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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #108

5/3 - 5/7/04

Eve can't betray TC

Can you believe she used that excuse for why she didn't want to sleep with Julian?  She didn't want to break her vows.  That was her story.  We hate to break it to her, but she already broke her vows.  We don't understand why she let it get as far as it did before she stopped Julian.  A light coming on was a sign that she shouldn't have been with Julian.  Heaven forbid her wedding ring could have been why she didn't want to be with Julian.  Guess she was lucky Julian had self-control because she might have gotten more than she bargained for.

TC's shed

This is also in the raves section so you can read more about that there.  We put this as a rant because we waited five years to find out what was in TC's shed and it was only a banged up car.  We had a feeling that was in the shed, but we were hoping that we were wrong.  TC really gets maniacal when it comes to the shed so we were expecting a dead body or something.  Little did we know it was only what we thought in the first place.

Gwen refusing to make the trade

We don't see why she wasn't willing to make the trade with Theresa.  It would have been a win-win situation for both of them.  We understand that she wants to make Theresa suffer, but she could have risked the health of her baby by doing that.

Charity must be forgetful

We are so sick of Charity crying the blues about not being with Miguel.  She must have forgotten that she's why she's not with Miguel.  He didn't break up with her.  She broke up with him.  She had her chance to be with him when Father Lonigan told her that she wouldn't have been punished for breaking her deal with Death, yet she didn't go to him.  She's got no one to blame but Charity.

Theresa must be psychic

We used to think that Charity had semi-psychic powers, but we were wrong.  It must be Theresa with the psychic powers.  First she knew that she was pregnant.  Then she knew that she miscarried.  We would love to know how she knew that she miscarried.  There was no sign of her miscarrying, yet she just assumed she did.

Theresa scheming again

It looks like she's up to her "innocent" schemes again.  Now she wants to force herself to get pregnant so she can get her son back.  She was even going to use Fox to get pregnant.  Now she's going to seduce Ethan to get pregnant.  Now this is low even for Theresa.  She willingly lied to Fox about losing the baby.  Then she would have willingly used him so she could get pregnant.  If she had her way, Fox would have lost his baby.  She would have used his baby and passed it off as Ethan and Gwen's baby.  She also would have given her own child away to get little Ethan back.  We know that Fox didn't sleep with her, but it wasn't because of her.  We know that a lot of Theresa's fans think that Gwen is a witch for taking little Ethan away from Theresa.  We don't approve of that either, but even Gwen hasn't done anything this despicable.  We know she's a mother and she's desperate to get her son back.  We hear this excuse a lot.  We have talked to some mothers and they said they would not do the things that Theresa has done to get their child back.  They also said that they would have appealed the decision that the two judges made regarding her custody of little Ethan.  Perhaps that's what Theresa should have done.

Eve should feel like dirt

Whenever we see TC worried about Eve, we think of how Eve has no problem stabbing TC in the back.  We find it hard to believe that Eve even loves TC when she's playing tonsil hockey with Julian.  She also has no problem constantly lying to TC about Julian.  It's amazing how easy lying comes to Eve. (Sorry Jess, but these rants about Eve had to be written. :-) )

Liz's commentary

Was anyone else sick of Liz's commentary this week?  When Luis wanted her help with the files, all she kept doing was telling us about Julian getting killed and Eve getting disgraced.  We got the message.  We didn't have to keep getting reminded of it.

Miguel is so dirty

He didn't want to go to the Founder's Day Dance because Charity wasn't going to be there.  He had already promised to take Kay to the dance, yet he wasn't going to go because he wanted to spend time with Charity.  We really don't see why Kay goes to all of the trouble she goes to just to be with him.  He makes it painfully obvious that he wants to be with Charity.

Sheridan blaming herself

Once again we had to endure the never ending saga of Sheridan blaming herself for Antonio not being close to his family.  We are so tired of her saying that.  It's as if she wants Antonio to tell her that it's not her fault.  If Antonio wanted to be bothered with his family, he would do it so she should stop blaming herself.

What happened to the closeness of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds

What happened to the alleged closeness of the Lo-Fitzs? The writers try to make us believe that they are so close.  When they all lost their jobs, they were all acting as if they were such a close-knit family.  If they are so close, how come Luis and Miguel haven't been there for Theresa?  They probably don't know that Theresa lost her son.  They also probably don't know that she was implanted with Gwen's eggs.  Now you all may be thinking that it could have happened off camera.  That could have been possible, but when Luis was talking to Whitney, he didn't ask her how the hearing went.  You may also be thinking that none of the families on the show are close.  Well, that's true, they aren't close, but the writers do not go out of their way to make us think they are close the way they do with Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Theresa giving up her baby

This occurred to us.  Theresa is so obsessed with getting little Ethan back that she's willing to give up her own child to get him back.  She isn't even taking that into consideration.  We know she acknowledged that for a second, but she practically brushed it off.  Now if this plan works and Ethan gets pregnant, what's to keep her from keeping that baby?  She could easily keeps the baby from Gwen.  She keeps it up with the scheming and she will be no different from Rebecca.  Oh that's right she is no different from Rebecca.  We don't know about you, but we hope that her plan doesn't work.

Pilar sold out

We are not really that surprised, but Pilar sold out to Theresa.  Of course she was going to eventually approve of Theresa's scheme to get Ethan to sleep with her.  She even provided Theresa with the keys and the pass code to get into the Crane mansion.

What does Luis have against Fox and Gwen

He told Chad and Hank at the dance that he wanted Ethan and Theresa to get back together.  Our thing is we didn't realize that he was upset with Fox and Gwen.  After everything Fox has done for Theresa, he still wants Ethan to be with Theresa.  Then there's Gwen.  We thought that he was friends with her so why would he want her marriage to break up?

Gwen wanting her baby to die

Why would Gwen want her baby to die?  We know she hates Theresa, but you would think that she would want her baby to live.  After everything she went through when her baby died, you would think that she wouldn't want to endure that again.

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