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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #102

3/22 - 3/26/04

Beth was born under a good sign

Once again Beth was saved.  Pilar confronted her about not wanting Sheridan to see the baby.  If you're a die-hard Passions fans, then you knew that nothing was going to come of that.  Pilar ended up apologizing to her.  Pilar assumed that the way Sheridan felt about the baby was why Beth didn't want her to see him.  We should all be that lucky.

Everyone should have a best friend like Simone

We are really getting tired of her self righteous attitude towards Kay.  Now, Kay brought everything she has to go through on herself, but Simone is supposed to be her best friend.  You would never know that because of the way she judges her.  A best friend is supposed to support you and be there for you, not constantly judge you and put you down like that.  Simone doesn't even have any proof that Kay did trick Miguel into bed by pretending to be Charity, but she accuses her of it anyway.  We know what Kay did, but she doesn't know that.  It's a real head scratcher as to why Kay even stays friends with Simone.

Charity, will you just spit it out

Charity was never told that she couldn't tell anyone about the deal she made with Death so she could have confided in Sam and told him about the deal.  She only has herself to blame for why she is miserable.  It's not as if Kay has given her any reason to sacrifice her happiness to save Kay's baby.  Charity claims that no one can help her, but how does she know that if she doesn't tell anyone the problem?

Ethan and Theresa want it both ways

Since their problems are similar, we wanted to put them together.  Let's start with Ethan.  He claims to want to be a good husband to Gwen, but he still wants to help Theresa.  He knows how Gwen feels about Theresa so why does he want to help her?  If he wants to be a good husband, why does he insist on doing this behind Gwen's back?  That's not right.  He also expects Theresa to know that he's helping her get her son back.  She has no way of knowing that he is footing the bill for her so as far as she's concerned, he turned his back on her.  He should just be honest with the both of them instead of doing things behind their backs.

No on to Theresa.  She has the nerve not to let Julian have a role in little Ethan's life, but now that she's lost him, she expects him to help her.  What nerve, right?  She wouldn't let him see the boy, but she had the gall to ask him for help.  Even if Rebecca weren't blackmailing him, he should still refuse to help her.  As soon as he told her no, she turned on him like a dog.  It's a good thing he didn't help her.

Theresa's outbursts

She messed up again.  She knew that the judge was dying to snatch her son from her and she gave him exactly what he wanted.  She freaked out when she heard Gwen say that she wanted to adopt little Ethan.  She even threatened to kill her twice and the judge heard her.  Naturally, Ethan, Woody, and Fox were going to try and defend her actions and say that she didn't know what she was doing.  She just lost her son.  Puh-leez.  Let's rewind to a few months ago okay?  Didn't Theresa say that she would raise Gwen's baby if Ethan chose to let their baby live instead of Gwen?  She said that she would help Ethan raise her child and she would treat the baby as if she were her own.  Now that Gwen wants to raise Theresa's son, she is wrong and she deserved to die.  What a complete hypocrite.

Whitney's attitude

She didn't have to be so rude to Eve when she was only trying to help her best friend.  Did you all notice how she kept rolling her eyes every time Eve spoke?  She was really acting like a baby.  We get that she is upset about what she thinks Eve is doing to her father, but that doesn't give her the right to act that way.  Eve didn't have to let Theresa stay with them if she didn't want to.  Whitney really needs to stop acting as if she's so high and mighty and talk to Eve about what she saw between her and Julian.


What has happened to Fox?  He used to have a purpose on the show before he got together with Theresa, but now he has been reduced to only being scenery.  We read on one of the forums how Justin Hartley (Fox) wanted his character to be with Lindsay and now he has been reduced to this.  At least when he was interested in Whitney, he had a storyline.  He was more interesting because he was scheming to keep Chadney apart.  Now that he is suddenly in love with Theresa, he is only on to be a cheerleader for Theresa.  Hopefully, this is what Justin wanted because he has it now.  If he wanted to just be with Theresa so he can have very little to do, he got exactly what he wanted.  His character is no different from Ethan and they weren't alike at first.

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