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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #7

By Shirley

3/3 - 3/7/03

Hey, Passions faithful, we may actually be seeing some movement this week A triangle was uncovered, maybe two, some potentially harmful information was delivered, and our resident psycho is getting wackier by the minute. Red Banner week for Passions? Let's see.

We started the week with the latest installment of The Perils of Shuis, having them trapped in the cottage which Beth had set on fire in an attempt to kill them both. This girl is really getting waaaay out there, isn't she? She poured gas on the cottage, knowing Luis and Sheridan were inside, reuniting once again, and threw a lit match on top. The fire was a little weak, actually, but it seemed to be enough to knock all sense out of our erstwhile heroes. I kept wondering why Luis didn't just grab Sheridan and run out the door when he got it opened. They could have run through those measly flames easily, as Fox proved when he dove through the window to save them after the fire really got a start. (And wasn't he heroic? Gorgeous, intelligent, and nerves of steel, too. What a man!!) Then I wondered why they wasted time yelling back and forth about how they would get out instead of picking up one of their many phones and dialing 911 for help. Then I remembered they were in the kitchen, by the back door, and that was the only place that was on fire, so why didn't they just go through to the living room and out the front door? Instead of doing any of these things that made sense, they hung out in the kitchen yelling until the roof beam caved in and trapped Sheridan. And did you see the size of that beam? What kind of cottage is that? That beam was more suited to a European Castle. It was gigantic!!! Ok, I know. Picky, picky. Anyway, Shuis was finally rescued by Fox, of course, and Sheridan went to the hospital to be checked out. Antonio found out she was there and demanded they put a bed for her in his room, which they did. (Would this work in any other hospital?) She went for blood work, Luis beat her there and they got in some smooching before the lab tech. arrived. Antonio was almost walking in on them when the nurse made him go back to bed and gave him a sedative. When Shuis went to the room, they found Antonio sleeping like a baby, so they climbed into her bed, closing the curtain between them and Tony boy.. Of course, he woke up, looked over, and saw shadows on the curtain........did they ever show what he saw, and what he thought it was? Well, I guess we'll find out Monday. I'm sure he'll have some dumb explanation for what he saw. ("I know exactly what was going on. My baby brother was just adjusting the sheets on my beautiful wife's bed so she would sleep more comfortably.") Sheesh!!!

TC and Eve finally had their time together, and made the most of it, until the club called and told TC that Whitney was seeded low for the tournament coming up. Of course, he had to stop making love to his wife and try to come up with a plan to get her a better seed. (Excuse me, but isn't this the same TC who has been whining for a few weeks that he never gets to be with Eve?) Then Liz came in being a doof, and Simone, fresh from her set-to with....Chitney?.....Whad?..... whatever they call this duo, came in and started trashing Whitney's room. Oh, what a wonderful scene the discovery by Simone was. She walks in, expecting to be ravaged by "her boyfriend", only to find him occupied with her sister!! She went ballistic!! She called Whit every name in the book, slapped her, screamed, yelled, and wouldn't listen to a thing they said to her. They finally told her they had been in love for a year, and Chad had only let her think he was her boyfriend, but he really wasn't. Not my favorite scene of the day, but at least the truth is out. Well, sort of. Even from the horse's mouth this girl won't try to believe he never loved her! I can't wait to see what TC does when he finds out. Well, we know what he'll do. It is TC after all.

Rebecca and Julian took the million dollars to the guy who had the goods on Theresa, and he pulled a gun on Julian! Seems he used to work for Julian, and he was a whistle blower as to the way Alistair and Julian ran their business. He gave them what they wanted, finally, but later, talking with Liz, he said he had come to Harmony to get back at the Cranes, so I am wondering if the information he gave them is on the up and up. I hope not. I like Theresa as the Queen of the Mansion, and I love the discomfort she brings to Julian, Rebecca, Ivy, and Gwen. And I'd like to see Rebecca taken down a peg or two. I'm still wondering what the dirt is, but since it seemingly came from the Bahamas I think it could relate to their marital status, or whether they actually did the deed and Lil Ethan is his or Big Ethan's. I prefer the latter, especially since they supposedly checked all the legal angles of their marriage and found everything to be on the up and up. Again, tune in next week.

Kay and Tabby again stole the show, in my opinion. They work so well together, and seem to be developing a kind of affection for each other. And the new baby....what on earth is that about? I have my thoughts about who the mother-to-be might be, but you'll have to go check the predictions to find that out. I will only say that it sounds like it is going to be a blessing to the parents, since Tabby says it will mess up her plans for pain and sorrow for Harmony. I loved her bald look, and how she fell to pieces. A little hokey, but funny, none the less. And Kay's reaction was priceless. Deanna is such a good actress. She never ceases to amaze me. A close second in the show-stealing department was Mom Wallace's hilarious drop and wiggle, nose-pecking attempted call to 911! She is really a hoot, isn't she? Great acting on Kathleen's part, too. As a matter of fact, I don't think I have one real complaint about any of the acting on this week's shows, nor on the story movement. By the way, did anyone catch the veiled references to the show's slower-than-slow story movement on Thursday's show? Rewind and listen closely. It was great. And I feel I must say the same for the show this week. (Oh, Lord, I must be sick. Anyone got a thermometer I can borrow?)

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