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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #36

By Shirley

11/3 - 11/7/03

"Oh, what a wonderful mo-o-o-rning, oh what a wonderful da-a-a-ay!" Oh, excuse me.  I was just singing a happy song, doing a happy dance.  He finally knows!!!  Yea, hooray, and hallelujah, he finally knows!!  I was so afraid this would be another time where they would say he was going to find out, but he really didn't.  You know what I mean.  A normal Passions gimmick.  Well, this time he really found out the truth.  I have to admit, when I saw him hear Sheridan on Thursday, I just knew I had been right, because I could see how easy it would be to explain away what he had heard, but I should have waited and had faith.  By the end of Friday's show, it was totally clear that, yes, he had heard right, and yes, he did get the message.  And for once I have to say I really admire the way he seems to be handling it.  I mean, when he jumped in the water to find Luis and his thought was the Luis could be the love of Sheridan's life, I almost cried.  Maybe he isn't the complete doof he has seemed to be for so long.  And also, I think all my thoughts of him knowing all along, and working for Alistair, etc., are wrong.  If he were real, I would have to apologize to him.

I wonder what's going to happen with Charlie?  I mean, I am almost positive she won't die and she will pop up at some time to give Beth some anxious moments, but other than that...what is she going to do?  I mean, she can go after Beth, do her in, and then disappear, but I don't really think that's plausible.  She can come back, be captured, and spill the whole story, but good lord, that could take another two or three years to happen!  Or, she can just disappear, never to be heard from again.  I am hoping it's the first scenario, but I know in my heart they won't let that happen.  No, Beth is going to get to keep Sheridan's baby, no matter what.  Maybe when the kid is a teen, or a young adult, the truth will come out, but I can see the writing on the wall and I know it won't happen any time soon.  I really wish Edna or Precious would get the message across, but they won't.  *sigh*

Well, Eve is safe, back inside the plane, thanks to Julian's love and determination.  But does he get a thank you from TC?  Heck, no!  He gets jumped on again.  I think the best line of the week was when the steward said he would chain them both to their seats until they land if the fighting didn't stop.  Now, it wasn't Julian's fault, but still, anything that would get TC under control would be fine with me.  That man just can't think of any other words than "I'll kill you!", or "I'll kill him!"  I'm surprised he's not the first one picked up whenever anyone is killed within driving distance of Harmony!  But, anyway, they made it to L.A. safely, and now the fun begins, I guess.   You know Rebecca will be all over Theresa, and of course, TC is going to be all over Chad.  Well, if Chad is still around.

Whitney has begun to show her genetic ties to Daddy, and she really is getting extremely rigid and close-minded.  I was totally disgusted with her attitude towards Chad the last couple of days.  At least Ethan saw through Fox's scheming.  I liked Fox a lot when he first came on, but at this point, he's getting on my last nerve.  I mean, come on, there has to be a decent side to him, right?  There used to be.  Now all he can think of is getting Whitney, and anyone who gets hurt in the process is just not important.  I can understand falling in love with her, but backstabbing his "friend" to get way.  At this point, tho, I am beginning to believe he and Whit deserve each other.  Once she finds out what a sneak and liar he is, she will surely dump him, too, and he deserves no better.

Gwen seems to be sticking to her guns where Ethan is concerned so far, but I'm sure Rebecca will change all that.  It will be fun to watch, whatever happens.  I just hope it won't be too long before their treachery and trickery is revealed.  Since Antonio has finally found out the truth, maybe that means other secrets will begin to be revealed at long last.  I sure hope so.  I hate watching a show that has so many unanswered questions just hanging there for so long.  Let's hope when we meet back here next week, I will be doing the happy dance for more secrets brought to the light of day.  After this week, I really believe anything is possible!

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