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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #8

By Shirley

3/10 - 3/14/03

Well, this week left me banging my head against the wall, chanting "I know exactly....I know exactly.....I know exactly....." over and over again. How could Antonio possibly not know what Luis was talking about? A man and woman in love, engaged, couldn't marry, went on their honeymoon anyway, woman and man thought they had lost each other forever, got together with others, finally found each other.... how did he not recognize their story as his? Oh, Lord, when are the writers going to give him a brain? I knew when Sheridan was telling him about her and Luis and Antonio collapsed that it was a dream. Everyone did, I think. Ok, another dream, another "Oh, what can I do", just another day on Passions. But then another decision to tell him, only to have him totally misunderstand...and you know every time he says "I know exactly" that he really doesn't, don't you? I'm not letting any secrets out of the bag, here. And the previews showed Sheridan saying "Now we can never tell him the truth." !! Please, give me a break!!!

Again, we had TC on the warpath. He really overdoes everything, doesn't he? Simone comes running to Daddy to get Whitney in trouble because she actually loves someone, and TC goes after Chad like a wild man. Good Lord, she is an adult now. She has a right to make her own decisions. Try to tell him that, though. Simone is a real chip off the old block, isn't she? How many times did Chad and Whitney tell her he never loved her, he had always loved Whitney, yet she continues to say he's lying and Whitney seduced him away from her. And TC won't even hear that Whitney loves Chad and has since he came to town. She has to only want tennis, and if she let Chad sleep with her, it was him trying to marry a doctor's daughter!!! HUH??? I thought I was going to croak when he said that. And the next day he is still yelling at Eve and blaming her for the whole thing. I swear, if I were Eve I would knock him on his backside and tell him to get a life. And the same with Liz. She is soooo pathetic. The one bright spot in this story is that Whitney is at last exhibiting signs of her pregnancy, and we all knew she was the fourth baby's mother, didn't we?

Speaking of baby's, are there now five, or six? Does anyone know? There seemed to be so many babies running around Tabby's house it was hard to tell. The fifth one will be Sheridan's, I'm sure, and Antonio will assume it's his, even though they haven't been together since....well, ages ago. I think that's the only thing that makes sense, because it really upset Tabitha to see who the mother was, and if Luis and Sheridan had a baby it would throw a monkey wrench into her plan to keep them apart forever. The sixth one, if there is a sixth, is a total mystery to me. What on earth do Egyptians, pyramids, and sugar have to do with anything? It's a sugar baby, she said. Does that mean it melts away easily, as in it will be miscarried? Or like a Sugar Daddy, will it mean lots of money for the mother? And how will it cause pain for Harmony? I'm so confused. I really wish they would deal with the myriad of issues still unresolved on this show before bringing in more.

Well, we finally have an idea of what Julian will use to get rid of Theresa. They aren't really married. Oh really. Wasn't that thoroughly investigated by Ethan and others when they decided she most certainly was his wife, legally? What goes on here? This is really getting interesting, though. It is a new wrinkle, and can add so many facets to this story. Ethan seems to be really concerned about her and what will happen to her, while Gwen seems to be quite happy about it. I wonder what that will mean to their marriage? Lots of tension, I hope. And Fox is showing more and more that he really cares for her, too. Ooooohh, brother against brother. Yum!! And how will Miss Theresa fight back? Oh, there is no doubt she will, one way or the other. And she will win, somehow. I hope Alistair sticks up for her and keeps her on at Crane Industries. That would really burn Julian's buns, wouldn't it? Oh, I am really liking this story right now.

All in all, a very up and down week. Good parts, rotten parts, fresh takes on some things, same old same old on others. I would give this week a C+. It's a little better than average, but not up to the B level yet, and nowhere near an A. Keep working on it, guys. You're going in the right direction with some of it. Keep going and you'll get there yet!!

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