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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #101

3/15 - 3/19/04

Julian's "noble" intentions

We don't think that Julian is really being as noble as he seems.  If he wanted Eve to be happy, then he should stay away from her.  Of course, he's not doing that.  Maybe he wants Eve to get caught with him so he can have her all to himself.  That doesn't sound so noble to us at all.

Theresa's role in the tabloid storyline

Theresa really downplayed her role during the reveal of Ethan's paternity.  She blamed Rebecca and Gwen and she didn't have any proof that they did anything, but she blamed them anyway.  She forgot that she was the one who scanned the papers in her computer so if she didn't do that, then they wouldn't have been able to get the info.

Theresa guilted Fox into sleeping with her

This is STRICTLY our opinion, but we think that Theresa used guilt to get Fox to have sex with her.  We know that Therox fans might have enjoyed that, but it was too soon in our opinion.  They have only been on two dates (Harmony time) and they already had sex.  They were just talking about her feelings for Ethan, and then she decided that it was suddenly time for Fox to spend the night with her.  When he tried to be a gentleman and refused, she brought up how scared she's been since she lost little Ethan.  Naturally he decided to stay, but only as a friend.  You knew that wasn't going to last.  When he tried to go to sleep, she asked him to kiss her one last time.  You know what happened after that.  They had sex.  There was no buildup or anything.  They were kissing in one scene and done the next.  Wow, that was really special right?

Eve should change her name to "Lucky"

This woman needs to change her name quickly because she is always getting away with what she does.  Monday was a perfect example of why she should change her name.  She kissed Julian again, and TC was about to walk into the room Julian didn't want to hide because he thought it was time for TC to learn the truth (please).  Then when TC barged into the room, Julian was hiding.  What a surprise!

Gwen used Sarah as a tool

That was sad.  She used Sarah to guilt Ethan into adopting a son.  She knew how painful it was to lose her so why would she use her dead child as a way to push her plan?  It's times like this that make it hard to see things from her perspective.  It's no wonder we are so two-sided about Theresa and Gwen.

Charity's bad at being bad

No offense to Molly Stanton (Charity), but her acting is really bad lately.  She is not convincing as a bad girl.  Her acting is really phony.  She isn't going to be a good person and then become extremely bad overnight.  Also, it's not hard for her to run circles around Danica Stewart (Jessica) because she is the worst actress on the show in our opinion, but she is still unconvincing as bad Charity to us.  Hopefully that will change.

Sheridan's selective memory loss

Sheridan remembers her relationship with Luis, but she doesn't remember that she is still in love with him.  What kind of drug did Dr. Ackland give Sheridan?

Eve's no friend to Grace

She should feel like dirt every time she talks to Grace.  She knows that she could put Grace out of her misery if she would just open her mouth.  She would much rather see her best friend suffer than have her secret exposed.

Is Sheridan really this naive?

Sheridan proved this week that she is either very naive or very stupid.  It's still up in the air for us.  Beth told her the craziest lie (Thursday's episode), and she believed it.  Let's back up a little.  Sheridan clearly overheard Beth say that she kidnapped her baby and she actually confronted her about it.  Then Beth came up with a stupid reason for why she said it.  She said it was just a figure of speech.  Beth had so much trouble getting the words out, but Sheridan still believed it.

Sheridan, the matchmaker

Okay, we know we're ranting a lot about Sheridan this week, so we may as well continue right?  LOL! Well, now we are ranting about her need to play matchmaker for Luis.  Who did she think she was?  Luis never asked her to do that for him.  Just because Beth is obsessed with Luis that doesn't mean that he wants to be with her.  Pushing Beth onto Luis like that isn't going to change the way that Sheridan broke his heart by choosing Antonio again.

Antonio is getting on our nerves

Now that Antonio is being the smug one since Sheridan chose him over Luis, he is getting on our nerves again.  We were tired of Luis's smugness and now is no different.  It was the same thing with Antonio.  We don't like how smug he was being either.  We are looking forward to the day when Sheridan comes to her sense and goes back to Luis.  That way Antonio can see them together and he will know how Luis feels when he has to see them together.

Theresa's outburst

Why couldn't she just listen to what Rebecca was saying in court?  All she did was make the judge see that she is unstable.  She would deserve it if she lost little Ethan.  We know that Rebecca was lying, but she shouldn't have said anything.

There were two more letdowns this week

Julian was wrong about why Alistair gave Chad money.  We weren't surprised by that at all.  He thought Alistair wanted to make Eve upset.  He's not too bright is he?  He flashed back to when it was foreshadowed that Chad could be his son, yet he didn't get the connection.

Another letdown of course has to do with Beth again.  Once again she was caught talking about Sheridan with Edna.  This time it was by Pilar.  Naturally, she only thought they were arguing and nothing else.  That was such a waste.  Would it really be that hard for the writers to have these characters be a little smarter than they are?

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