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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #31

By Shirley

8/18 - 8/22/03

I am beginning to feel like I am just writing the same things over and over again.  But then, what can we expect when they keep giving us the same stories over and over again?  Oh, they dress them up in different clothes to make us think it's a new one, but we know better, don't we?  I mean, Sheridan is kidnapped/dead again, only not really, and Luis is doing his best to find her, but they keep convincing him she's really gone and doesn't want to be found, or she's really dead.....ugh!!  Theresa still wants Ethan, who still wants her, too, but now he can't be with her because Gwen needs him, but what the heck, how about a fling, since neither of us can control ourselves....ugh!!  Beth is scheming to get Luis, lying and doing unthinkable things, while Edna moans about it being wrong but does nothing except pray to the angels to stop her.....ugh!!  Kay still hates Charity who still loves Miguel and hangs on him like he's wearing a flypaper suit, even though she promised God she would give him up if He would save the baby, and she's still having those no-help half-way premonitions......ugh!!  Ivy's still after Sam, David's still lying to Grace, TC is still blaming Eve for everything, Liz is still after him and Eve, in different ways, while Eve Russell, Superdoc can only whine and run to Julian for sympathy.....ugh!!

Ok, so when is it going to stop?  When are we going to get some new stories, new ideas, new dialogue, new writers?? (I think I'll borrow Edna's angels and see if they will handle that one for us.)  I have no clue, so I guess I'll just try to point out all the new things this week that I liked. 

First, I love Hank in his uniform!!  Hubba hubba!!!  I loved the way Edna almost ate him up with her eyes, and when she told him how beautiful his eyes are, I loved the way Hank ate it up!!  Did you see his smile, and the way he turned his head in that "Aw, shucks, it's nothing " way?   Loved it!!

I loved the fact Precious was the one who saved the day by disconnecting the last - well, bomb, I guess - so the house wouldn't explode.  I still think she should be the one who clues Luis in on where Sheridan is, by the way.  I know it won't happen, but I would love to see her make the huge Simian sacrifice of reuniting the man she loves with the woman he loves.  Now, wouldn't that be a great twist?

I love the fact that at last someone is catching on to the fact Beth is lying about being pregnant.  That doctor is really on the ball, remembering her and realizing she couldn't possibly be that pregnant.  And the tussle with the nurse that ripped the sugar bag.....that was great.  Now we just need to hope someone watching realizes what really happened.  That one patient, and the nurse as well, certainly seemed pretty ignorant, didn't they?  What on earth did they think, she was leaking sugar all over?  Anyone who has taken sex ed in middle school, or reproductive science in high school knows there is no sugar involved in a pregnancy in any way.  Now, if she had been using a bag full  of water to make her look pregnant, and that had popped, I could understand the confusion, but sugar?  Come on!!  Get real!! I sure hope the doctor looks up the cop who was there with Beth and let's him know what happened.  Of course, that's Luis, but the Dr. doesn't know that.  He should call the police station and find out who he is, though.  But that would probably be too normal for this show.  Ugh!!!

I love the way Ethan has finally broken down and admitted he still loves Theresa with all his heart.  I hate the way he is doing it, but then, that's pretty standard soap story telling, right?   I have always wanted Ethan and Theresa together, but I was so offended by the handling of the whole Gwen pregnancy storyline that I don't think he deserves her now.  He was such a wimp!!  Yes, the father should marry the mother when she ends up pregnant, but only if he truly loves only her!!  We are in the 21st century now, not the 19th.  Women can be pregnant and have their children without the benefit of marriage, and in my opinion it is much preferable to marrying "for the baby's sake" and causing nothing but problems by doing so.  It's not good for the baby if the parents aren't in a committed, truly loving relationship, and I think had Gwen gone to New York and not been subjected to the constant doubts about what Ethan was feeling, she and the baby would be fine right now.  Instead, we are probably going to end up with her losing it and Ethan both, which is much harder than it would have been had she stood her ground and said "No" to him.  She knows he really wanted Theresa.  That's why it continues to bother her when she's around.  She should have gone to New York.  But then, we wouldn't have this story, would we?  I wonder why writers can't make true love and happiness interesting for viewers sometimes?  Hopefully someone will be able to do that some day.

Well, I don't know of anything else I really liked this week.  Charlie's still crazy, Sheridan's still in the pit, Edna's still whining but doing nothing, Luis is still falling for Beth's lies, Fox is still trying to get Whitney by any means.....same old stuff.  Here's hoping next week will bring us some new stuff!!  Angels in heaven, please!!!!!

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