stop Antonio and Sheridan from leaving Harmony?  He could have told Antonio about Pilar when he found out about her.

Gwen's selective feeling

Earlier this week, Gwen told Ethan and the cab driver how she had a bad feeling about Theresa being up to something.  She made a big production about her feeling yet when she found out that Ethan thought he made love to her, she forgot all about it.  She even thought that a woman could have snuck in the room with Ethan, but she didn't suspect Theresa.  It was so obvious that she only had that feeling because it was happening at the time.

Does Luis care about Pilar?

He certainly didn't prove he did when he was taking so long to decide to save her.  He acted as if he had a real decision on his hands.  It shouldn't have taken so long for him to decide what to do.  Also, what took him so long to go to the hospital?  He should have been by her side.  She could have died while he was deciding whether he wanted to make the deal with Alistair in order to save her life.  Even Miguel was by her side and he's rarely around her.

Miguel forgot about Maria

We're pretty sure we didn't shock you with the title of this rant, but Miguel forgot about Maria.  He told Charity how he felt bad when he lost her and he didn't want to lose his mother too.  What about Maria?  She died twice in one night.  Didn't he feel bad when he lost her?  Charity didn't die when he lost her so why would he make that comparison to losing his mother?  Guess out of sight, out of mind when it comes to Maria.

Ethan's best sex ever

Give us a break.  It was so convenient how he said that he had the best sex ever when he was with Theresa.  That was such a slap in the face to Gwen.  We didn't realize that rape was the best sex you could have.  Also, if the sex was so great, how come Theresa looked as if she was in pain?  She looked as if she were the one raped instead of Ethan.

Fox coming to Theresa's rescue

Once again Fox came to Theresa's rescue this week.  When Gwen was ready to have Theresa arrested for kidnapping and guess who comes chiming in to stop her?  Well, if you read the title of this rant, you know who it is.  Fox came butting in and provided a reason for why Theresa was at the mansion.  That was just one more way the writers chose to save Theresa.  Even when Fox flat out asked her why she was there, she managed not to answer him.  He didn't even press her about it.

Ethan must not have been that tired

If Ethan was too tired to have sex with Gwen, how come he had so much energy for Theresa?  We know you're probably thinking that Theresa wore him out.  Maybe she did.  If that were the case, how come he had so much energy to get up and try to get in the middle of Gwen and Theresa's argument?  You would think that he would have been asleep.  He must only be tired when he has a chance to be with Gwen.

Gwen didn't notice her perfume on Theresa

It was so amazing how Gwen managed not to smell her perfume on Theresa, but she noticed it on her pillow.  Even Fox noticed the perfume yet Gwen didn't.

Sheridan was working our nerves

She is one half of our favorite couple (Shuis), but she was working our nerves this week.  She just let Antonio boss her around again and it was irritating.  She even let him convince her that Luis was lying about the evidence Luis had against Alistair.  Since she was so quick to believe that Luis was lying, perhaps she doesn't really love him.  We had another theory.  Maybe Dr. Ackland brainwashed her into forgetting the type of man Alistair is.  Antonio must have been on the table when Sheridan was getting brainwashed.  That would explain why he acts as if Alistair is so innocent too.

Theresa should feel like dirt

Fox came to her rescue again and she couldn't wait to cheat on him.  She should have felt like dirt when he kept her from getting arrested.

Then there's what she did to Pilar.  If she didn't come up with that stupid plan to rape Ethan, Pilar might not have gotten sicker.  Pilar wasn't reacting the way she did until Theresa told her about the plan.  While she was busy raping Ethan, her mother could have died.  It just eased her conscience when Miguel said it was all of their faults for why she got worse.  We all know that Theresa's mess is what made Pilar worse.  Antonio, Luis, and Miguel didn't stress her out the way Theresa did.

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