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Shirley's Opinion #6

By Shirley

2/24 - 2/28/03

Well, another week, another opinion. What can I say? It seems like more of the same, more or less. First and foremost: TC is still just about the stupidest person in Soapland. He still hasn't figured out, despite tons and tons of obvious hints, that Eve is Liz's "evil" older sister. Eve was about to tell him when, surprise, surprise (yawn) Liz came up with a new wrinkle. It seems she's really so angry at her sister because after she left, their dad began molesting Liz. And because Eve wasn't there to protect her, it somehow became her fault. And TC agreed!!! He decided he really wouldn't be able to forgive the sister after this, as we knew he would, and so Eve decided she really can't tell him the truth. That gave Ivy more power over her, and she gets to stay in Sam's house instead of going to the hospital. What a friend Eve is, right? She promised Grace she would get Ivy out so Grace and Sam would have privacy to kiss and make up, then stabbed her in the back. Come on, Eve, just spill it! Give TC a break, will you? The poor man is running himself silly trying to figure out who the sister is. We are totally tired of his all-to-apparent lack of cognitive powers, so just give it to him straight, would you?

Meanwhile, Simone, the Chip off The Old Blockhead, faked a lame "suicide" attempt to try to get Whitney and Chad apart, since she now knows they are in love, apparently. It worked, too. Whitney decided Simone is too unstable to accept Whitney and Chad together. The stupidity doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? Chad has decided to go to L.A. since he can't have Whitney. Hey, Chad. Dude, just tell Little Sis you ain't interested, and get together with Whitney, man. Don't run away.

Sam and Grace are busy arguing about whether Ivy is lying or not, and Ivy is loving it. She also caused Theresa to be arrested, thanks to Sam. I really wonder how Sam got his job, you know? I mean, don't you have to have some kind of real evidence of someone's possible guilt before you can arrest them? I mean you can't just flop the cuffs on someone because someone else gives a dubious account of being "attacked" and haul them off to jail. Luckily, Eve managed to turn the tables on Ivy and forced her to retract her statement of Theresa's guilt in her "attempted murder". Now if only Eve would figure out she could do the same where Sam and Grace are concerned, and get Ivy out of the house. Let this be a lesson to all of us: Truth is always the best way to go. Be straight with people in everything you do, and you won't have to worry about something you did coming back to bite you when you least expect it.

Yea, Antonio woke up!!! I think it's a yea. That remains to be seen. I had assumed his awakening would lead to Luis and Sheridan being together, but I guess not. At least not yet, and I have the most horrible feeling it won't work out that way at all. At week's end, of course, they were caught in a house burning because of Beth's arsonistic tendencies, and Antonio is still extolling the virtues of "my beautiful wife". And can you believe it? In his bid to out-stupid TC, he even managed to misunderstand what was said to him plainly while he was comatose. Sheridan kept professing her love for him???? Luis kept extolling the virtues of Beth and his undying love for her??? Good Lord!!!!! How can he hear what he wants, and not hear the rest of it? Or did he???.......Hmmmmmm. Could he be faking it? Is it possible? We shall see, I guess.

Well, as I said, Theresa dodged a bullet when Ivy recanted her accusation of her, and now has decided to change the Crane image by giving away their considerable fortune doing good works. I loved it when Fox said something like "What is it you're planning to do with my inheritance?" Not only a hottie, but a smart one!!! What more could a girl ask for? Oh, yeah. A stick-in-the-mud, "I-can't-make-up-my-mind" dullert like Ethan. Ho-hum. Come on, Theresa, get over him. He's no good for you, and he is only too willing to turn on you, so drop him and go get Foxy Fox!! I was wavering for a while, but Ethan's actions and words lately have totally turned me towards Fox. Now watch, she'll start to recognize his virtues at the same time Whitney does, and since Chad will be gone, Whitney will go for Fox and Theresa will be left by the roadside, alone. Bummer.

Tabby and Kay were wonderful again, and watching Kay trying to get her powers to work on Charity was really funny. Standing there trying to cast a spell, with her fingers flopping in the air like five little clumsy fishes-out-of-water, hoping to make her disappear or whatever....priceless. And it was something totally unlinked to spells that got him away from her - watching the first sonogram of their child. I loved the way Kay was so happy to see it, and the way she said she didn't care if it was a boy or girl. I was afraid they would have her hate the baby, or neglect and abandon it, but she really seems to love it, and I am glad for that. I think Kay is a good girl at heart who's just gotten detoured onto the wrong path for a while. Hopefully only for a while. Funny how she thinks she is only going to use her powers for good. She's so naive

All in all, just another week in Harmony, with a few bright spots here and there. Oh, and one of the brightest spots....Half-naked Hank and Luscious Luis on the basketball court and in the shower. Oh, yummy, yummy. What a way to start the week!

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