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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #105

4/12 - 4/16/04

The writers insulted our intelligence

The writers really insulted our intelligence this week.  Luis had to keep talking about how he was going to get the files out of Alistair's safe and he was going to expose him.  It took him all of Monday's episode to even get the files because he kept running his mouth about the plan.  He was almost caught twice because he was taking so long to get the files.  Couldn't he have just got the files without talking?  Sheridan also gave us some unnecessary commentary.  She kept talking to herself on her way to Alistair's office.  She was constantly saying how she was going to go into his office.  Girl, you could have done that without saying anything about it.  Theresa also provided some unnecessary commentary.  She told Whitney that she is a mother and that little Ethan is her son.  Come on writers.  We are not as stupid as they think we are.  We don't need constant reminders about this stuff.

Whitney, just open your mouth already

We are really getting sick of hearing Whitney go on and on about her mother betraying her father.  It's all she ever talks about anymore.  She definitely needs to get a life.  It's time for her to either tell TC what she knows or get over it.  She doesn't need to spend so much of her time worrying about her parents' marriage.

Little Ethan moved on fast

It was disturbing how little Ethan was able to move on so fast.  If he loves his mother, then why is he already calling Gwen "Mommy?"  Does he really miss her as he claims he does?

Luis really messed up

He left Alistair's safe open.  Of all the stupid things to do, he chooses to leave it open.  Who would do something so stupid?  Oh, right, we're talking about Luis.  Alistair wouldn't have known that his stuff was even missing if he didn't leave his safe open.  What an idiot!

Ethan, just tell Theresa what you're doing

Why couldn't Ethan just tell Theresa that he was helping her?  That would make more sense than having her think that he doesn't care about her.  He could have told her how he was going to give her son back to her as soon as he can.  She could have pretended to be unhappy about it.

The inevitable problem with the surrogacy storyline

It was so obvious that the writers were foreshadowing that something was going to go wrong with the surrogate that Ethan and Gwen are using.  Ethan and Gwen were getting too happy about it so you knew something was going to go wrong.  The writers must really enjoy having Gwen suffer.  If not, then she would have been able to have Sarah. 

Fox is working our nerves a lot lately

We know that Fox's fans are not going to like this rant, but he is really getting on our nerves.  First, he didn't even want to help Theresa get her son back.  Then, he made sure that she got caught by Rebecca when she tried to kidnap little Ethan.  He also kept butting in Rebecca's conversation with Theresa when she was offering her the bribe to leave Harmony.  We would have liked that scene much better if Fox wasn't in them.  We really don't like what the writers have done with his character lately.

Julian should be more worried than he is

He was laughing so hard at the idea that Alistair was going to go to jail as if he wouldn't be sitting right beside him.  We get that the writers want us to suddenly forget all of the bad things that he has done, but he could have been a little worried.  There is apparently enough info to guarantee that he can go to jail for a long time.  Eve won't want him anymore when she finds out what he has done.  Maybe he should be a little scared.

Alistair is not as smart as he thinks

Alistair proved that he is not that smart.  First, he was stupid enough to leave his cds in his safe when he knew that Luis was ready to destroy him.  Then, he gets conned by a waitress who stole his key so Luis could get into the safe.  He also believed that Luis would have given the cds back to him.  Did he really think that he would just give them back to him?

Gwen constantly talking about Theresa

We don't understand why Gwen always has to mention Theresa when she's talking to Ethan.  It's as if she's obsessed with her.  You would think that Theresa would be the last thing on her mind.  If she wants to forget about Theresa, the way she tells Ethan that she does, why does she have to bring her up every five minutes?

Theresa's plan (Long rant)

We were just so disgusted by this particular plan.  Theresa's fans may love this plan, but we don't like it at all.  For those of you who missed it this week, here's a brief explanation.  Fox, Theresa, Whitney, and Chad decided to go to church out of the blue.  Once they were there, Theresa looked at a statue and decided how she was going to get her son back.  She thought of this in church of all places.  Guess she isn't as religious as she thinks.  Naturally, the writers will come up with some excuse for her actions to try and justify her behavior.  They always do that when Theresa is concerned, but this time they can't use that excuse that she wasn't thinking.  We all know that she actually took the time to think about this plan before she acted on it.  Anyway, she decided that she was going to be Ethan and Gwen's surrogate.  That's just crazy right? 

First of all, the woman who agreed to do it probably needed the money.  We know that she said that she wanted to let someone else be happy by being a surrogate mother, but she wasn't going to say that she is only doing it for the money.  Theresa didn't think about that at all.  Second, she doesn't know that Gwen would even give her back her son.  What if Gwen decides that she doesn't want the child if Theresa has it?  She is still young enough to try again with another surrogate.  She also has the money to try again.  We really don't like this plan of hers.  Now we know that Gwen has it coming for taking Theresa's child, but this is not the way to get her revenge.  She could have tried something else. 

We also don't like how easy the writers have made it for her to go through with her plan.  For example, Eve left a not saying that she was going to meet Ethan and Gwen's surrogate.  Why would she do something like that?  She probably never leaves that type of information around like that.  Theresa was also able to find the surrogate at the hospital.  She could have been anyone, but she knew exactly where to find her.  It's not as if there was a sign posted anywhere that said that Heather was the surrogate. Another way Theresa could accomplish her plan was the doctor who was going to inject her with Gwen's eggs.  Eve was supposed to be the one to do it, but Theresa's plan wouldn't work that way.  Eve would have recognized her.  The writers couldn't have that so insert another doctor.  Apparently this doctor has never watched television or picked up a newspaper because she should have recognized Theresa.  She has been in the paper and on TV a few times so she should have recognized her, but she didn't.  What a lucky break for Theresa.  We are so sorry that this rant is so long, but we had a lot to say about this. LOL!

As we said, we don't condone Gwen's actions in anyway.  She shouldn't have taken Theresa's child, but Theresa isn't right either.

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