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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #40

By Shirley

12/1 - 12/5/03

I guess before I start I had better make something clear.  I consider myself a good, law-abiding, upstanding citizen.  I don't break laws and I don't have a lot of sympathy for those who do, under most circumstances.  However, I am writing about a fictional town, with fictional characters, so none of that matters.  Having said that, now let me say this:  Julian, quit messing around with that witch and have her killed!  Now!!  I am so angry that he is allowing Rebecca to use Eve as a means of getting whatever she wants that I am ready to see him revert to his old ways and get her out of his hair for good.  Can you imagine her actually thinking Theresa is at fault for Gwen loosing the baby, and wanting to take Little Ethan away from her, among other things?  Unbelievable!  I mean, the only person to blame for the fact Sarah died is Gwen.  No one else.  She was the mother, and she had been told many times that she had to take it easy, stay at the hospital, and take care of herself or she would lose the baby.  How hard is that to understand?  The fact is, she didn't care.  Her baby didn't mean a thing to her in comparison with her need to get revenge on Theresa, and that makes her the murderer of that child, no one else.  She had been going against the doctor's orders the whole time they were out there, letting her lust rule instead of her concern for the unborn child she was in danger of losing.  She simply didn't care enough to do what she should have done to insure her baby's health and safe delivery.  All her tears and mourning are heart breaking, true, but the fact remains, if she had taken the doctor's orders seriously and done what she should have done, the baby would still be here instead of in a casket waiting for her funeral.  I understand she was upset when she saw the scene on the TV of Ethan and Theresa on the beach, but even at that, her main thoughts should have been of saving the baby, not going after Theresa like a wild woman.  Gwen killed her baby, not Theresa or Ethan or anyone else, so for Rebecca to do what she is doing is totally wrong.  And Julian giving in to her demands at every turn is simply not a good idea.  He really needs to get rid of her, once and for all.

The rest of the week was ok, but nothing great.  Beth is still managing to get Luis away from Sheridan at every turn, and I can see her turning to Antonio more and more again.  Once more around on the merry-go-round.  When will it end?

Grace is still acting as though she can't figure out why Jessica is so angry at her.  What a ditz!  Sam is hurting, but managing to stay strong and not cave in to Grace's whining.  Good for him, and for Jess.  And good enough for Grace.  She made her bed, now she can just lie in it, and stop whining about it.  Or get smart and do the right thing.

I wasn't really impressed with the look into the could-have-been future by Gwen.  It was simply a clone of Sheridan's look at the future with her baby that can't be, and Beth's, also.  Man, why can't these people have an original idea once in a while?  I have been watching what JER is doing at Days, and while it is pretty much a page from Passions, it is much better written, in my opinion.  The dialogue is good, the story actually moves, and it keeps my interest much better than the Passions stories do.  I wish the Passions writers would study what the Days writers do and copy that.  I am tired of the same stories, with the same players.  Or the same stories with different characters saying the same lines and doing the same things.  Ugh!!

Why was Liz urging Antonio to stick with Sheridan?  She is well aware of the true story, and she knows Sheridan's heart belongs with Luis, so why is she all of a sudden trying to make him go for what he can't have?  Well, shouldn't be able to have.  I bet the writers are heading in that direction, though, and Sheridan will begin to fall deeply in love with him and out of love with Luis.  Why do I keep watching this show?  I am a glutton for punishment, I guess.

I think it is time for Eve to just give up and tell TC the truth.  With all the people who know what's up, someone is going to spill the beans sooner or later, and she could save herself and everyone else a lot of trouble by just coming clean.  I can't believe she is so weak and self-centered that she would allow all those people she claims to care about to suffer just to save her marriage.  And if it is a solid marriage, they will be able to move on after counseling.  It is really sad to see that a cad like Julian is willing to go to any lengths to save the woman he loves from pain, yet the wonderful Dr. Russell will let everyone around her suffer horribly in order to keep her husband happy and in the dark about her past.  Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Well, that's about all for now.  I am still hoping things will begin to look up soon, but I have to tell you it just keeps getting harder and harder to hold on to that hope.  But, what else are we going to do?  So, from one Pollyanna to another, let's hope next week brings some good movement in the stories we all care about, and that true love will win out - soon!

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