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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #107

4/26 - 4/30/04

Ethan defending Theresa

You all really shouldn't be too surprised that we put this as a rant.  We are getting so sick of Ethan defending Theresa to Gwen.  We are almost as fed up as Gwen.  He acts as if Gwen is supposed to say nice things about Theresa.  He's so busy defending Theresa that he doesn't even see what she's done wrong.  Last week, he was ready to tar and feather the woman who stole their baby.  Now that he knows that it's Theresa, he chose to defend her.  No wonder Gwen flips out on him so much.  He deserves it.  It's infuriating watching him make excuses for Theresa's actions.  We wonder.  If Gwen were the one that stole Theresa's eggs, would he be this understanding?  We sincerely doubt it.

Tabitha and Miguel's rudeness

Tabitha and Miguel were so rude to Kay when she came home from work.  They kept telling her how much she stunk.  Well hello you two.  How do you expect her to smell?  She works in a cannery.

Sheridan standing up to Luis

Ordinarily, this would be a rave, but now it isn't.  If you're curious as to why we're ranting about this, well we'll let you know.  She had all of the courage to stand up to Luis, but she cowered to Antonio.  What was that about?  When Luis told her that she wasn't going back to St. Lisa's, she all but told him that he can't tell her what to do.  Anytime Antonio barks at her, she practically caters to him.  We wish she would have this same courage when Antonio yells at her.

Theresa constantly reminding us about her plan

There are two thinks that we are tired of her saying.  We are sick of hearing how she's pregnant with Ethan and Gwen's child.  We're also sick of hearing her say how she's going to trade their baby for little Ethan.  We got that the first few times she said it.  We don't need to be reminded of it every five minutes.

Gwen was being a hypocrite

We know that we have been on Gwen's side pretty much during this Gwen vs. Theresa vendetta, but Gwen was being a hypocrite.  She went on and on about Theresa taking her baby and how she felt about that.  Now she got a taste of what Theresa has been going through.

Theresa was obviously showing

We are giving a big jeer, thumbs down or whatever you want to call it to the costumers who came up with Theresa's outfit for the hearing.  You could clearly see her stomach in that outfit.  In case you forgot what outfit it was, it was a black dress with a black jacket.  They should have found a better outfit for her.  It wouldn't have been so bad that she was showing since she's supposed to be pregnant if Whitney and Fox didn't make a big production about it being too soon for Theresa to know if she's pregnant.  The writers could have made it seem as if more time has gone by.  Then it would be understandable that she was showing.  Since the writers want us to think that a lot of time hasn't gone by, they should do a better job of hiding Lindsay's pregnancy.

What kind of friend is Whitney?

If she was so worried about Theresa, why was she making love with Chad?  Why wasn't she with her sooner? We know that she eventually went to the courthouse, but what took her so long to go?

Where's Theresa's family?

How come none of Theresa's family are never around when she goes to court?  It's always Whitney, Chad, and Fox. Pilar was there this time, but she wasn't there before.  Guess Luis and Miguel don't care one way or the other if Theresa gets her son back.  Antonio turned his back on the family so that could be his excuse, but what about the others?  So much for family loyalty right?

Eve acts as if she has nothing to lose

We don't see why Eve would be so happy if the Crane secrets were exposed.  Did she forget that she hasn't told TC the truth yet?  She must think that once her son is found, she won't have to tell about her past.  She would have a lot of explaining to do once it's revealed that she had Julian's son.  There's another rant about Eve, but we'll get to that later.

The writers misled us again

We know by now you aren't surprised by this, but we'll rant about it anyway.  The writers chose to mislead the audience into thinking that Sheridan confronted Alistair about trying to kill and brainwash her. We didn't fall for it this time.  We knew it was another dream.  It was just a question of whose dream it was.

Antonio's repeated line of the week

Was anyone else getting sick of Antonio saying that Luis was lying to Sheridan about the evidence he had on Alistair?  We know we were sick of hearing it.  Maybe he's afraid that Luis found something on him and that's why he doesn't want Sheridan to believe Luis.

Eve said she hasn't broken her vows

Correct us if we're wrong, but isn't kissing another man breaking your marriage vows?  We're pretty sure that she wasn't told by the reverend who married her and TC that it was okay for her to kiss another man.  In case you're wondering, we thought that TC broke his vows too when he kissed Liz.

Sheridan is gullible

We have a bridge outside for Sheridan to buy.  We're lucky since she's always so confused, we could charge her anything. LOL!  Anyway, it certainly doesn't take much for her to get confused.  Alistair lied to her about the boat explosion and she believed it.  She knows that Alistair never cared about her so why would she believe Alistair's explanation?  The title of this rant explains it all.

Luis kept running his mouth

Goodness, Luis can't keep  a secret to save his life.  Why did he have to keep saying how he was going to expose the Cranes?  Was he inadvertently trying to get Alistair to leave town?  Since Alistair knew when he was going to expose the truth, it didn't take much for him to leave town.  Also, why would he say how he didn't decode all of the files yet?  What was to stop Alistair from going back to Hank's place and getting the information?

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