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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #39

By Shirley

11/24 - 11/28/03

I have one thing I need to get off my chest right now, before I go into anything else.  That concerns Grace's visit to her old house on Friday.  What an oversized ego that woman has!  How dare she stand outside that house looking in and whine about how the family has moved on!  Hey, lady, you left them.  Did you really expect them to sit around crying because you didn't care enough about them to stay where you belong?  Get real, for goodness sake! There.  Now I feel better.  I just couldn't believe her standing out there looking in the window at the dinner on the table, watching the family looking like they were actually going to be able to live without her, and feeling sorry for herself!  Of course, we all know that things weren't as they seemed, but she didn't.  I was glad she was hurting, as mean as that sounds, and I hope she keeps hurting for a long time.  And I also hope once she finds out the truth (if she ever does) that they won't be too quick to forgive and forget.  I don't think she can hurt enough for what she's done.  Even thinking David is really her husband, her whole life has been with Sam and the kids, at least the part she remembers, and I still can't understand how she could walk out on them to see what it might be like with David.  I think Eve hit the nail right on the head with her remarks to Grace.  I really wish she would just speak up, though, and let everyone know what Ivy and David have been up to.

Speaking of Eve, it looks like even though she's home with hubby and kids she still looks for reasons to be with Julian.  You know, life's too short to do something like that to yourself.  If she loves Julian so much she can't stay away from him, she needs to go with him.  Sneaking around like that is not a good thing to do.  She really needs to make up her mind which man she wants to be with and then stay completely away from the other, as much as possible, anyway.  Once again Julian made a supreme sacrifice out of love for her.  He's marrying Rebecca to keep her quiet so Eve can be happy with TIC.  I don't know how she can't see his love for her is so great she really needs to go with him.  TIC is still too violent and too ready to toss her aside anytime she does anything he doesn't like.  How can you be secure in a situation like that?  But, whatever she decides, Julian seems willing to live with it for her sake.  All together now -- "Aaaahhhh!!!!"

Another complaint I have this week is Sheridan's acceptance of Alistair's offer of "love", so to speak.  He did this before, and she fell for it before, and Luis warned her it wasn't real before,  and yet, he shows up and she falls for it hook, line and sinker - again.  I was hoping the merry-go-round writing on this show was done with, but I guess not.  Sheridan and Luis are still going to be apart, Beth is still going to get to keep the baby with no questions asked, Edna is going to continue threatening to tell but never doing so, and Pilar is going to continue to protect Antonio while pushing Luis out of the way.   Dear Lord, are they never going to give these two a break, not to mention all of us out here who have been waiting for years for them to be together and happy?  Is a Christmas miracle too much to hope for?  I am fairly certain it is, at least for the next two or three years, if the show lasts that long, but still, I keep hoping.  And I have to admit, after the warm furry robe, the warm nightgown, and the warm fuzzy slippers, the next item on my Christmas wish list is for Shuis and Son to be together before the clock chimes twelve times on Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning this year, and that they are still together and happy at least until Valentine's Day.   So Santa, if you're reading this, please get busy.  You've only got a little over three weeks.  Oh, and one more thing, please.  Could you bring a spine for Ethan and directions on how to use it?

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