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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #42

By Shirley

12/15 - 12/19/03

Dear Santa:
     How are you?  I am fine.  It's kind of cold here, how about at the North Pole?  Are you staying warm?  Are you ready for Christmas yet, or are you still working on it?  I know this is a little late, but I would like to tell you what I want for Christmas, and I'm pretty sure there are a lot of others out there who want it, too.  So here goes:

1.  Please make the writers of Passions get Shuis back together soon.  They       have been apart for several years now, even though they are in love and have a child together.  Yes, I know that sounds strange, but it's true.  They have been together physically, but circumstances have kept them from really being together totally, like the fact she married Luis' brother, and Luis is being manipulated by a girl named Beth...well, anyway, I would like to have them together and happy as soon as possible.

2.  I would like to have Beth found out very quickly.  She is really not a       nice person, and her evil plots are messing up the lives of several people.        She is determined to have Luis, no matter what.  She kidnapped Sheridan,  held her captive until she had her baby, stole the baby, and killed Sheridan.  Ok, Sheridan came back to life (again), but Beth still has the baby and won't give him back, even though he's dying from being away from his real mommy.  She is hateful and evil, I tell you!  She treats her mother horribly, although there is more to that story than we know, and she has her so scared that she won't tell anyone what Beth is doing, even though she is very worried about the baby.  Maybe you can give Edna the courage to speak up, and Beth will be found out that way.

3.  Please give the writers new ideas for dialog for TC.  He is a good-looking man, and he could be a great character, but all he ever says is "I'm going to kill you/him/someone" and it really gets tiresome.  I hate to see him come into any scene now, because I know he will just be getting angry and trying to beat someone up, usually Julian or Chad. So if you could just give the writers some new ideas for him, I would really appreciate it.  Actually, there are several characters that could use new dialogue, so this one might keep you busy.  But it will be worth it.

4.  Next, I want Theresa to find someone new.  She has been mooning over       Ethan for years, claiming "Fate" will bring them together eventually,       and it's getting pretty old.  Oh, he keeps saying he really, really loves her, not Gwen, but he married Gwen and just keeps giving Theresa enough encouragement to keep her hanging around.  I have been hoping he would realize he made a bad mistake in marrying Gwen and leave her for Theresa, but he hasn't and now I'm just tired of hearing it all.  He apparently isn't going to grow the...backbone...he needs to stand up and make a choice, so just bring someone along for her to fall in love with. 

5.  On the subject of Little Ethan, please stick something hard and sharp        in Rebecca's eye, ok?  I would suggest another site, but I'm sure she would enjoy that too much, and I want pain for her!!  She is awful! She used to be funny and that made her bearable, but now she's just mean and spiteful, and there is nothing about her that is remotely entertaining.  If the spike doesn't appeal to you, a vat of boiling oil as a bath will do nicely, too.  Ooooh, or how about warts, or a deflation of her most valued assets, or.....oh, you figure it out.  Just make her suffer - a lot! Oh, and while you're at it, bring Little Ethan back home to her.

6.  Would you please let Grace find out David isn't her ex?  She is acting          really stupid, and made the worst decision I have ever seen a soap character make, I think.  I'm not sure if I want her to get Sam back or not, but I do want her to realize she messed up, big time!  Now, I don't mean I want Sam with Ivy.  Not a chance.  She is right up there with Beth, Rebecca, and even Alistair as far as evil is concerned, and she certainly doesn't deserve to end up with a peach of a guy like Sam.  I am torn between wanting Sam back with Grace and wanting him to find someone better, so you can work that one out, but please let Grace find out she's been played like a two dollar fiddle, and let us find out what Ivy has on David that keeps him dancing to her tune, even though he seems not to want to.

7.  Well, there are so many requests I have for the rest of the group that I       would be here all day if I tried to list them all, so I'll just do a general       run-down instead.  I want Antonio to grow up and accept reality - Sheridan loves Luis and always will.  I want Liz to disappear.  I want Gwen to find a man who can really love her and drop Ethan like a rock. I want Tabby to tone down her evil witchyness and help Endora do the same, for Timmy.   I want Eve to come clean, tell TC the truth and get everyone off the hook, most especially Julian.  He has become a really great guy, and he doesn't deserve what Rebecca is doing to him because he wants to protect Eve from her.  Just give Eve a mouth and let her use it.  That would work wonders for her, Julian, Grace (she will finally be able to tell her what she knows about Ivy and David), Kay, and herself.        And if TC really loves her, he'll get over his anger and work it out with her.  If he doesn't....well, Eve can then be with Julian, and I think I'd like that better.  They are so good together!  I want to see more of Hank, especially playing basketball, after a shower, coming out of the swimming pool...just anything that requires him to lose his shirt!  Oh, and you remember the fantasy Precious had when Father Lonigan asked her what she wanted for Christmas?  You know, Luis in a big Christmas stocking, with a Santa hat on his head and apparently nothing else?....Well, if you could find a way, that would really make my Christmas bright!

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