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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #106

4/19 - 4/23/04

What are the writers doing to Theresa

We know that the writers love to write for Theresa.  That is obvious because of all the screen time that she gets.  Anyway, we don't understand what they are doing with her.  As you all know, we don't approve of the plan that she hatched up to try and get little Ethan back.  She wants her son, but this just isn't the way.  The writers are really making Theresa go overboard with her plan.  If the writers want us to believe that Theresa is a heroine, then why are they writing her character like this?  None of the other "good" characters do this.  On Passions, the good people are always the victims of bad people's action> (Charity, Sheridan, and Grace)  Theresa has been a victim, but she has also done bad things too.  There's no need to get into all of the things she has done.  We all know what they are now.  Since the writers are trying to convince us that Gwen is the only evil one in the story, why is Theresa doing bad things too.  Apparently, we are supposed to see how evil Gwen is, but the writers are making Theresa look bad as well.  We would like to see the writers end the feud between them once and for all.  We know that they won't be friends, but you never know.

Why are there so many doctors now

This rant is an extension of the last one.  Theresa wants to steal Gwen's eggs so she can have her baby to get her son back.  Now there are suddenly so many doctors and nurses in Harmony.  As you all know, Eve has been the only doctor in Harmony for almost five years.  Now that Theresa has this plan to get little Ethan back, there are so many doctors at the hospital.  Where were all these doctors before whenever TC wanted to talk to Eve?  Every time he wanted to be with her, she was always the only doctor that was needed at the hospital.  Since Eve can clearly recognize Theresa and her plan wouldn't work, there are so many doctors at the hospital.  It's so obvious that the writers wanted Theresa's plan to go off without a hitch.

Whitney telling Gwen about Theresa's plan

Whitney is Theresa's best friend so we were surprised that she would want to tell Gwen about Theresa's plan.  Theresa's plan is just despicable so Whitney should have said something.  If she wasn't going to say anything, she shouldn't have made such a big production about it.

What's up with Antonio

He blamed Luis for why Sheridan was kissing him.  Excuse us, but Sheridan seemed very willing to kiss Luis to us.  He didn't have to twist her arm to do it.  Of course Antonio wasn't going to blame her for it.  She was clearly wrong, but he only blamed Luis.  He acts as if Luis is doing everything wrong, but Sheridan is being the dutiful wife.  Give us a break.

The writers are so cruel to Shuis fans

The writers are so mean to Shuis fans.  It's bad enough that we have to endure watching Sheridan with Antonio, but we had to watch signs of hope for them being together for nothing.  On Tuesday's episode, Shuis were actually going to reunite.  Of course if you are a fan of the show, you know that that was only a fantasy.  The writers wasted the entire episode on Luis's fantasy. There was no way that Luis could have known how Sheridan and Dr. Ackland would have reacted towards his news.  That was such a ripoff.

Theresa's reasoning for her plan

We couldn't believe what we were hearing this week.  Theresa claimed that Gwen is the reason why she decided to steal her baby.  Now we are all very much aware of what Gwen did to Theresa, but this plan is just despicable.  Theresa got on her soap box and started spouting these excuses for why she did what she did to Ethan and Gwen.  She thinks that she is justified because she is a mother and she would do anything for her child.  Isn't this the same woman who was willing to have an abortion to keep Ethan from finding out that she was pregnant?  She is also the same one who wanted to kill herself while she was pregnant with little Ethan.  She is also the same woman who tried to stop her labor so she could spend more time with Ethan.  One more thing.  She also left her son and went to California.  Now we're supposed to believe that she is a mother who would do anything for her child.  We don't doubt that she loves her son, but we don't buy her reasoning as an excuse for stealing Gwen's eggs.  We couldn't believe that she was telling Gwen how she wouldn't be able to hug her son or give him a band-aid.  Well, Gwen can't do that because she had to bury her daughter.  Theresa's son is still alive so her loss is not the same as Gwen's loss.  Guess we have been a little hard on Theresa lately and we're sorry if we angered or offended any of her fans.  We are just so upset about the plan that she is doing to get little Ethan back.

Ethan defended Theresa's actions

We are not surprised at all that he did that.  Of course he would have found a way to defend what she did.  We even knew that he was going to say that he understood why she did what she did.  He is the world's worst husband.  Every woman wants her husband to defend her enemy's actions.  Especially when they cause pain to you.  Before he realized that it was Theresa who stole Gwen's eggs, he was very angry.  Once he found out it was Theresa, he suddenly understood why she did it.  It's no wonder Gwen was ready to leave him when he did that.  No woman would want to stay with a man who obviously cares more about another woman.  He is really acting like a jerk towards Gwen.

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