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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #41

By Shirley

12/8 - 12/12/03

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, the Password for today is......Kleenex.  Was this week not one of the saddest weeks yet?  Sheridan is cracking up, Gwen and Ethan are mourning their lost child, Theresa had her little boy ripped from her arms ala Simon LeGree, Julian is being trampled over by a herd of Rebeccaloes,  and Shuis is still not together, with no foreseeable hope of it happening soon.  I tell you, I just want to cry, cry, cry!!

Poor Sheridan is now being driven to her (hoped for) death by that demented, evil witch Beth.  I thought Halloween was over.  Guess not.  I wonder why Tabby hasn't drafted Beth for the HWB yet?  (Harmony Witch Brigade)  She is one of the evilest people I have ever seen.  Can't you just see Tabby, Rebecca, and Beth as the three witches from Shakespeare?  LOL!!  Anyway, Beth is about as evil as they come, and now she has driven Sheridan over the cliff to her certain death on the rocks below!  Well, we all know that won't happen.  Polly Purebread will be saved in some miraculous way, but still, it's pure evil.  But you know what?  I am finding it even more evil that Edna simply won't go tell people what's going on!  This is just ridiculous, and it's only getting worse.  I don't know how many of you remember record players, and listening to records on them, but I can tell you, nothing was more frustrating than trying to play a record with a scratch on it that caused the needle to skip and keep playing the same word over and over....."Rock around the clock tonight - tonight - tonight - tonight - get the picture.  But at least you could tap the player and get it going again.  This show....not even a walnut tree shaker could move it!  It's just the same things over and over.  I really need to stop complaining and just change the channel, right?

Gwen and Ethan buried their little girl this week.  What a funeral it was.  It took forever to get it started, and just when they did, here came Theresa screeching for Ethan.  They calmed her down some, started the service, and actually made it through, finally.  I loved Ivy reading the Bible passage, but it really was very disturbing, somehow.  Not as bad as if Rebecca had done it, but just not right, somehow.  But it was a nice touch.  Ethan seems to be holding up his end of the bargain with Gwen, but you could see it wasn't easy.  But he was there for her, and they got through it.

As much as I hated the way it was done, having CPS come in and snatch Little Ethan out of Theresa's arms was very moving.  She really put up a good fight, but all for naught.  She finally had to relinquish him to the misguided lady and her policeman friend.  I have to tell you, that whole thing was so unrealistic it wasn't funny, though.  First, there would have to be more of an investigation than just listening to someone who had a reason to want to hurt Theresa.  They would have to make a home visit, check it out, see what the conditions were like, how Mom and child interacted, etc.  Then they would have to find some real problems in order to take him.  And for the worker to say that he was no longer Theresa's son....that was just a crock.  He will always be her son, she just won't have custody of him, at least for a while.  No, that was the worst written scenario I have ever seen, but it did rip your heart out all the same.  Poor Theresa, she really didn't deserve that. 

Poor Julian did deserve the beating Theresa gave him when she found out he was the one who sent them to take Little Ethan, though.  As much as I love the man, and you all know I do, he is really being a weenie on this one.  He is allowing Rebecca to push him around like one of those little ball-bouncy things on sticks that babies push around when they learn to walk.  "Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop!"  You can just hear all the little balls bouncing around in the clear plastic dome as Rebecca pushes him to where she wants him to go.  I feel sorry for him, but still, he has the ability to - shall we say "deal with" her, so why does he sit there and take it?  That woman has deserved some major punishment for a long time now.  I hope it comes pretty soon.  I am fed up with her, too.  Eve could end all this suffering, too, if she would only tell TC the truth, but of course she won't.  I mean, if she won't do it to help her best friend Grace from making the biggest mistake of her life, she certainly won't help Theresa, who really means nothing to her, keep her son.  Too bad.  If Eve were as noble as Julian is being in trying to protect her, we might actually get some of the resolutions we have been seeking for years on this show. 

Well, as I said, Shuis is still no closer to being together after this week, probably on their way to being kept even further apart.  I have about given up hope on that front, really.  I don't think they are ever going to be together.  I think the point of this show is that no one is ever happy and they never will be.  Heck, I get enough of that in real life.  I watch these shows for some escape, a little fantasy on how life should be, not to be reminded that love doesn't work, and happiness is only an illusion we have been told exists out there somewhere.  I mean, really, who on this show is happy at the moment?  When is the last time you remember anyone being truly happy?  I mean happy with no huge balloon of sorrow hanging over their heads getting ready to burst?  I don't remember that ever happening, do you?  I can't believe I keep watching a show that is so depressing it makes you want to just curl up in a corner and not come out again.  Hey, maybe JER is part owner of the Prozac patent or something, you think? That might explain it.

Well, now that I'm drowning in my sorrows, I guess I'll go.  There's corner waiting for me over there, across the room, and I really shouldn't keep it waiting.

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