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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #38

By Shirley

11/17 - 11/21/03

Is it just me, or does anyone else have a problem with good things happening?   Like you're waiting for the Yeahbuts to pop up.  That's what I feel like after this last week.  It's been great, and Antonio finally knows the truth, Pilar finally is standing up for Luis, Sheridan had her baby back in her arms, all's right with the world - yeah, but........

See what I mean?  Yeah, Antonio knows about Luis and Sheridan finally, but....   Yeah, Pilar is sticking up for Luis, but.....  Yeah, Sheridan has her baby back in her arms, but......  It's the Yeahbuts that get you every time.

Luis finally managed to tell Antonio the truth, so now he knows Luis is the man Diana kept talking about being the love of her life, and he knows they have been together since he brought her back to Harmony, and he knows about the baby, about the charade of a marriage.  He knows everything, BUT he somehow just doesn't quite get it.  Antonio has never been known for his mental agility, usually being portrayed as being dumb as dirt, but come on.  How can he not know he's the odd man out in this triangle?  And yet, he is blaming Luis for seducing his sweet wife, for stealing her away from him, for lying to him.  What is it he can't seem to understand about the fact Luis and Sheridan were lovers years before he ever fished her out of the water, and that they would have been married way back when if things hadn't fizzled out on them?  I kind of feel sorry for the guy, but still, he needs to get a clue.  I knew it would be hard on him if they kept lying to him about it, but I never thought he would be so stupidly blind about the truth when it came out.

Pilar has finally stepped up and taken Luis' side in this whole fiasco, BUT she still keeps talking to Antonio as if he still has a chance, and I get the feeling she will start her "Sheridan is married to Antonio and the church won't allow a divorce" bit pretty soon, still putting Antonio's feelings above Luis'.  I am not Catholic, but I do realize they frown on divorce.  However, wouldn't they make an exception under the circumstances?  I mean, it wasn't a real marriage, just a sham, to keep Antonio happy until he died.  Wouldn't that merit an annulment?  It is very confusing to me, that's all I know.  Anyway, even if the Church didn't like it, she could still divorce him and marry Luis if she wanted to, I think.  Anyway, I'm sure Pilar will still be applying pressure for Sheridan to stay with Antonio.  I can't believe how unfair she is with her two boys.  And what about Miguel?  He got Kay pregnant and should have married her, according to church teachings, yet she has said nothing about that.  What, do the church's teachings only apply to the first born son of the family and no one else?  She is very unfair.

Sheridan found her son, thanks to Edna, and really kept a tight hold on him all week, BUT Beth was desperately appealing to anyone who would listen to get "her" baby away from her.  Why, oh why doesn't Edna just speak up?  This is so frustrating.  The story is finally coming around, and  maybe I am just being greedy, wanting the three of them back together as a family, but it's just that all of this has been going on for soooooo long I have no patience left.  I mean, what is this, two years that Luis and Sheridan have been apart?  Three?  And they still aren't back together totally yet.  I keep thinking Antonio is going to find a way to keep them apart for even more time, and the only thing that will assure us that won't be the case is to have Luis, Sheridan, and the baby together.  The buts here are numerous.  As I said, Antonio might come up with a way to keep them apart, Alistair could, Beth could, and of course, sweet Mama Pilar might, too.  There are still so many roadblocks in the path of Shuis' happiness that I can foresee years and years of pain for these two.  I just don't know if I can stick around to watch it if it goes on much longer.

As I've said before, the L.A. story has been more than boring for me.  It just never has caught my fancy, except for the Ethan/Theresa mix-up, which fizzled as soon as Sarah died, in my opinion.  Now, however, we have Julian, Eve/TC/ and Rebecca heating up.  I can't help but love anything Julian is a part of, especially when it also involves Eve, so this part is really holding my attention.  It is beginning to look like the truth might come out, meaning Evian may well be a reality pretty soon, BUT (here we go again!) Rebecca may well be the fly in the ointment.  She knows what's up now, and it looks like she's getting ready to spill the beans, but we have been here before with the other stories, so we know ain't necessarily so.  She will come up with a blackmail scheme, and Julian, wanting to save Eve, will accept it and that will be the end of it.  I am torn between wanting Eve and TC to keep their marriage together, and Eve and Julian getting together at last, but I lean more toward Evian.  I mean, TC is so violent it's scary!  No one but Liz deserves to be with a man who could haul off and beat the tar out of her at a moment's notice!  Now, I'm not at all and advocate for violence, but in Liz' case, I could make an exception.  She is such a snake!

Well, anyway, those are my thoughts on this week's happenings.  I hope the buts don't win out.  I read on the NBC site that Luis decides to do a DNA test on the baby, but I'm not holding out hope it will happen, or if it does that Alistair won't muck it up somehow.  However, miracles  do happen, so maybe next week I'll be doing the happy dance for the Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald family reunion.  BUT.......

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