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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #104

4/5 - 4/9/04

Ethan's plan

It's a safe assumption that this is going to be a constant rant for us.  Once again Ethan was talking about his plan on giving little Ethan back to Theresa.  Since Gwen wants to adopt him, what makes him think that Gwen will just give him up?  That makes absolutely no sense at all.  Gwen will be furious with him, but since he wants Theresa to be happy, he doesn't care about Gwen's feelings.  Maybe he thinks that Theresa won't hate him anymore if he gives him back to her.  It's also so obvious that he still loves her, but he is masquerading his intentions as helping little Ethan.  If that was true, then he should have been willing to adopt him so that Rebecca wouldn't harm him and not so he could give little Ethan back to Theresa.

Beth helping Alistair's plan

Beth would deserve it if Alistair turned against her.  She shouldn't be so willing to help him get Luis.  The only thing her helping Alistair is going to accomplish is that Luis might get killed.  What makes her think that Alistair would let Luis live after he finds out what he is doing to him?  He never promised her that he wouldn't kill Luis.  Even if he did, she would be a fool to believe him.  Look what he does to his own children so of course he would want to destroy Luis.

Why Rebecca, why?

Why on earth does Rebecca want Gwen to be with a man like Ethan?  He is a terrible husband to her, but Rebecca thinks that Gwen should stay with him.  Doesn't she want Gwen to be happy? If so, then she would suggest that Gwen leave Ethan for what he has done to her.

Luis, get a clue

Luis's stupidity knows no limits.  He saw Beth on the phone and he confronted her about it.  Beth told him the dumbest lie possible.  Let's back up a little.  Luis snatched the phone from Beth while she was talking to Alistair.  That was rude by the way.  Luis demanded that the person say who he/she was.  Naturally, Alistair didn't say anything and he hung up the phone.  Then Luis confronted Beth.  Now, you all are caught up.  Anyway, she told him she was calling the pharmacy about Edna's prescription, but she ended up talking to a telemarketer.  She was fidgeting and struggling to come up with her lie, and Luis believed her.  What makes it so bad is that he looked as if he didn't believe her, but he said he did.  Well Luis, you have your title back again.  You are one of the dumbest men in Harmony.

Sheridan is no friend to Gwen

Sheridan proved this week that she is no true friend to Gwen.  She helped bail Theresa out of jail.  She knows how much Gwen hates her, but she helped her anyway.  We know that Sheridan is her sister-in-law, but she is supposed to be Gwen's best friend.  She really proved that didn't she?  That is so wrong.  We think that she should have stayed out of it.  Sheridan shouldn't have gone behind Gwen's back and bailed Theresa out of jail.  If Theresa didn't try to kidnap little Ethan in the first place, she wouldn't have been arrested.  She made her bed so she should have lied in it.  All Sheridan did, besides betray her best friend, was let Theresa think that her behavior was okay.  Gwen wouldn't have done that to her. 

Julian should throw Ethan out

Ethan must have forgotten that he lives in Julian's house.  He was being so disrespectful to him this week.  Ethan had the nerve to be so judgmental because Julian had another child.  Ethan didn't mind that when Julian said that Theresa should have her son.  Then Ethan thought that he had a heart and decided to confide in him about his plan for little Ethan.  Excuse us, but he is the one that is lying to his wife so he has no right to judge Julian.  If Julian were smart, he would throw Ethan out of his house.

Sheridan, will you just look into Luis's eyes?

She claims to have a connection to Luis, but she was right in front of him and she didn't know him.  He looks the same even though he is wearing a lot of makeup.  When he danced with her in Bermuda, she was drawn to him because of his eyes.  They were both wearing masks at the time.  Fast forward a couple of years and she can't tell it's Luis in disguise.  She looked directly into his eyes, and she still couldn't tell the difference.  Talk about a selective connection.

Eve did it again

She knows that she keeps getting caught with Julian so what does she do?  She kisses him again.  They were in a barn because she got them into a car accident.  Then she doesn't want TC to come help her because she doesn't want him to find her with Julian.  Can you believe that?  Her husband was worried that she could have been hurt and she was only worried that he would catch her with Julian.  Julian and Eve conveniently found a barn to wait in until the tow truck came to help her.  Of course Julian was going to take total advantage of the situation and he tried to kiss her.  She backed away a couple of times, but then she inexplicably kissed him.  She claimed that she wasn't going to betray TC so naturally, she kissed Julian.  Surprise, surprise, Whitney and Chad saw them kissing.  In case you aren't sure what happened, we'll back up a little.  TC, Chad, and Whitney went out to look for Eve.  Eve didn't want him to look for her because she with Julian.  The three of them ended up looking anyway.  They eventually found her car, but Eve wasn't in it.  She was in the barn with Julian.  Whitney and Chad did find the barn and they saw Eve and Julian kissing each other.  That was so stupid of Eve because she knew the risk of her actions.  She obviously doesn't care what they think about her.  Hopefully, the kiss she had with Julian was worth what's going to happen to her.

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