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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #103

3/29 - 4/2/04

Ethan trying to be Theresa's hero

We are getting so sick and tired of Ethan going overboard trying to help Theresa. He completely forgets that he promised Gwen that he wouldn't put Theresa's needs before her, but he did it anyway.  What made him think that he would just swoop in and help Theresa without Gwen being upset about it?  No matter what he does, Theresa is still going to blame him for what she thinks he's done to her.  That brings us to our next rant:

Fox and Theresa blamed Ethan for what happened to her

Now if we understand it correctly, Theresa was the one that threatened Gwen and ended up losing permanent custody of her son.  If that wasn't enough, she decided to kidnap little Ethan so that she can be with her son.  Are you with us so far?  She got arrested for that the way she should have been, but she had the nerve to blame Ethan for everything.  Fox also blamed Ethan for what happened to her too.  Excuse us, but Theresa was the one that tried to kidnap the boy so it's her fault.  She totally forgot how Ethan was trying to defend her to Rebecca, but Gwen was rightfully upset.  Fox didn't even do anything to help her, but she still blamed Ethan anyway.  Fox was even worse.  He knew that he didn't help Theresa either, but that didn't stop him from playing the blame game too.  When did he become so high and mighty?

Chadney's relationship is being built up again

The writers have pretty much downplayed Chad and Whitney's relationship until now.  Now that Chad and Whitney are possibly brother and sister, the writers decided to focus on the sexual part of their relationship.  The two of them haven't been intimate like that at all since Chad has been back, but now that the writers are picking up on Eve and Julian's missing child again, we are going to keep seeing Chad and Whitney sleeping with each other.

Tabitha is so useless

The woman hasn't had anything to do at all since Timmy died.  Actually, she didn't have a story before he died.  Now all she ever does is listen to Kay's constant whining.  Kay was supposed to be Tabitha's sidekick, but it has been the other way around.  She has been helping Kay and that's it.  Even when the writers made her pregnant with Endora, that ended up being a waste.  Having Endora didn't give her anymore to do.  Endora has all of the powers and Tabitha doesn't have any.  It's time for Tabitha to get something more to do, or for the writers to write her off the show.

Fox and Theresa's scenes

It could just be us, but Fox and Theresa's scenes were just boring this week.  We must be the only people that don't care for the Theresa and Fox pairing.  We don't like how the writers are trying to rewrite their rebound relationship into a "love" story.  Both characters were more interesting before they got together in our opinion.  Theresa isn't so bad without Fox, but once she was alone with him at the police station, her scenes were boring.  We are not enjoying watching Fox do nothing more than justify Theresa's actions.  It's also getting annoying watching him constantly kissing all over Theresa.  Don't misunderstand, we are not jealous at all.  We are just tired of seeing Justin and Lindsay making googly eyes at each other.  The writers should not have made them a couple just yet.  Why couldn't they remain friends?  There is a reason why real-life couples choose not to work together too much?  They are on the same show.  Why isn't that enough?  Remember when Fox was in love with Whitney?  Why didn't the writers keep that up?  He was more interesting then. 

Theresa blew it again

Once again Theresa is her own worst enemy.  She had just told Woody that she wouldn't have any outburst so the judge would reconsider making her stay in jail.  What did she do?  She had another outburst when she saw Ethan.  She slapped him and yelled at him.  Ethan, Eve, and Woody all tried to get her to calm down, but she wouldn't listen to them.  She overreacted anyway, and she got caught again.  The judge witnessed the whole thing.  He didn't even want to hear what Woody had to say in Theresa's defense.  We can't say that we are really surprised by that because she brought it on herself.  She knew that her behavior got her in trouble before, but she didn't care.  If she loves her son the way she claims, she would stop acting this way.  She's making Rebecca's plan seem effortless.  As long as she acts that way, Rebecca won't have to do much to seek her revenge.

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