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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #3

By Shirley

2/3 - 2/7/03

Well, another week has flown by, while the people of Harmony remain in the same day they were in last week. Too bad we can't keep our days going for weeks at a time, isn't it? Although, for all the time these people have every day, they sure don't seem to get anywhere, do they? I mean, I've been visiting Harmony pretty much daily for over three years, and I still don't know so many things about it. I still don't know what's in TC's shed, or who Charity's dad is, or what Grace's life was like before she got amnesia. I don't know what Noah looks like, or what kind of person he is, for that matter, and I don't know why Pilar's husband left (although, if she treated him anything like she treated Luis and Sheridan for the last couple of weeks, it would be easy to make a guess) or what happened to Beth and her mother. I still haven't seen Alistair (does he even have a face?) and while we have been told more than once who Chad's parents are supposed to be, we still don't have proof of that. Well, this week did nothing to further the goal of finding out the answers to these and other questions that have been asked over and over since the show began. (So what's new?)

I had high hopes as this week started that Kay would finally make Sam and Grace understand who is behind their problems. She told them. She really did, over and over and over, and they were actually believing her until Grace caught sight of John and decided she couldn't let him go. Sam was still believing her, though, but then she had to open her mouth and start going on about how Tabitha is a witch. That blew it. I mean, their closet turned into the gates of Hell and sucked Charity, Miguel, and Kay into the flames and they were barely able to get themselves out, and then their house was sucked down into Hell, basement, attic, and weather vane. Plus, Charity was frozen in a block of ice for a year or so, and the town Priest and the Angel girl have told them Evil is in Harmony and out to get them, yet they can't believe Tabby is a witch!!! Isn't that like swallowing a whale and choking on a kippered snack? Or something. Anyway, since they don't believe Tabby is a witch, they can't believe Ivy and David are working together to break them up. These people really shouldn't be let out on their own, you know?

Another unresolved story is Antonio/Sheridan/Luis/Beth. Sheridan finally gave Antonio the medicine, but he is still in a coma, anyway. I personally can't tell the difference, except he hasn't been saying all those really annoying things lately. I swear, if I have to hear him say "The woman I love", or "I'm the luckiest guy in the world because she loves me" when we know she doesn't, or "I know exactly what you are going to say/why you did that/what is on your mind" when he actually knows nothing, I will scream. No, he's better this way, nothing to say, nothing to do, just lay there with his pecs hanging out, looking hunky. I really like him this way, don't you? And Pilar is so satisfied with herself now that she got what she wanted, isn't she? It really makes me angry. But someone tell me this: why isn't she giving up everything to take care of him, like she said she would, so Sheridan doesn't have to? Was she just blowing smoke to get Sheridan to do what she wanted her to do? It sure seems like it to me. I hope Veggie Boy wakes up soon and they can get this over with. Shuis have been through enough. They really need to let them be happy for a month or so. Get Antonio off their backs, and bring Liz back into his life. They would look good together, and they might even be happy for a while, too. Let it be, dear Lord, let it be!!

Now for the other big ticket story for this week: The Russell's. TC and Liz, locked in the bedroom, she feigning sleepwalking, he so tired he falls asleep on the floor. They almost do the deed until Eve walks in and he "realizes" it's Liz, not Eve that he's slurping all over. Good Lord, how long have those two been married? And he still can't tell the difference? To bad TC didn't visit Oz with Julian and Timmy He could have used a brain. As for the kids, Chad, Whitney and Simone....God, is Simone pathetic or what? What does she need to see or hear to make her believe Chad loves Whitney, not her? And what's with this "Oh, I tripped and fell on Chad, that's why we were all over each other. Out lips got stuck together, and our tongues got tangled and we couldn't get apart." AND SIMONE APPARENTLY BOUGHT IT!!!! She really needs to have a really good reality check. She is just too dumb for words. Simone, sweetie, usually when a guy loves you, he tells you at some point. He takes you out alone, and he talks to you, and he holds you and gazes lovingly into your eyes, and......oh, what's the use. She will never get it!!! And, apparently, neither will the writers. They keep giving us the same worn out stories week after week, and nothing gets resolved. You know, if I didn't know any better I'd think they believe this nonsense they keep putting out, and they think we love it and don't notice the dialogue and the stories are being re-run over and over again. They really need to get a clue. Hmmmmm. You don't suppose Simone is the head writer, do you? And Theresa and Kay are her helpers? Now, that really is a bunch of people to whom reality is nothing more than a mythical concept. It would explain a lot.

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