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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #32

By Shirley

8/25 - 8/29/03

Another week of mostly the same old stuff.  Man, this is getting harder all the time!  Well, letís see what I can find that I kind of liked this week.

You know, after thinking about it for a while, I can only think of The Kiss.  You know the one.....Theresa, Fox, lip lock......that was an ok moment.  Except they ruined it by making them both think of others while they did it!!  Now, thatís what I call cheating.  If they are going to kiss like that, at least make them aware of the fact they are kissing each other.  I still think the two of them have an enormous amount of chemistry, much more than he and Whitney, or she and Ethan.  Well, this Ethan anyway.  The original Ethan and Theresa made my screen smoke!!  I miss that, donít you?  I miss Luis and Sheridan, too.  Those two really took me away to another world....oh, wait.  That was something else.  Well, you know what I mean, right?  They really put the ďpleasureĒ into the ďbreakĒ, in my opinion.  Now thereís nothing going on that excites me in the romance department.  Bummer

I kind of enjoyed Endoraís little tricks, too.  She is such a cutie pie, and watching her levitating everything in the nursery was a real kick.  Ruth Buzzi was wonderful and Nurse Kravitz, adding just the right touch of hysteria to it.  And I got a real kick out of Julietís reaction when the baby playing Endora started ďtalkingĒ back to her.  I really loved that part.  Babies are so much fun in scenes like that because you never know what they will do.  This baby's ad-libbing added just the right touch.

I think thatís about it for the good reviews.  All thatís left is complaints, so here goes.  Again, Sheridan is STILL in that darned pit!!!  Now sheís in labor, getting ready to have her baby any time.  I was flabbergasted that they made Charlie so squeamish about that, too.  I mean, wasnít she supposed to be a nurse or something?  She got medicine to knock Sheridan out, among other things.  Now she knows nothing Ďbout birthiní no babies?  Whatís up with that?  Edna seems like she could be of some help now that Sheridanís on the cot, and maybe Precious will be able to help, too, but.....I thought Charlie was all set to do this.  What, did they figure we would forget all her protestations of Sheridan not needing a hospital, she could take care of it, etc?  Iíll tell you what, if this baby makes it I will be surprised.  I mean, if Gwen, who has been in the lap of luxury being pampered by everyone around her, loses her baby and Sheridan, who has been through Hell and back doesnít, that will be the biggest head shaker Iíve ever seen.  And thatís saying a lot for Passions!

Luis is getting stupider every day, too.  He is deaf, dumb, blind, and totally ignorant of human physiology and Biology 101!!  He canít figure out that Beth doesnít have a baby under her blouse, he canít hear Sheridan screeching although he can hear a little pebble hitting a small window in the basement. (By the way, why isnít Sheridan pitching for the Yankees?  She hit that little window with those little pebbles every time!!  And sheís in labor to boot!)  He felt Sheridan was close by, but didnít have sense enough to turn his head and look around, and he still hasnít figured out that if anyone had a grudge against Sheridan it would be Beth!!!  Lord, he is so stupid now!!  His good looks used to be enough for me, even if he wasnít the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but man, his overwhelming stupidity is blocking his gorgeousness from view!  They better do something to help this guy or heís gonna do himself in with his service revolver while heís trying to get it in his holster!!

Lastly, I have two complaints that just have to be said.  First, those idiotic daydreams seem to be coming more and more often, from just about everyone in town, and so do the flashbacks.  Please, writers, get some ideas!!  I know Iíve said that before, but apparently you werenít listening.  I bet if theyíd do away with those daydreams and flashbacks they could actually resolve some of those endless stories weíve been wanting answers too since the show came on.  Secondly....I donít know about the rest of you, but I think there are plenty of commercials during the show as it is.  Turning Jessica and Simone into little robots mouthing the Avon sales pitch to us at every chance when we should be getting some resolutions to the stories is annoying as heck!!  I swear, if I hear one or both of them say ďAnd for every $100 we sell, we get to keep $40" one more time, Iíll scream!!  Come on, girls, donít you know how much product each of you would have to sell to make a living selling that stuff?   Maybe $1,000 a week - each of you.  I mean, are there that many people living in Harmony?  Please stop using precious story time for selling that stuff.  We get the picture from the commercials that overrun each hour now.  We really donít need more sales pitches during the show.

Well, I guess thatís about it.  I just keep hoping things will change and I will be able to talk about different things each week instead of repeating myself all the time, but so far no luck.  There may be a break coming, though, if what Iíve heard is anywhere near true.  But, weíve been promised movement before and weíre still basically in the same place we were last year, so Iím still not holding out much hope of it.  Iíll be back next week, hopefully with some good news.

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