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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #4

By Shirley

2/10 - 2/14/03

Oh, my, there are times when one wonders what goes through the minds of the writers of soap operas, especially the writers of Passions. Do they really think people are like the characters on this show? I hope not. It seems they like their men stupid and their women weak. I don't know what else explains what keeps happening on this show. How many times does Sam have to hear that Ivy is scheming to get him away from Grace before he believes it? But then, how many times must Grace hear David is in cahoots with Ivy in her plan before she will believe it? And why can't either see they are expecting the other to believe what Kay told them about their favorite but not about the other? I mean, if Kay is telling the truth about Ivy, as Grace insists, why isn't she telling the truth about David? And vice versa for Sam. He is willing to believe David is up to something, buy not Ivy. It's like the battle of the Dunderheads. They both need to take a course in Logical Thinking 101! As the week ended, they were still arguing over who is bad and who isn't. Come on, guys, use the brains God gave you. They are both rotten to the core!!! Ivy's still scheming and lying, and David's still whining and complaining about lying to Grace, but doing nothing about it. And now he's urging Eve to tell all so she can deflect Liz's attack, yet he won't do the same.

How many times can Beth cause problems for Luis and Sheridan before they figure her out? She is always lurking around, spying on everyone. Can't anyone see her? I swear sometimes it looks like one of them is looking right at her, yet they haven't figured out what she's doing. I would have thought once Luis and Sheridan sat down and straightened out the fact that each showed up at the judge's chambers despite what Beth told each of them that they would have been on to her, but no. Not one word has ever been said about the lies she told each on their wedding day. How could they now compare notes? You would think Luis would go "Wait, you weren't having a romantic dinner and romp in the hay with Antonio, like Beth said?", or Sheridan would say "Wait a minute. Beth said you were with her all night. What gives?" But no, not a word about either lie. And the times Beth has worked on Sheridan's guilt about can Sheridan not question that? I don't know. It just doesn't make sense to me. Beth was at it again this week, and she caused Sheridan to be downright cruel to Luis in an attempt to get him to go live his life, since he had no future with her. How could she not figure out that Beth has an ulterior motive, like Gwen told her before? Speaking of Beth, what was up with her manhandling her mother right there in the hospital in front of everyone, even a nurse, and no one said anything? She was about to rip Mom's head off, it looked like, and no one even noticed, apparently. I am more and more glad I don't live in Harmony, I'll tell you.

Now we move to TC and Eve. After all these years he is finally getting angry at the fact Eve's job takes her away a lot of times? How can he not recognize that Liz is worming into his mind and planting these thoughts there? And is he really thinking about when he was kissing her? Good Lord, man, your wife is a doctor and there are times when she has to leave. You have known that since you married her, but it's just now bothering you? Come on, get a clue!! Get that woman out of your mind and out of your house. Your wife should come first, and your kids, not a "stranger" living in your garage. Eve is supposed to confess to him next week, according to the previews. Let's hope this time it's for real, and this story can move on. She could then be the link to moving on the Sam/Grace/Ivy/David story, too. It's about time, I'd say.

Could you believe the way Ethan spoke to Theresa this week? Who was that person? That's not the Ethan we have known all this time. He would never be that rude to her. He would have found a way to have the meeting without her, or to explain she had been up all night due to a family crisis and wasn't at her best, or whatever. He was downright cruel to her! And she let him do it!! Where did the Theresa we have seen growing over these last couple of months go? She was becoming a strong, dynamic woman, able to fend for herself and taking nothing from anyone. Suddenly she's a mouse again, whining and apologizing all over herself. Come on, Theresa, you're his boss, not the other way around. No one would allow their aide to speak to them like that. Ok, tell her she is messing up, yes. Tell her she should go home and get some sleep and let you handle the meeting, yes. But to talk to her as if she were dirt? Never!!! Come on, Theresa, get the starch back in your spine. You have been doing so well at handling everyone lately, why crumble now? And while we're on the subject, when are you going to start seeing Fox as a possibility? Ethan is so wishy-washy about who and what he wants, you should really try to move on. I don't know at this point who I would like to see you with, but at least think about the possibility of moving on.

I am liking the way everyone is talking to Antonio now. I believe comatose people hear what is going on around them, and I am soooo hoping he is hearing and will wake up with the knowledge of how everyone feels about everyone else. It would be so great if he would tell Sheridan he knows about her feelings for Luis, and his feelings for her, and he is letting her go. Hopefully he heard Liz and will start a new relationship with her. That would be the perfect ending for this story, wouldn't it? My problem is, it would seem to be a little to logical for these writers to use it. I hate being doubtful of their ability to do the right thing, but they have really given me lots of reasons to be that way. Oh, well. One can always hope, right?

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