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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #100

3/8 - 3/12/04

We wanted to try and do things a little differently this week.  We hope you like it.


She was willing to just walk away from her family to be with Julian.  She has had 25 years to get over him, but she just insists on seeing him.  She keeps risking getting caught with him.

Eve will obviously never be responsible for her actions.  Someone always comes to her rescue so she doesn't have to worry about every explaining herself.  When Sam and TC clearly asked her what she was doing outside with Julian, she didn't answer them.  Julian had to do it.  Here's a shocker, TC asked her if she was seeing Julian, but she didn't answer him.  She just kept saying that she loved TC.  Lucky for her TC is so clueless.

She is also a terrible doctor.  She saw that Julian was hurt, but she didn't go to help him.  She let TC bully her out of helping him.  She should have reminded him that she's a doctor and she's supposed to help people.  She just stood there crying instead.  She didn't even want to go get help.


She is just so despicable.  We all get that she hates Eve, but her plan to get back at Eve is wrong.  She is willing to see her own niece get hooked on drugs just to make Eve suffer.  Also, her plan might have blown up in her face when TC almost got arrested for attacking Julian.  If she didn't send him outside so he could see Eve with Julian, then that wouldn't have happened.

Another thing that was bothering us about Liz this week (as well as other weeks LOL!) is the endless commentary that she was providing for us.  We are not that stupid that she has to keep reminding us about what is happening to Eve.  That is so irritating.

Did anyone else want to slap her when she lured TC over to Eve when George was talking to her?  She was just too smug that we wish that Eve could have smacked her.


We are sick of what she keeps doing to Luis.  One minute she is telling him that she remembers everything and the next, she says that she doesn't remember being in love with him.  This constant back and forth with her is such a slap in the face to Shuis fans (us included).  The only thing that Sheridan is going to accomplish is pushing Luis away for good.  She is also going to break Antonio's heart as well.  She keeps talking about how much she loves Antonio, but when she ever comes to her senses and goes back to Luis, he is going to be heartbroken.

The only thing Sheridan's indecision is going to accomplish is putting a further wedge between Luis and Antonio.  They finally made up, but thanks to their love for Sheridan, they hate each other again.


They kept fighting over Sheridan as if she was a toy.  They refused to listen to reason when people tried to get them to stop fighting.  We didn't realize that Sheridan was so great that they would have to kill each other to be with her.  They were acting like children.


We didn't like the way that Theresa came between Fox and Whitney while they were singing together.  She had no problem clinging on to Ethan until Gwen went on stage.  She also didn't care that Whitney was dancing with Fox until then either.  That was so disgusting.  She acted as if Whitney was trying to steal him from her.

George (the fan from Boston)

He was so useless this week.  It took him two days to even see Eve at the Blue Note.  He also couldn't remember her name while he was talking to TC.  Of course he saw Eve once TC left the bar.  Then he suddenly remembered her name.

Passions Nitpick

Gwen and Theresa were talking to each other.  We're not sure if you all noticed this but on Thursday's episode, they were talking to each other in the background of Liz's scenes at the Blue Note.  This happened when they were all finished singing.  Liz was talking to George at the bar and you can clearly see them talking to each other.  That was weird to us because they are supposed to hate each other.


It was okay for Whitney to lie again, but she was mad at Eve for lying to her.  She didn't tell Chad how she had feelings for Fox, but she is ready to write off her mother because she didn't tell why she is always with Eve.  It helps how Whitney is so unforgiving (the way she reacted toward Chad when she found out about LaToya) that Eve may not have wanted to confide in her.

Eve's secret was exposed?

If you thought that that actually happened, then you can't be a long time fan of the show. LOL! Just kidding.  George really ended up being a complete waste.  What was the point of getting everyone's hopes up for her secret to come out if it's never going to happen?  Of course Eve was bailed out again.  Rebecca even bailed her out by knocking George out when he was about to provide TC proof that Eve had a past with Julian.  This is really confusing us as to whether Eve is a good character or a bad character.  Only the bad characters on the show don't get caught (Alistair, Rebecca, and Beth), so Eve could easily be a bad character.  She even looked relieved when Rebecca of all people hit George to save her neck.  She should have been more worried than that.  Wasn't it something how Rebecca was able to knock George out with one punch but TC couldn't knock him out with more than one hit?

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