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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #5

By Shirley

2/17 - 2/21/03

Well, I'm going to change my normal style this week, and start this opinion with some words of praise. I am so impressed with the Tabitha/Kay story line I just have to speak out. We all know Juliet is a consummate actor and can hold her own with anyone, and that Deanna has been for the most part a very good newcomer. Well, putting them together this week has been a stroke of genius on someone's part. I cannot believe the Passion's people actually figured this one out, and I am somewhat afraid it may not last too long, but it is really working out well. I love them together!! Tabitha is not a very happy witch, having to put up with this upstart little girl, and Kay is still not sure she really wants to get into this "business" of witchcraft after all the things that have happened to her when she dabbled in the past. It is a somewhat uneasy partnership at this point, and that feels just right. I love the hesitation in Kay when she thinks about doing witchcraft to change things. I hope they don't have her embrace it too quickly, and that they never have her become totally comfortable with doing harm to people. I hope her hesitation might help Tabitha to begin her journey to goodness, the one we all know is coming at some point. She can't say "no" to Timmy, and he is going to turn her, hopefully with Kay's help. Long live Kabitha!!!

Ok, now back to the me we've all come to recognize. Just how stupid can TC be?? What does it take to get any information into this man's thick skull? Eve did everything but hire a dance troupe to dance behind her holding signs saying "It's me, Eve. I'm Liz's sister. It's me, really it is", and TC still kept asking who the sister was!!! I wanted to reach through the screen and slap him upside the head and scream "Wake up!" at him. I mean, there were two black ladies in the cafe: Liz and Eve. TC was looking around the place from side to side and back again asking who she was as if it never dawned on him that if Liz is black, her sister would be, too. What was he looking for? Eve said "She's right here, TC." He didn't even glance her way. His head was almost spinning in his attempt to find the horrible sister Eve was talking about. Oh, my gosh, I don't think I can handle much more of this. As the week ended, he still hadn't figured out the secret of her identity. I just keep wondering how this man has managed to dress himself every morning, and how on earth he became a coach at the high school when he can't seem to be able to find his......feet with both hands. However, I also have a bit of praise for this story. Julian was magnificent this week! The way he has decided to stand by Eve this time, come what may, just makes me love him more. When he switches to his good guy mode, he is really lovable, isn't he? It's what kept me from throwing something through the screen during these scenes.

Oh, and Hallelujah, Sheridan may actually be learning the truth about the evil Beth!! Thanks to Mrs. Wallace and her new nurse, Sheridan has heard the news. Now it remains to be seen what she does with it. The previews of next Monday's show seem to indicate she uses it well, but we shall see. It could all be a dream segment, again. I really am soooo tired of this story, though. I just want them to get it all straightened out so Shuis can be happy for a couple of months. I know I am asking for a lot, but pleeeeaaaaassssee let it happen, soon!!! I mean, really, have any of you ever known of a show where none of the couples are happy? Ever??? I have been watching soaps for a good long time now, and I have never seen anything like this. There is not one couple on this show that is happy. And it's been going on for so long now. I am so depressed after watching this show all these months that I should probably get some antidepressants from my doctor. I wonder if he would consider daily watching of unhappy couples on a soap opera as reason enough to be declared clinically depressed? Probably not, but I think I'm going to have to try it if these guys don't get these stories straightened out pretty soon. What makes it worse is they keep hinting it's going to be over this week or next week, but then it doesn't happen. It looks good, like it's really going to happen, Shuis will get back together, or Charguel will find a way around Kay (or, Kayguel will find a way around Charity), or Therethan will find each other, or she will recognize Fox is much better for her......and then it all goes back to where they were. It was just a tease by the writers to keep us watching. They are really playing us for fools. You know, we used to have a term for girls who did that to guys when I was young. I won't repeat it here, but it was seen as a really bad and rude thing to do to a guy. Now, after all these years, I really understand it. This is torture, you know?

Was anyone else impressed with Ivy's death scenes this week? I thought they were done well, for the most part. I wasn't happy to see Sam holding her, begging her not to leave him, right in front of his wife, Grace, who he has been trying to get back together with all this time. Hmmmm. I wonder what this will do to his plans, if he still has them, that is. His flip-flop was unbelievable. Poor Grace. It's the first time in a while I have felt sorry for her. She's usually the one seeming to choose David over Sam. Well, they say turnabout's fair play, but it still seems cruel to me. I did love the way all the buzzers, bells, and alarms started wailing away as Ivy was being dragged into Hell! It seemed so......Ivy-like to me. She wasn't going without causing some kind of scene. She really wasn't going to go quietly at all. It's too bad she didn't get to go lock horns with the Devil, though. I wonder who would have won that one?

Oh, but just a little aside here: Friday's scenes with Luis and Hank playing basketball were absolutely fantastic!!! Eye candy for days!!! I don't even know what they talked about, or who won, if anyone did. It was the perfect end to the week, though. Keep those scenes coming, guys. We could almost forgive the lame plots and never- ending stories if we get enough scenes like these. Almost.

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