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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #34

By Shirley

9/8 - 9/12/03

Hey, Passions fans, hold on to your hats because what I'm about to say might just knock you off your chairs - there were actually things I enjoyed on the show this week!!!  Now, before you pass out, let me explain that there weren't a lot of things, but hey, it's more than there has been for a while now.  Hallelujah!!!

First, Julian was back.  I love watching Ben Masters at work!   Anytime he is on, it brightens the day considerably and makes the show more bearable.  He was great this week, finally admitting to Rebecca that yes, there is a woman he is truly in love with, and it isn't her!!  Man, oh man, I hope he knows what he has let himself in for.  That woman is wicked!  I hope he's keeping Little Julian and his two little buddies behind a metal cup, if you know what I mean.  She's going to be after them to exact her revenge, believe you me.  Rebecca is not a woman to be trifled with!!  This  story has some promise!!

Then there was The Dance.  My goodness, that was really something, wasn't it?  And The Kiss on the beach.....I think that one surprised them both!  Plus we found out that they both had felt attracted to each other when they were keeping company back at the mansion.  There may be some promise to their story after all.  Well, if she can get over Ethan and he can give up on Whitney, anyway.  I think I would actually like it if Theresa were to get Ethan back, but then be pulled toward Fox, finally realizing Ethan has only been a matter of attaining a goal she had set for herself, but now her heart is really with Fox.  Wouldn't that be a great story?  It would certainly serve Ethan right.  And of course, Fox would have to realize he really wants Theresa and give up on Whitney.  But it could work, right?

I liked the fact that Sheridan finally had her baby.  I hate the circumstances and the direction the story will be taking from here, but at least the baby is here and it is healthy.  I was surprised that Sheridan didn't ask right away what it was.  That was always my first question.  "What is it, a boy or girl?  Is he/she ok?"  I would think that would be the first questions of every woman who hasn't already been told what it is.  Oh, well.  Maybe she was just pleased that it was alive, which I still consider to be a miracle.  I can't believe what that woman went through, not to mention the baby, but all's well that end's well, I guess.  I hate the way Charlie treats the baby, though.  Why do the writers have to be so cruel with this story?  It really is way beyond where they should have gone with it.  I only hope it will all be over very soon and mom, dad, and baby will live happily ever after.  But I'm not holding my breath.

I loved Tabitha's "confession" she made to an unconscious Sheridan.  True, it started last Friday and ended this week, but that's ok.  It was still good.  I love the fact she really regrets doing what she has done to them, and that it has caused Sheridan to be separated from her baby.  Just as I hoped, having her own baby has softened her.  I hope Timmy keeps showing up and pushing her toward the good side.  I doubt she'll ever make it all the way, but one can hope.  It would be great if she could train Endora to use her powers for good, too.  You know, with all these babies popping up in Harmony, maybe Jessica could open a daycare center if her job with Mark doesn't pan out.  Now, that would be useful, don't you think?

Skanky Liz is at it again!  Grrrrrr!!  She needs to get over it and leave that family alone.  I mean, TC hasn't been one of my favorite characters for quite a while, but now he is just sickening.  How can he be so stupid he can't see what Liz is doing?  Are men really that blind?  I guess they could be, but I would sure love it if he could catch on pretty soon, before he goes somewhere he shouldn't with her.  TC has the ability to be a really strong, decent male character and I hate that they have made him so angry and violent.  Now they are making him weak and easily manipulated by a woman who can't hold a candle to his wife......that is so wrong!!  Come on, writers, give the guy a backbone and some scruples, please.   I mean, there is already one man on the show who can't control his hormones when a willing woman is near.  We don't need another.  Julian is raunchy enough for the whole town.  Bring back the moral man we loved when the show started, ok?

Well, everything else is the same old stuff this week, so I'm not going to say anything more about it.  I think I found enough new stuff to yak about, don't you?  Hopefully there will be some good stuff going on this next week, too.  See, I'm not hard to please.  I just want to have the stories move so I can write different columns each week, instead of pretty much repeating everything all the time.  Give me new stuff to write about and I'll be as happy as a clam.  So, until next week,  I will be watching with anticipation.   I'll let you know what I think about the shows in my next column.

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