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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #43

By Shirley

12/22 - 12/26/03

Wow, this was one miracle-filled Christmas in Harmony, wasn't it?  Sheridan gets Martin back, nursing him back to health.  Theresa gets Little Ethan back, at least for the day. And God gives Rebecca a small taste of what she so richly deserves.  A good whack over her head with a stocking full of coal would have been better, but this will do for now.

I could barely sit there and watch Sheridan's radiant face when Edna came to the church and handed Little Martin to her.  God bless Edna and Precious!  I had tears in my eyes while watching that one, and I still have that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  Well, ok, it could be heartburn from the Christmas dinner I stuffed myself with, but I prefer to think it's residual joy from the beautiful scene of mother and child reunited and bringing each other back to health and happiness.  And wasn't the scene of the baby lying in bed with Sheridan while she slept, looking at her and cooing, just the most precious thing you've ever seen?  I don't know how they got that little guy to do that, but it was really something.  I do have to say, though, he sure is a big guy for being so young - isn't he only like a week old or so?  I mean, Sheridan was nursing him, so he couldn't be as old as he looks.  This may be Harmony, but physical reality has to set in at some point.  That's ok, though.  The scenes of them together were worth overlooking the physical impossibility of what we were seeing.

Thanks to Fox, Whitney, and Ethan, Theresa did get to have her son with her for Christmas.  Well, Julian had a small part in that, too, but it was mostly the others.    I'm so glad they did that. It would have been too painful to keep watching that little guy and Theresa in so much pain on such a happy day.  There really has been enough pain and heartache to go around for the last few years, so having a really happy Christmas was a nice respite.  I sure hope the happiness sticks around for a while, although I know that's impossible.  We're lucky we got this much joy.  I am glad to see they are having Ethan help Theresa and Little Ethan, even from behind the scenes.  He does still care about her, and that's good to know.  Too bad he's too wimpy to stand up for what he wants and just go for it.

The second Grinch was Beth.  How cold is this person?  The baby she claims as her own, claims to love, is dying because he needs his real mother, and she still refuses to return him to Sheridan.  And when Edna does, and Sheridan's mother's milk saves the child's life, she still keeps whining about not letting Sheridan stay around him very long.  Why, oh why can't Eve and the rest make the connection?  I mean, that baby is so happy and content with Sheridan, and he actually will eat and gets stronger by doing so, yet they can't figure out she could be right when she says she knows her baby when she sees him?   Man, how dumb can they be?  Ok, they still think the baby died, but...why?  Just because Alistair said so?  Since when do they believe anything he says, especially Luis?  Get with it, people.

Well, now Charity's failure to live up to the promise she made to God to save Maria's life is catching up to them, and it looks like Maria's going to have to pay for it.  I mean, if you're going to promise God to give someone up to save someone else, you'd better do it.  I hope Maria doesn't have to die for Charity's selfishness.  And by the way, what's with Miguel turning off his cell phone?  You never know when something might happen to your child, so you never turn it off when you are away from them.  What a rat he is!  Maybe now Kay will see he's not worth the time it takes to worry about him and she'll drop him like a hot potato. 

I thought the scenes of Tabby with Norma were funny, but I wasn't too impressed with her family.  That part just didn't interest me.  I wonder where Norma went to?  I wonder if she'll be back?  And I wonder what the writers were thinking making Tabby the daughter of Darren, a mortal, and Samantha, a witch.  I know there have been connections to Bewitched before, Dr. Bombay for instance, but I thought that was a little too much.  Besides, if Samantha had been her mother, she certainly wouldn't have turned out to be evil, and she wouldn't be 300 years old.  Oh, well.  Poetic license, I guess.  It really wasn't my cup of tea, though.

I guess that's all that I feel merited mention this week.  I really did love the good parts, but the bad....well, we've had way too much of that, haven't we?  I hope the writers will make a New Year's resolution to move the stories along, to stop making the characters we know and love turn into useless wimps, and to let the good guys win more often.  Oh, yes.  I also hope the way they had Norma tell Sheridan about Tabby means someone may finally figure out why so many bad things keep happening in Harmony.  Here's to a really Happy New Year on Passions!!  And no, I haven't started the "celebrating" a little early.  I just think there's always hope for good things to happen.  Mostly.

Now we get to Rebecca.  How she had the audacity to show up in God's house is beyond me, and why the roof didn't cave in having her, Beth, and Ivy in the church at the same time I will never know, but having Rebecca get smacked with a roof full of snow when she walked out was really one of Passions great moments, in my opinion.  That woman is just too evil to be allowed to live.  I still think the stocking full of coal would have been better, but I'll take what I can get.   Man, first she falls in a grave and gets semi-buried by dirt falling in on her, and now she gets caught in her very own, special-made avalanche!  What a great couple of weeks for we Rebecca haters!

Ok, now let's get to the, Grinch.....scenes.  There were a couple of flies in the Christmas ointment, after all.  Number one was Gwen.  I could not believe how cold she was acting, not even trying to understand Ethan's concern for Little Ethan being snatched away from his mom at Christmas.  All she could do was whine about him forgetting his promise to her, that he can't be helping Theresa.  I just wanted to slap her, and I was so glad when Ethan finally grew some cajones and told her if she could support having that little boy separated from his mother at Christmas, she wasn't the woman for him.  HOORAY FOR ETHAN!!!  It did shut her up, didn't it?  She had to pretend to be okay with it so she could keep him in her clutches.  What a witch!

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