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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #9

By Shirley

 3/17 - 3/21/03

This week was truncated due to world events, so there's not a whole lot to opine about, but you know me. Never at a loss for ways to complain! This week started where it left off last week - everyone making veiled comments about their situations, but nothing concrete to go on. Julian and Rebecca were still laughing and smirking about The Information they had on Theresa that would get rid of her forever, Sheridan and Luis trying to decide how/whether to tell Antonio the truth, Beth trying to keep them apart, and the Russell's lives in an uproar. True, we only had three days to work on these problems this week, and we can't know at this point what might have been revealed in those last two days, but you really think the writers would have ended these things that quickly? Come on, get real!! Here's what I think: we probably would have gotten to the point where Bruce was ready to start explaining and been left hanging over the weekend along with his lower jaw. I have never seen a show so slow to get anything out.

As for Sheridan and Luis, when we last saw them, Sheridan had just been informed she is pregnant, Luis looked like he had seen a ghost, and Antonio had that stupid grin on his face that says "I know exactly what this means!" when he actually couldn't be further from the truth. The man hasn't touched her many months?...and he actually believes it could be his child? And Luis...what is wrong with you, dude? You and Sheridan have been dancing the horizontal tango every chance you got during those same months, and you look as if you are wondering, too. Didn't either of you take advantage of your high school's sex ed class? Sheridan just looked shocked. I can't wait to hear what she thinks. Or, maybe I really don't want to know. What I do want is for those two to tell Antonio the truth at looooong last. I have seriously begun asking myself if I really want to keep putting myself through all this any longer. It seems to be time to drop this show, for self-preservation.

Now we come to the Russell's. Eve and Liz are still arguing over who would be a better mother and wife. My question is: who in their right mind would WANT to be married to TC? The man is a bully, a tyrant, a numbskull, and so immature it's amazing he's made it this far through life. Why on earth are they arguing over him? Now the girls, ok. I can see wanting to be their mother, but that's as far as it goes. Eve, let Liz have TC. It would serve her right. Just make sure they have nothing more to do with your girls, so no further damage can be done to them. I did enjoy the flashbacks of Eve's family, up until the point where Mom had to go drag Eve out of the honky tonk and got boo'd and had drinks thrown on her. Then the story took a turn through the twilight zone, in my opinion. Mom's family turned their back on her for that? What the heck? How in the name of all that's decent could that happen to a family that was so close that they got together every Sunday after church for a big, happy, family dinner? That is so stupid it's painful to think about. The writers, again, took something that started out to be interesting and entertaining and trashed it in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, TC is out back complaining to Sam about Whitney missing the tennis match and what a horrible mother Eve is (funny how that changed so suddenly. Remember when he could do nothing but talk about what a perfect wife, mother, doctor, etc. Eve was?) and how if he ever sees Chad again he'll kill him. Ho-hum. TC wants to kill someone. Again. The last we saw of them, Chad was climbing the trellis to Whitney's room, right under TC's nose. I wonder if he made it or not? Or is he now lying dead in TC's shed along with....whatever the heck else it is he has in there? Well, maybe we'll find out next week. I certainly hope they will let the shows go on. As I sit here on Saturday filing this opinion, all the kids shows and sports are on as usual. I wonder why they only find it necessary to pre-empt the soaps? Hmmmm. Well, hopefully they will return on Monday, and we will learn the answers to all these questions then. But......don't hold you breath. Remember, we still don't know what's in the shed. But then, if they continue to pre-empt them, maybe I will be weaned from this show and won't even be interested any longer when they decide to put it back on. Hmmmmm.

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